This Man Wants Free Wendy’s Nuggets for a Year. He Needs Your Help

Wendy’s nuggets

Each of us has the ability to change the world if we start with helping just one person. Today, that person is Carter Wilkerson from Reno, Nevada.

Wilkerson has embarked on a valiant mission, and he needs our help. On Wednesday, he sent this tweet to the folks at fast-food chain Wendy’s:

“Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?” — a question, I think we can agree, deserves an answer.

And answer the fast-food joint did.

“18 Million,” Wendy’s responded.

The goal was lofty. But with more than 300 million active monthly users on Twitter, Wilkerson was not deterred.

“Consider it done,” he replied. (So brave.)

Climbing (Digital) Mount Everest

In less than 48 hours, Wilkerson racked up his first 1 million tweets. But it will only get more difficult as he continues to climb his digital Everest.

If 18 million retweets sounds easy to you, let’s put it into context. Remember that photo of Ellen and her celebrity friends from the Oscars a few years ago? Well, it still holds the record for the most retweeted post ever at just under 3.3 million.

Wendy’s is still watching Twitter, and I hope it’s ready to fork over some nuggets (and sauce) because Wilkerson plans to reach the summit.

If he makes it, the cost for Wendy’s will depend on Wilkerson’s nugget-eating habits and how generous the fast-food chain decides to be. If Wendy’s limits him to just one six-piece order of nuggets per day, that would have a value of $726.35 for the year. If Wendy’s lets Wilkerson chow down on nuggets three meals a day, the value jumps to $2,179.05 — a small price to pay to bring us all together for the cause.

We think Wilkerson deserves this. But he can’t do it alone.

That’s why Wilkerson needs you. That is why we all need you.

This is bigger than Wilkerson. This is bigger than all of us. Will you take out your iPhones, Androids and laptops, and help us win the war?

Your Turn: Seriously, did you retweet Carter yet?

Desiree Stennett (@desi_stennett) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She did her part for the greater good and hit the retweet button.