This Hack Will Help You Save 90% on Your Next Amazon Purchase

Online shopping with Snagshout
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When you’re thinking about buying a new product, what do you check first? If you’re like me, you head straight to the customer reviews during online shopping.

A company can be as complimentary as it likes in the product description for its widget, but previous customers will be honest about product pros and cons, pricing and customer service. Product reviews are the online version of asking your neighbor what he thinks of something he just purchased.

But while reading online reviews can help you make educated purchases, writing online reviews can help you save big bucks. Snagshout, a new social shopping platform, invites people to review new products in exchange for deeply discounted prices.

Snagshout shoppers can be a valuable asset to sellers who have a new product, or might even be new to selling online. And you’ll be rewarded for taking the time to review products by getting them for much less than you’d pay otherwise — sometimes more than 90% off the retail price, or even free.

Want to reap the discounts? Here’s how it works:

How to Use Snagshout

  1. Sign up for Snagshout with your email address or your Facebook account, and link your Amazon account to the site.
  2. When you’re ready to shop, browse the hundreds of products available. You’ll notice that a ton of products are offered at 70-90% off the retail price. When you find something you like or need, click “Snag It” to check out through Amazon — which means if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you could get free shipping. Then wait patiently by your mailbox for your item to arrive.
  3. Take some time to use the product to get to know its qualities and quirks. Within two weeks of receiving your snagged product, leave a review on Amazon about your experience. Make sure to include the following disclaimer at the bottom of your review: “This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.”
  4. That’s it! Once you’ve reviewed a snagged product, you can purchase another to review.

How to Save Money With Snagshout

The trick to using Snagshout to save money is sticking to products you’re already considering buying. The filter option on the deals page isn’t perfect, but you’ll know right away which products are for you.

That’s just a sampling. Whether you’re a pet lover, home bar enthusiast or cyclist, you’ll find products to match your wishlist. You’ll even see clothing and sunglasses — if you’re searching for new beach attire, now’s the time to check this out!

Act Quickly If You Want a Deal

Don’t assume these discounts are going to be around forever. Products are typically posted on Snagshout for a limited period of time, usually to build up a base of reviews when a product first launches. Each offer page includes a countdown until it expires, which is often after five or six days. An easy way to learn about deals as the go live is to like the Snagshout Facebook page.

If you haven’t logged on for a few days and you’re worried about missing deals, you can filter deals by “Time: Ending Soonest” to see offers that are about to expire.

One more thing to watch out for: You might have to pay for shipping on some products — even if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Since Amazon sellers aren’t required to participate in Prime shipping, you might have to cover the cost of getting your new toy or tool. However, if you’re getting 90% off a new set of speakers, you might be willing to pay a few bucks for shipping.

How to Write a Useful Review

To take advantage of these deals, you’ll need to put together a comprehensive review of your new product.

Sheila Burgin of That Review Chick recommends striving to provide helpful reviews by including lots of details. Here’s her shortlist of questions to consider before you start typing:

  • What are the benefits of using it?
  • How efficient does it work?
  • Is it good quality?
  • How has it helped you?
  • What have you made with it?
  • If given the chance to buy it again, would you?

A few other questions you might want to consider before writing your review: Did the item fit well, or was it the size you expected? What’s the best way to use this product? Is there one way this product works well, or many different purposes?

Loz James of Content Champion recommends writing your reviews in the same basic format for consistency throughout Amazon. “Make your reviews a little of both the factual and the feel good,” he writes. “Keep them a little reserved and never over-hyped, but positive in nature, fascinating and interesting, to leave the buyer better informed and feeling good about making the right buying choice.”

Remember that less-than-thrilled reviews are OK; just don’t use a negative experience as a reason to rant your way through a review.

“A good review is the type of review that’s useful to the people who come along behind you,” Alan Henry explains on Lifehacker. He recommends composing your thoughts away from the keyboard — even if you’re just taking a moment to reflect — before typing out your review.

“Even if you’re writing anonymously, write like someone’s going to read your words back to you,” he says. “It won’t happen, but it does stop to make you think about how you’re making your case.”

Keep your review about your personal experience, and the facts of how the product worked for you. To make leaving reviews simple and quick, follow Henry’s review template.

Would You Become a Reviewer?

As your reviews start to add up on Amazon, other customers will begin to trust your opinion. They’ll be able to tell you’re a savvy shopper, but they’ll have no idea how great of a deal you got on the products you review.

Snagshout isn’t likely to save you money on crucial purchases like groceries or diapers, but you can get amazing bargains on items that lie somewhere between “essential” and “fun,” just for being willing to share your thoughts. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Your Turn: Have you tried Snagshout yet? Let us know about your experience! (After all, you’re a pro at writing reviews now!)

Sponsorship Disclosure: A huge thanks to Snagshout for working with us to bring you this content.