Shop at Saks or Lord & Taylor? Check Your Card Statement Right Now

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Those jerkface hackers with nothing better to do are at it again.

Hudson’s Bay Company, a Toronto-based luxury retailer better known for its Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off 5th and Lord & Taylor stores announced a big data breach yesterday.

While HBC hasn’t released many details, cyber-security company Gemini Advisory discovered more than 5 million credit and debit card numbers for sale on the darknet.

Following further investigation, it was determined that the entire network of Lord & Taylor and 83 Saks Fifth Avenue locations, mainly in New York and New Jersey, were compromised.

Using its super sleuthing tools, Gemini uncovered that cyber criminals have most likely been stealing card numbers since May 2017.

While HBC is still investigating, it maintains the breach did not extend to its digital platforms, Hudson’s Bay, Home Outfitters or HBC Europe.

What to Do If You Shopped at Saks or Lord & Taylor

The breach comes in the latest string of data-driven credit card theft where it feels like no one — retailer or customer — is safe.

HBC plans to notify any customers who have been affected and fortunately will offer free identity protection services including credit and web monitoring.

The company said customers will not be liable for any fraudulent charges.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off Fifth and Lord & Taylor have uploaded security statements with detailed information for concerned customers.

Keep Your Information — and Money — Safe

In the meantime, if you’ve shopped in-store at any of the Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue locations, check your credit and debit card statements and monitor all your activity closely. Report any fraudulent activity immediately.

Pro tip: Credit Sesame helps you avoid identity theft by keeping a watchful eye your finances.

Credit Sesame’s free identity theft protection will alert you to important changes in your credit report (like someone trying to apply for credit in your name), and it offers $50,000 in identity theft insurance.

Isn’t that better than counting on department stores to keep prying eyes off your information?

Stephanie Bolling is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. Leech rhymes with breach, and she hates both of them.