How Grocery Shopping This Month Can Help the Hungry (No Extra Cost To You)

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Alright, Penny Hoarders, listen up: It’s time to do something good for others.

Currently, 42 million people in the U.S. are food insecure, including over 13 million children, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture,.

To put it in perspective for you, that’s about 13% of the entire U.S. population.

If you’re heading to Sam’s Club this month, though, you have an opportunity to help feed someone who needs it — at no extra cost to you.

Sound like something you want to do? Then read on to learn more!

How You and Sam’s Club Can Feed Those In Need

Now through March 31, Sam’s Club will work with members to secure meals at local Feeding America food banks.

It doesn’t cost extra, either.

All that’s required is you purchase a participating product. For each one purchased and registered, $1.08 will be donated to Feeding America by the participating sponsor, enough to secure 12 meals at your local food bank.

Eligible products for the food bank donations include big-name brands such as General Mills, Nature Valley, Campbell Soup Company, Prego, Cup-o-Noodles and more.

You might already be buying Cheerios, right? Might as well do a little good for someone else in the process.

Here’s the most important part: You must log on to Sam’s Club’s Meals From Members site and register your account and the participating products you purchase.

To do so, you enter your membership ID, email address and ZIP code. Afterward, you’ll head to this website to redeem each purchase.

If you won’t be heading into Sam’s Club this month, you still have the opportunity to help out via text message. Simply text ‘Meals’ to 35350 along with your ZIP code to send 12 meals to your local food bank.

Members can only donate food via text message once. Don’t forget that standard messaging rates apply!  

Your Turn: What do you think about Sam’s Club’s Meals From Members program?

Kelly Smith is a junior writer and engagement specialist at The Penny Hoarder. Catch her on Twitter at @keywordkelly.