Do You Run on Dunkin? Here’s How to Score an Extra $10 to Spend at DD

free dunkin donuts
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At my old office, one of my co-workers came in every single day with an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

You know, the one the size of a small child, filled with delicious, creamy iced Dunkin brew?

I love iced coffee as much as the next girl, but those seemingly small daily indulgences can really add up.

If you buy a $2.50 coffee every day of the working year, you’ll spend $625 — and that’s assuming you take two weeks of vacation. And that your coffee’s only $2.50.

How to Get a Sweet Deal at Dunkin

Luckily for my ex-co-worker, Dunkin Donuts is running a pretty awesome promotion right now: Load your Dunkin Donuts card with $25 or more, and get a $10 bonus when you pay with Visa Checkout.

If you’re already a regular at your local DD, that’s a great deal — a free $10 to spend at Dunkin Donuts!

What is Visa Checkout?

But what’s the catch? Is this deal complicated or shady?

Quite the contrary: Visa Checkout is kind of like a version of PayPal you can use in the real world and online.

The app — accessible via smartphone, tablet or even desktop computer — stores your credit card information.

Then, you can pay for goods both at brick and mortar stores and online easily and quickly, with just one sign-in. As more and more vendors opt in, the app gets more convenient.

Plus, it turns out lots of other vendors are also offering specials if you sign up for Visa checkout.

For instance, if you order $100 worth of Williams-Sonoma goods, you’ll get $20 off and free shipping when you use your Visa Checkout account.

Get the Deal

Ready to sign up for Visa Checkout — and enjoy some awesome free stuff from Dunkin?

Just sign up for your Visa Checkout account, then use it to load $25 to $90 on your new or existing Dunkin Donuts card — they max out at $100, so don’t add more than $90 total to make sure you can grab the deal!

Then, you’ll receive an extra $10 delivered straight to your DD card — and you’ll have access to a new, easy way to pay.

If you’re unsure, no worries — but don’t hem and haw too much if you want in. The deal is only good through Feb. 7.

Your Turn: Will you take advantage of this Dunkin Donuts deal?

Jamie Cattanach (@jamiecattanach) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She also writes other stuff, like wine reviews and poems.