Are You a TaskRabbit Tasker? Your Account May Have Been Compromised

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The handy-helper app and website TaskRabbit is yet another victim in a long list of data breaches.

The service, which was acquired by IKEA last year, pairs Taskers with busy customers who need assistance with errands, cleaning or projects around the house.

Taskers are paid for their services, which means TaskRabbit houses all sorts of sensitive information from home addresses to bank account and routing numbers.

According to an email sent by CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot this week, an unauthorized user gained access to TaskRabbit systems, but the extent of the breach remains unknown. The hacker could have accessed sensitive information or nothing at all.

The investigation is ongoing.

How TaskRabbit Is Handling the Breach

As a precaution, TaskRabbit took its website and app offline to investigate the breach briefly last week.

The company will continue to update users on what it’s dubbing a “cybersecurity incident.” It has also promised to notify any affected users directly if the investigation reveals they were vulnerable to the attack.

Additionally, the company automatically reset all TaskRabbit account passwords, so users will have to update those on their next login.

TaskRabbit also warned that if you used the same password on any other apps or websites, you should probably change it.

TaskRabbit remains pretty mum about the extent of the breach but said it’s reevaluating security procedures including login processes, data retention and cyber threat detection technology.

How to Protect Your Data

This is a good reminder that your basic user account information is valuable to cyber criminals. It can be used for identity theft or to pursue all kinds of fraudulent activity in your name.

Since we don’t know the extent of the breach, some precautionary measures should be taken if you have — or ever had — a TaskRabbit account.

Changing your passwords should be your number one priority in this situation, especially if you used your TaskRabbit password on other accounts.

Monitor your bank and credit card activity and consider setting up a credit monitoring service.

It’s a lot easier to be safe than sorry.

Stephanie Bolling is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’d rather go to the dentist than have her account information stolen again.