Spotify Premium Users Can Save 50% for a Year, Get Addicted for Life

Spotify Premium
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I’m about to tell you about a Spotify Premium deal that I’m pretty excited about, but you have to understand something first: Under no circumstances should you ever try Spotify Premium unless you intend to pay for it until you die.

Yes. I’m serious.

I’ve had it for about two years now and every time I’m searching for new ways to save money, I look for subscriptions to cut for the sake of a few extra dollars in my savings account that month.

Spotify Premium often ended up on the chopping block. I must have canceled it at least five times in the past year and within a week, I was back.

I mean, did you expect me just to be OK without my commercial-free music? Was I supposed to just accept only having the option to “shuffle play” when I’m listening on my phone? Am I a cavewoman?

The moral: Try Spotify Premium at your own peril.

Already Hooked? There’s a Way To Save 50% on Spotify Premium

Now that my warning is out of the way, I’ve got news for those who already pay for Spotify Premium and the brave souls among us who think they want to try it.

A new partnership between Spotify and Capital One means savings.

If you have either a Capital One Quicksilver card or a QuicksilverOne card and you use it to pay for your monthly subscription, you will automatically get 50% back on your Spotify bill every month for one year.

The cash back deal lasts until April 2018. After that, you’re back to paying full price. (And if you think you will just cancel when it goes back to full price, you are not ready for this deal and you did not take me seriously up above.)

How the Deal Works

No sign-up is necessary if you already have a Spotify Premium account — all you need to do is log in and update your payment information to an eligible Capital One card, and the savings will start rolling in each month.

It could take up to two months to see the first credit. Don’t worry, it’s coming.

This deal applies to individual accounts that cost $9.99 per month, student accounts that cost $4.99 each month and family accounts for $14.99 each month.

Don’t have Spotify Premium but want to “try” it? There is a separate deal for you.

If you’re a new customer who has never tried Spotify Premium, you can sign up with an eligible Capital One card and get three months of Premium for free.

Unfortunately, when your three-month trial is over, you don’t get to join me in the land of half-off milk and honey. You’ll be paying full price until you cancel. (Which you won’t.)

Desiree Stennett (@desi_stennett) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She is pretty passionate about her Spotify Premium account. Obviously.