Does the Tooth Fairy Give Your Kids More or Less Than the National Average?

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How much does the tooth fairy bestow upon your kids?

Because, apparently, rates have gone way up since I eagerly hid teeth under my pillow.

I’m pretty sure I was stoked if I got a quarter… but then again, I could buy 25 pieces of teeth-rotting candy with that amount of money.

Regardless of inflation, I was surprised by two recent polls that reveal the going rate for baby teeth.

How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Leave?

The tooth fairy leaves an average of $3.91 per tooth, according to a survey by Delta Dental. And that’s even down 10% from last year.

Some of the other interesting findings, as reported by Kiplinger:

  • 40% of parents also leave toothbrushes; 33%, toothpaste.
  • On average, dads leave more than moms.
  • 20% of parents leave a $5 bill, and 5% leave a whopping $20 or more!
  • $1 is the most popular amount, left by 32% of parents.

Also worth noting, February 28 is apparently National Tooth Fairy Day.

Don’t celebrate too hard, though — from what I’ve heard, the tooth fairy doesn’t make an appearance when you lose a tooth as a grown-up.

Your Turn: How much does the tooth fairy leave for your kids?

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