Get a Head Start on the Holidays: 99 Inexpensive DIY Gifts to Start Making Now

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When you think holiday DIY, you probably think homemade cookies or clothespin Rudolph ornaments. Nice, but everyone’s seen those gifts a hundred times before — right?

Well, Get Rich Slowly just shared a list of 99 DIY holiday gifts that bring new ideas and energy into holiday gift giving.

These are low-cost, high-value holiday presents designed for gift-givers who want to save money and still give something truly memorable. We bet there’s at least one item on this list that will wow and delight your loved ones.

Here are some of the highlights:

Turn Home Decor Into Memories

DIY home decor will remind your loved one of special times every time they see — and use — your thoughtful present.

Go to a thrift store and get a set of cheap dishware, then decorate it with colored Sharpie markers. Bake the dishware at 250 degrees for 20 minutes, and you’ve just created a one-of-a-kind table service for a grandparent or a best friend.

Bring a little light to someone’s life with a DIY custom lampshade. Use photos of favorite memories to turn a lampshade into a beautiful photo collage. You can even print your photos directly onto vellum if you want your lampshade to keep its fabric feel.

Continue the memory-themed home decor by making photo coasters or turning old T-shirts into throw pillows. No matter your craft skill level, there’s a project on this list that’s perfect for you — and a perfect present for someone you love.

Get the Kids Involved

Kids love to make and give holiday presents, and Get Rich Slowly has plenty of ideas to keep little hands busy and create fun gifts for young relatives and friends.

Try making bathtub crayons out of soap and food coloring, or homemade sidewalk chalk out of plaster of Paris and tempera paint. Yes, the classic recipes for soap bubbles and playdough make the list as well!

By getting your kids involved in DIY holiday gifts now, you set a tradition of do-it-yourself holiday planning and show your children that you can make gifts that are just as good as anything you could buy at a store. You also have the opportunity to share frugal values and teach children that a great present comes from the heart and the hands.

Want to know more? Read all 99 gift ideas at Get Rich Slowly.

Your Turn: What’s the best DIY holiday gift you’ve ever received?

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