Single Moms, Treat Yo’self: 5 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Mother’s Day

Single Mom
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When you’re a mom, Mother’s Day is like the Oscars, the Super Bowl and New Year’s Day all rolled into one.

It’s a combination of anticipation, excitement and, if you’re lucky, a day of relaxation.

When you’re a single mom, though, Mother’s Day is an entirely different jar of baby food.

What It’s Like to Be a Single Mom on Mother’s Day

Celebrating this holiday is different when you’re a single mother. Here are some of the things you miss when you’re the only adult in the house.

There’s no one to make you breakfast in bed.

And forget about sleeping late.

You won’t get a long soak in the tub.

There’s nobody around to organize a surprise gift for you.

You’ll still be doing chores all day.

Pamper Your Badass Self on Mother’s Day

Single moms are smart, savvy, resourceful and don’t need a partner or significant other to get the most out of Mother’s Day.

Here are five great ways to treat yo’self by yo’self.

1. Make a batch of healthy, affordable freezer meals a couple of days in advance so you can lounge around instead of getting stuck in the kitchen. (Bonus tip: Make yourself something special to eat for once the kids are in bed.)

2. For a few dollars, you can order a subscription box filled with samples of your favorite products.

When your package arrives arrives in the mail, stash it on a shelf and wait until Mother’s Day to open it.

3. DIY your own beauty products to feel like you’ve had a day at the spa without leaving your house — no babysitter required.

4. Plan to spend part of the day doing fun outdoor activities with your kids that won’t break the bank.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, go roller skating for free instead.

5. Your kids are the love of your life, so why not pick one of these inexpensive date night ideas that won’t blow your budget.

Your turn: How do you celebrate Mother’s Day as a single mom?

Lisa McGreevy is a Staff Writer at The Penny Hoarder. As a single mom, her mother endured years of macaroni necklaces on Mother’s Day because Lisa couldn’t think of what else to make. She finally stopped stringing noodles last year.