Don’t Google Your Symptoms: Chat With a Real Doctor For Just $14

A woman lays in bed sick with tea in her hand.
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Think about the last time you were sick. What’d you do?

If you’re like most of us, you did a quick Google search only to realize… yikes. You probably — no, definitely — have a rare, incurable disease.

But seriously. Every time we have a health issue, we turn to Google for a diagnosis and magical home remedy.

Why not talk to a real doctor instead? Oh, yeah, because doctors are expensive. Even a visit to urgent care can cost you $75. And that’s with insurance. And who wants to sit in a waiting room for two hours while sick?

Instead of dealing with this whole rigmarole, you can talk with a board-certified doctor and get a prescription (if needed) for just $14 with an app called K Health.

Yup, the price stands with or without insurance, and you don’t even have to leave your home.

Need a Doctor? Chat With One in Minutes — For Just $14

To get started, use the free K Health app to share your symptoms — it only takes about five minutes. 

K Health uses artificial intelligence to compare your case to millions of actual medical records to tell you how doctors diagnosed and treated people in your situation. All of this is free, by the way.

From there, if you decide you need to see a doctor, you can chat with one for just $14. You’ll be connected with a US board-certified doctor in a matter of minutes, who will review your case and give you a personalized treatment plan, including a prescription or lab tests, if needed.

After, you’ll get unlimited follow-ups for two weeks.

There’s no worrying about scheduling appointments, sitting in waiting rooms for hours or figuring out what your insurance covers (or doesn’t).

The K Health app is free to download and search. Then, you can access a doctor for just $14.

No more Dr. Google.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She often Googles her illnesses and ailments and sends herself into a panic.