20 Must-Read Posts for Military Members Who Want to Make and Save Money

Military discounts
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One of the best ways we know how to thank our military is to show them how to save and make more money.

So we rounded up a bunch of articles featuring military discounts, perks — and even some personal stories from your fellow service members.

Do you know all the places that offer discounts to military members?

Are you curious who’s hiring veterans?

You’ll find that — and lots more — below.

If you find these resources helpful, please share this post with any deserving military members and veterans you know!

Military discounts
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Finding a decent job after serving in the military can be difficult. But thankfully, many companies specifically look to hire veterans — and they offer good salaries and solid benefits, too.

1. 7 Strategies for Earning an Impressive Income Without a College Degree

2. 15 Super Flexible Jobs for Military Spouses

3. Calling All Early Birds: 14 Awesome Jobs for Morning People

4. Need a Job After the Military? These 800 Companies Want to Hire Veterans

5. Obsessed With Space? Apply for These NASA Jobs, Even If You’re a Recent Grad

6. Starbucks Has an Awesome New Perk for Military Families

7. These Hot Jobs for Veterans Pay At Least $46K. Here’s Who’s Hiring

8. Would You Work in a Cuddle Cafe or Cook on a Submarine? 11 Weird Ways to Make Money From Around the World

Military discounts
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Military Discounts and Perks

Get out those military ID cards! They’re your key to tons of discounts and perks.

9. 100+ Awesome Discounts for Veterans and Military Members

10. Don’t Pay to Pay Your Taxes: Use One of These 8 Free Filing Sites Instead

11. Moving? How to Break Your Lease Without Paying Huge Penalties

12. Rent Eating Your Paycheck? Here’s How to Pay Less, Without Moving

13. Want a Free Degree? These 9 Colleges Will Cover Your Tuition

Military discounts
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Personal Finance

Looking for innovative ways to manage your money? We’ve got you covered.

14. Hey Military Members! This Vet Shows How He Earned an Extra $500 in 6 Months

15. How This Couple Saves $16,500 a Year by Living on a Boat

16. This Might Be the Best New Job Perk for Millennials

17. Would You Sell an Organ to Get Rid of Your Student Loans?

Military discounts
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Special Veteran’s and Memorial Day Deals

On these two very important days, active and retired service members can score some deals.

18. In Honor of Veterans Day, Olive Garden’s Offering Free Meals to Servicemembers

19. These 22 Companies Will Give You Free Stuff on Veterans Day to Thank You for Your Service

20. 6 Places Veterans and Active Military Can Get Free Food on Memorial Day

Your Turn: What ways do you know for military service members to make or save money?