The Early Bird Gets the Best Airfare Price. Book Your Summer Trip This Week

martin-dm/Getty Images

If you’re planning to fly to a beach destination this summer — or to visit your parents for a Memorial Day barbecue — you ought to buy your tickets now.

Travel site Hipmunk says this week is the best week to snag the most affordable airfare for this summer.

Those who book this week can save up to 12% compared with travelers who book the week of June 18, which is when Hipmunk says the price of summer airfare peaks. Hipmunk’s data shows the average round-trip price for domestic summer airfare booked this week is $279, while the average price of travel booked during the week of June 18 will be an estimated $316.

It’s not just when you book that matters. What date you decide to travel can also have significant impact on your wallet.

Hipmunk says the most expensive date to travel is June 10, with an average ticket price of $386. The least expensive travel date is August 25, with an average ticket price of $224.

The most popular travel days are around Independence Day, so if you detest crowded airports, you may want to celebrate the Fourth of July locally. Hipmunk says the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the holiday, (which falls on a Wednesday this year), are three of the four busiest days for departing flights this summer. The most expensive average ticket price for the days leading up to July 4 is $322.

If you’re still saving up for that summer vacay but not quite ready to purchase your airfare, all is not lost. Hipmunk says if you miss out on booking your summer flights this week, buy your tickets three weeks in advance of your departure date to avoid the most expensive prices.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.