8 Father’s Day Gifts Under $25 for the Dad Who Already Has Everything

father's day gifts
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I don’t know about yours, but it’s pretty tough to shop for my dad.

He does one thing in life: He works. He works in home construction, and he’s been wearing the same Levi’s and work boots seven days a week as long as I can remember. There isn’t a lot of room for surprises in gifts.

He drinks Miller Lite (because we’re from Wisconsin, and wouldn’t deign to touch Budweiser).

He probably owns a tie?

He doesn’t really like his smartphone.

If I read one more list of “perfect” Father’s Day gifts that recommends a fine Scotch, a manly iPhone case or expensive golf shoes, I’ll scream.

Because that’s how Daddy taught me to express my feelings. (Kidding. Again, we’re from Wisconsin. That’s what the Miller Lite is for.)

If yours is a real dads’ dad like mine, he doesn’t want his daughter to spend a paycheck on a pricy gift he can flaunt — or one she has to teach him to use.

He probably just wants to spend the day with you — and here are a few inexpensive Father’s Day gifts you can throw in to show him you’ve been paying attention over the years.

1. Shaving Supplies

father's day gifts
Dollar Shave Club/Facebook

I remember the morning in 1990-something when my dad emerged from the bathroom, his signature mustache vanished. My sister and I were still young enough to be surprised the stache wasn’t just part of his face.

He’s been smooth-shaven ever since.

So I know he could use a subscription to Dollar Shave Club (like daughter like father).

Sign your dad up for this monthly subscription of fresh razor blades and shaving supplies.

Get your first month free (just pay $1 shipping). After that, it’s around $3 to $9 a month. Cover the cost as long as you want, and he can take over the payments without feeling like you’ve left him with a huge burden.

For a heftier gift, DSC also offers gift bundles that include a subscription, a travel case, shaving cream and butter for $55 (or more, depending on the length of the subscription).

2. Handkerchiefs

father's day gifts
fermate/Getty Images

Not sure where you live, but in my hometown, a hankie isn’t there just to add a spot of color to a smart suit. Men tuck them in their shirt pockets, and — get this — use them to blow their noses and wipe their brows.

(Not the women, though. I think we count on a nearby gentleman to offer his when we need to dab our tears or whatever.)

Sure, it grosses my mom out to see them in the laundry, but handkerchiefs are convenient and good for the environment.

They’re also way cheaper over time than disposable tissues.

Pick up this 13-pack of cotton handkerchiefs for just $14.99.

3. Work Boots

father's day gifts

These are a great gift for a dad who works like mine, because he constantly needs them, and they don’t usually come cheap.

This year, I found this pair of Dexter men’s steel-toe work boots on sale on Amazon for $25!

They’re normally $50. I don’t know how long the price will last, so if your dad is in need of new footwear, snag them now.

4. John Wayne Movies

father's day gifts
Nathan Hughes Hamilton under Creative Commons

Listen. This sounds like the biggest stereotype around, but I’m not making it up.

My stepdad would drool over this collection of classic John Wayne films. And I’m drooling over the price — only $26.48.

Be thankful for those not-so-trendy loves in your dad’s life. They keep gift-giving affordable.

5. Dinner on You

father's day gifts

Remember those precious moments when you were a kid, and it was just the two of you?

My little sister came along and stole the show just 13 months behind me, so these were few and far between in my childhood. A daddy-daughter date would mean a lot this Father’s Day.

To keep it affordable, pick up a discounted gift card from a gift card exchange site like Raise.

For example, you can save 12% on an Applebee’s gift card worth $25. Hit the restaurant’s “2 for $20” menu to get dinner for $20 — and you can still squeeze a Miller Lite into your budget!

6. Swag With Your Face on It

father's day gifts

He may not say it often (or maybe your dad does; congratulations…), but your dad doesn’t love much in this world more than your precious face.

Give him all the cuteness he can handle with affordable photo prints from Amazon.  

Prints are as little as 9 cents apiece. Make it a canvas print for the wall starting at $6.49 or a coffee mug from $9.99.

If you want to make his mornings really exciting, put your photo on a magic photo mug from Printerpix — only $5 with this Groupon deal.

Share photos of you and your siblings, or the family you’re building as an adult. Or get creative, pull a #tbt and dig up photos of you as a kid to really tug at his heartstrings.

Shipping is free on orders over $15 or all orders for Prime members.

P.S. Father’s Day is coming up fast — June 18 — so sign up for Amazon Prime to get free two-day shipping on anything you order.

7. His Very Own Beer Glass

father's day gifts

Is your dad a man-cave kinda guy? Perk up his home bar with a set of personalized beer glasses.

They’re perfect for — you guessed it — sipping Miller Lite while watching the Packers game.

Get just one with his name on it, so no one ever nabs his beer again. Or get a set stamped with a fun name for his makeshift watering hole.

With this deal from Groupon, you can get personalized beer glasses from Fabness for up to 71% off.

8. This Personalized Cutting Board

father's day gifts

Forget the card this year, and tell Dad how much you love him in a message that will stand the test of time.

Customize this bamboo cutting board from Fabness to let him know you care — only $14.99 with a Groupon!

A quick “we love you” will really brighten his day next time he’s stuck chopping vegetables to host you and your family for Sunday dinner.

The Best Father’s Day Gift

I could poke around online all day and come up with lots of fun things for Dad to open on Father’s Day. But it’s making me a little teary.

I’m going to go now, and, ‘hem, give him a call… you know, see how the weather is in Wisconsin.

If you get some free time today, maybe you should do the same.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. We’re letting you know because it’s what Honest Abe would do. Miller Lite did NOT pay to be mentioned in this post; it’s just a damn good beer that doesn’t get enough credit.

Dana Sitar (@danasitar) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She loves her dad, and she’s publishing that on the internet because she doesn’t say it out loud often enough.