It’s National Pizza Month, and Pizza Hut Is Going Promo Code Crazy About It

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

Want to hear a joke about pizza?

Never mind, it’s too cheesy.

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, October is National Pizza Month. And if you’re a fan of Pizza Hut, then get ready to celebrate with a different deal every week.

Get This Deal from Pizza Hut for National Pizza Month

Pizza Hut is kicking off National Pizza Month with 35% off all menu-priced items. Just order online and use the promo code “35OFFONLINE”.

This deal is available until Sunday, Oct. 7. And rumor has it that free dessert and breadsticks will be included in upcoming deals for National Pizza Month, so be sure to keep an eye on Pizza Hut’s Facebook and Twitter for a new promo code each week.

And if you order too much pizza (as if too much pizza is a thing), then try this trick for reheating leftover pizza.

Jessica Gray is an editorial assistant at The Penny Hoarder. She couldn’t stop speaking in pizza puns after writing this post.