We Asked 10 Food Bloggers to Share Their Best Recipes Under $10

Photo courtesy of Two Peas and their pod
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What can $10 get you these days?

It could get you a single overpriced cocktail at a fancy restaurant (not including the tip).

It could get you two Whopper Meals at Burger King, for a limited time only. (Maybe a good value price-wise, but certainly not health-wise).

Or, it could get you any of these fresh, delectable creations, courtesy of 10 food bloggers who know how to make good food at a great price.

10 Cheap, Healthy Meals and Snacks You Can Make for $10 or Less

Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, dinner or anything in between, these affordable recipes have you covered.

1. Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes to Go

Thanks to Katie Higgins of Chocolate-Covered Katie, you’ll never have to skip breakfast again, no matter how crazy your mornings get.

Whip up a batch of these easy-to-make (and easy-to-customize) goodies and you’ll have a portable breakfast (or mid-morning snack) for the rest of the month.

Cost: less than $10

Servings: 24 to 25

2. Chicken Teriyaki

Why spend the money on takeout when you can make something just as good (if not better!) at home? Bee at Rasa Malaysia: Easy Delicious Recipes offers this quick, four-ingredient recipe for chicken teriyaki that rivals any Japanese restaurant’s.

Cost: $10

Servings: two to three

3. Ham and Pineapple Pizza Roll-Ups

Easily customized with whatever toppings (or, in this case, fillings) you prefer, these adorable pizza roll-ups are great as snacks, meals or even appetizers. And they’re so simple, a kid could make them.

Seriously. This recipe comes to us courtesy of Lauren of Six Sisters’ Stuff, but Brynlee, sister Camille’s then 7-year-old daughter, created it!

Cost: $8 to $10

Servings: eight

4. Cilantro-Lime Rice

There’s so much you can do with rice for under $10, like this mouthwatering recipe by Jaclyn Bell of Cooking Classy. It makes a great side dish for Southwestern or Mexican meals and holds up nicely for leftovers.

Substitute brown rice for white to make it extra healthy.

Cost: Under $10

Servings: Around five

5. Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Egg Muffins

Whether you want a protein- and fiber-packed snack or a yummy treat to impress your guests at your next brunch, it doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than this recipe from Kristen McCaffrey of Slender Kitchen.

Make these muffins your own by experimenting with different veggie and cheese combinations.

Cost: $5.50

Servings: 12

6. Brown Butter Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

Photo courtesy of Two Peas & Their Pod

Four ingredients and 10 minutes are all you need to pop up this sweet snack that’s perfect for movie nights, parties, game days and more. Thanks to Maria Lichty of Two Peas & Their Pod for this super-simple, super-munchable recipe.

Cost: Under $10

Servings: 10 cups

7. Asparagus Egg and Bacon Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette

High in fiber, high in protein and low in carbs, this fresh salad idea from Gina Homolka of Skinnytaste is also gluten-free and Paleo-friendly.

And unlike other salads with wilt-prone lettuce, it will hold up nicely in a lunch bag and is delicious at room temperature or chilled.

Cost: Under $10

Servings: one

8. Homemade Pumpkin Coffee Creamer

It’s that time of year when many of us (raising my own hand here) risk busting our budgets on too many pumpkin spice lattes from coffee shops.

To the rescue: this mouthwatering recipe from Sally Quinn of Sally’s Baking Addiction. It contains no artificial ingredients, uses real pumpkin and can be dairy-free if you substitute coconut, cashew or almond milk.

Cost: Under $10

Servings: 1 ¾ cups

9. Four-Ingredient Chai Popsicles

Photo courtesy of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Who says chai has to be enjoyed steaming hot from a mug? These refreshing chai popsicles created by Alexis Kornblum of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen look fancy, taste delicious and are vegan, Paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Cost: Under $10

Servings: 10

10. Light and Easy Five-Minute Fruit Mousse

Made with the frozen fruit and sweetener of your choice, this three-ingredient recipe by Nila Jones of Serious Eats can be whipped up year-round, on the fly and and with ingredients you already have on hand.

Versatile and stress-free? Yes, please!

Cost: Under $10

Servings: four to six

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