6 Awesome New Parent Freebies

free baby stuff
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There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a new baby. But the joy and elation parents feel is also coupled with one unavoidable fact: Babies are expensive.

Having three children of my own, I learned firsthand how much a little one can cost. So, over the years, I discovered a few ways to get free baby stuff.

When I found out my sister was expecting earlier this year, I decided to pass along the savings. Here are six offers expectant moms will love.

1. Free Trial of Diapers & Wipes from Seventh Generation

I discovered this particular offer when my sister had a baby a few months ago. Seventh Generation offers a free trial of 10 of their eco-friendly diapers and a starter package of 32 wipes.

I shared my discovery with just about everyone on my sister’s baby registry and many of us added it to the gifts we had already purchased. It was a nice, inexpensive add-on to our gifts and much appreciated.

All you have to do is sign up for the trial, then pay for shipping and handling. When I signed up, shipping was around $2 — so the wipes alone were definitely worth it.

2. Free Strong Moms Program from Similac

Similac offers all kinds of goodies when you sign up for its Strong Moms program: a free messenger bag, milk storage bags and bottles, full-size formula, product coupons and prenatal samples.

The Strong Moms program also offers one of the best free gifts available right now: a free photo book from Shutterfly valued at $34.

Sign up for the Strong Moms program here. Many of the free gifts are redeemable at your doctor’s office, local hospital or by mail.

I signed up for my sister, and passed along all the coupons and vouchers. The coupons worked just like any other manufacturer ones, and she found the formula vouchers easy to redeem by taking them with her to her monthly doctor visit.

The Shutterfly offer is the easiest to redeem — it’s a digital coupon sent right to your email. Just sign up, look for the email and follow the link to get your photo book.

3. Free Target Registry Welcome Kit

Target offers a free gift worth $60 for moms-to-be who create a baby registry with the chain. The gifts inside can vary, but typically include a bottle, pacifier, nursing pads, wipes, diapers, baby cream and coupons.

You can sign up online or at your local store for the registry, but the gift is available in-store only. I would recommend calling your local Target to confirm it has kits in stock, as they tend to go quickly.

Target also offers an additional 15% off items on your registry eight weeks prior to your event date. Free stuff and a discount? Yes, please!

4. Free Subscription to American Baby

Many mothers — especially first-time moms — are eager to get their hands on any baby-related material.

Add a free monthly subscription of American Baby to your reading list. Sign up online and get parenting and pregnancy tips shipped right to your door.

The best part about this offer is it’s completely free — no shipping fees or obligations to purchase.

5. Free Nursing Cover from Udder Covers

Visit the Udder Covers website and choose from any of its super cute nursing covers, valued at $34.95 or less. At checkout, use code 1FRUGALBABY and only pay for shipping.

The adorable patterns make it a definite winner. This makes an amazing low-cost gift for those (like me!) who are on a budget.

6. Free Offers in Your Neighborhood

Several years ago when I had my first son, I discovered the beauty of frugality. I started asking almost any store I visited if they offered anything for new moms.

More often than not, the answer was no. But I did manage to score free baby food at my local grocery store and free diapers at the health department (only three, but hey — they were free).

Remembering this, I decided to give it a try again. And, I found a couple stores that offer baby clubs.

Publix’s Baby Club is probably my favorite. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll receive coupons for name brand and store brand items, plus a free copy of “Caring for You Baby and Young Child” for new parents. Some of the offers come by mail, and some are available online.

Winn Dixie also offers a baby club, but it doesn’t come with any free gifts. You’ll also need a store card to receive savings and coupons.

Just sign up online and enter your card number to link it to the baby club. Offers will be digitally loaded to your card, and members receive a $10 gift card when filling baby’s first prescription.

Publix and Winn Dixie mainly serve the southeastern states and may not be available to everyone. Ask the stores in your area to find out what’s available to you.

These are just a few ways for new and expectant parents to get some really great and needed items for free. Be sure to ask about current promotions wherever your new parenting adventures may take you!

Your Turn: Did you get any free baby swag? Let us know in the comments!

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Jessica Holloman is an avid couponer who loves spending time with her large blended family. She also enjoys traveling on a budget, exploring the rich history of the Southeast and all things Harry Potter.