These 10 New Decor Trends Might Help You Sell Your Home for More in 2018

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Well, it’s almost 2018, which means it’s finally time to leave this dumpster fire of a year behind and look forward to new beginnings.

For you, that could mean starting a family, seeking new career opportunities or moving to a new town.

If you fall into the last category, it means you might need to sell your house. And with a new year come new design trends that you’ll need to at least consider before putting your property on the market.

Sure the market is red hot right now, but it always helps to bend to the whims — and aesthetic preferences — of potential buyers.

Luckily, Zillow has you covered with some home decor trends slated for 2018… sort of. But we’ll get to that.

5 Home Decor Trends Zillow Thinks Will Rule 2018

With thousands of home listings, we trust that Zillow did its research for its list of design trends in 2018. So we will definitely give you the skinny on those.

But first, here are some fads the real estate search company thinks will disappear in 2018 (and why we might disagree):

All-white kitchens will be out.

OK, we don’t disagree here. We’ve even written about how much more money you can make you more money in a home sale by ditching white.

Bar carts will fade; make way for coffee carts.

These are fighting words. Sure, coffee is a necessity for some mornings after… say… overusing your bar cart, but the latter piece of furniture is timeless.

Succulents will shrivel from fame.

How dare you. My two succulents, Cactus Jack and Audrey II, will never, ever go out of style.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are five home design trends to watch in 2018, according to Zillow.

1. Floral prints will flourish.

Interior designers think drapes and furniture will benefit from bold flower patterns in the new year.

2. Statement floors will… make a statement.

Think about tearing up that tile, and going with bold patterns in your living or laundry room. Zillow experts think geometric or herringbone patterns can contribute to the aesthetic without actually adding clutter. We think things might get dizzy.

3. Light wood cabinets will open buyers’ pocket books.

The floral and geometric prints will give your house some… pizzazz. But light wood cabinetry should create a little warmth and make the space more inviting. Speaking of inviting, people love bar carts.

4. Warm neutrals will add balance.

What are warm neutrals, you ask? Say no more, fam. We’re talking dark reds, beige and rich mahogany. Choose the latter if you want to come off as a really classy seller.

5. Matte metal hardware will matter.

Ditch the shiny silver and go with matte on your fixtures, appliances and drawer and cupboard handles, say Zillow experts. And gold? Get out of here with all that.

So there you have it, five ways to snazz up your home if you’re trying to sell in 2018.

But what if Zillow is wrong?

5 Home Decor Trends Penny Hoarder Experts Are Eying in 2018

There’s no shortage of creative folks here at The Penny Hoarder HQ. So to bolster Zillow’s slightly questionable list, we asked around the office for some 2018 design fads to watch.

1. Look to the stars… and the 1990s.

Picture the neon explosion of color in every episode of “Saved by the Bell.” Now picture your house with the same accents and some splashes of Tommy Hilfiger styles.

Yes, Saturn is moving into Capricorn, which might mean a return to some design trends from the 1990s, the last time Saturn was in Capricorn. Hey, anything to get away from the nightmare that was 2017, right?

2. Mid-century modern is here to stay.

The clean lines that make up mid-century modern styles might echo our desire to declutter. And if you’re looking to shed some stuff and go mod, we’ve got just the app for you.

3. Upcycle for the win.

This is a true Penny Hoarder’s strength.

Whether you’re looking for junk, for antique pieces to put together a nontraditional chandelier or some old driftwood or a canoe to make a baller coffee table, upcycling will add to your home’s allure.

4. Use Pantone’s color of the year.

We were ecstatic when Pantone named “Penny Hoarder Purple” its 2018 color of the year (not to brag or anything).

You might see a boost in value with some of these accents throughout your home.

5. Get Hygge.

No, Hygge isn’t a class of IKEA furniture — but it is a Scandinavian design aesthetic that should pick up steam in 2018.

The concept means cozy and calls for plenty of candles, texture (like furry pillows) and fireplaces. We’re already starting to feel relaxed over here.

Hopefully these 10 design trends will help you navigate the sales process if you’re thinking about selling in 2018. But remember, these tips can also help renters feel hipper in their apartment.

Alex Mahadevan is a data journalist at The Penny Hoarder. He’s got matte going on his kitchen… but not much else.