Live in CA, NY, Chicago or Philly? Download This App to Save $20 at Target Before Jan. 31

Curbside under Creative Commons

Want a really simple way to shop… plus some free money to pay for it?

If you like online shopping for the convenience but hate waiting for your order to arrive, you should probably check out this new app.

Curbside is an app for iPhone and Android that allows you to place an order through the app and pick it up at the store — without setting foot in the building.

Plus, when you sign up here before Jan. 31, you’ll get a $20 discount off your first order for Target.

Here’s how it works:

1. Place Your Order

Order from local stores through the Curbside app. It’s free to download, and there’s no additional fee for the pickup.

Target stores make up the majority of Curbside locations, but the app is also available for some CVS and Best Buy stores. The company appears to have plans to expand to additional retailers.

Once you enter your email address at the link above, you’ll receive an email with the link to download the app and apply the $20 discount to your account.

2. Receive a Notification When Your Order is Ready

When your order is ready, you’ll get a text and email to let you know.

3. Go to the Store to Receive Your Items

Once your order is ready, you can go to the store to pick it up.

When you arrive at the store, the app notifies employees you’re there for pickup. You’ll park in a designated Curbside spot, and they’ll bring your order out to you.

Some stores don’t offer curbside pickup yet, but you can still order through the app and go into the store to pick up your order at the customer service desk.

Caveats to Using Curbside

For now, the service is available in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area; Chicago; Philadelphia; and the New York/New Jersey area, including Delaware.

You’ll know for sure whether or not you can use the app in your area once you download it, because it will tell you if it’s not available.

Unfortunately, you only get the Target discount if you can use the app in your area. To get it, you have to place your first order through the app before Jan. 31. Only one discount is allowed per household, though it’s not clear how Curbside would monitor that.

The app is quite new, so features and new locations are still being rolled out. A few users have complained of long curbside waits, which we hope will change as the service becomes better integrated with retailers’ customer service.

Fresh produce and perishable grocery pickup is only available at select stores, though you can’t apply the $20 discount toward these items.

TL;DR: Save $20 at Target

To be honest, Curbside has quite a few kinks to work out before I’d really tout it to anyone who wants to save time shopping.

But it’s offering this sweet $20 discount at Target to attract new users, so you might as well give it a try. You can stock your pantry pretty well without spending a dime!

As the number of users increases, apps tend to grow in functionality and availability. So, if you like the idea, share it with a friend. Curbside pickup could become the new way to shop!

Your Turn: What do you think of having your groceries and other goods delivered curbside at the store? Will you use this app?

Dana Sitar (@danasitar) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s written for Huffington Post,, Writer’s Digest and more.