Holy Burrito: Chipotle is Giving Out More Free Food!

chipotle coupons
Frank Farm under Creative Commons
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It’s been a decidedly good year for Chipotle lovers, and not just because it’s finally safe to eat there again.

In the wake of the E. coli mess, the burrito beacon has been serving up a whole heap of free food.

Remember the free burrito coupon it offered as an olive branch for closing for a day? It was so good, one guy took to stealing codes eager eaters posted on social media.

And Chipotle’s not done yet.

More Chipotle Coupons are Coming

The chain recently announced plans to release 21 million more free food coupons in the coming weeks. That’s $70 million worth of free Chipotle burritos. 

They’ll be mailed directly to consumers and expire May 15 — giving you ample time to get to your local store and take advantage of the offer.

Expect to see coupons for free burritos and even some buy-one-get-one offers this summer. More mobile free burrito coupons also are a possibility.

So don’t chuck your junk mail for a few weeks without giving it a thorough once-over! A free burrito is a terrible thing to waste.

Psst — if you live in an apartment complex, you could consider scavenging your complex recycling bin the day you receive your offer.

You might just score some extra coupons… thrown away by those unfortunates who didn’t read this article. 🙂

Your Turn: Ready for even more free Chipotle?

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