Here’s Why You Could Pay an Extra 35 Cents for Your Chipotle Burrito

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Chipotle Mexican Grill/Facebook

If you’ve finally gotten on good terms with Chipotle Mexican Grill again (that E. Coli outbreak in 2015 was scary!), I have terrible news:

Guac is extra extra now. **sad emoji**

Why? Chipotle Mexican Grill is implementing its first price increase in three years.

I know — the horror.

Why Chipotle Prices are Going Up

Chipotle will raise its prices in 440 of its 2,200-plus restaurants, which equals around 20% of its locations.

The increase will amount to about 25 to 35 cents for an entree.

Chris Arnold, Chipotle’s communications director, told The Penny Hoarder in a statement that the price increase is due to higher food and labor costs.

And, although prices are increasing in some places, he indicates the increase won’t be enough to knock Chipotle off its fast-food throne.

“Even with the new prices, our pricing remains very competitive across the category, particularly if you factor in our ingredient quality,” Arnold said.

Arnold didn’t respond to our request for specifics about what locations will see price increases.

Will Chipotle’s Price Hike Change Your Burrito-Eating Habits?

So, will customers be willing to pay an extra 25 to 35 cents for their burritos? Here’s what Penny Hoarder readers had to say on Facebook.

“With Chipotle coming off of a year of bad press and trying to get people to come back to its stores, it seems like a pretty bad idea to raise prices right now,” wrote Faith Goodwin.

Rob Kryzzie had a similar outlook.

“I think they should concentrate on winning back customers after the repeated E. Coli debacle,” he wrote in The Penny Hoarder’s Facebook Community Group. “Raising prices is not the way to do that. There needs to be more time between bad news from Chipotle.”

But Carrie Nowlin, web producer at The Penny Hoarder, said she doesn’t mind the price increase.

“Chipotle is notorious for being willing to give a little extra if you ask for it nicely,” she said. “Even with a $0.25 increase, you can still get a heck of a deal on a burrito bowl if you are nice about it. My bowl overfloweth.”

No matter how you feel about the price change, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel: Check out our six ways to get a bigger burrito for the same price.

Your Turn: Would you pay an extra 25 to 35 cents for a Chipotle burrito?

Kelly Smith is a junior writer and engagement specialist at The Penny Hoarder. Catch her on Twitter at @keywordkelly.