Tuesday After Thanksgiving Is the Day to Score Mind-Boggling Airfare Deals

airplane in the sky
Gary Lopater/Unsplash

You know about Black Friday. You either love going out and competing with other shoppers for the best deals like it’s the retail Hunger Games or hole up in your house like me, waiting for the chaos to subside.

Then on Monday, you rev up your fingers to snag those awesome deals that don’t require putting on pants and leaving the house. Yeah, Cyber Monday is a good thing.

Are you ready for more? It seems there’s a new player in town, and it won’t be ignored.

Travel Deal Tuesday is here, and it wants you to go places.

Travel Deal Tuesday Features Mega Airfare Sales

According to the folks at travel app Hopper, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year to book your flights for upcoming travel. Hopper thinks the sales are so plentiful it’s dubbed the day, Travel Deal Tuesday. Catchy, huh?

The company says it tracked airfare discounts over previous years and discovered they spike on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. By how much?

“Last year, we observed more than double the normal fare sale activity on Travel Deal Tuesday. In 2015, we saw fare sale activity spike by 6X the normal volume,” the company’s website says.

According to Hopper’s study, travel sales drop considerably after the holidays, prompting airlines to feature deals to boost ticket sales. Why Tuesday? Why not? Some believe that Tuesday afternoon, any Tuesday, afternoon is the best time to buy airfare. Others say that’s not the case.

In any case, it makes sense. Black Friday and Cyber Monday already have everyone’s debit and credit cards all warmed up, so why not ride the wave and get people buying airfare, too?

How to Get the Best Airfare Deals

If you are thinking of traveling in the upcoming months, Travel Deal Tuesday looks like a good bet to snag some good airfare deals. But keep in mind some other tips that can help you out, as well.

  • Flexibility is a good thing. If you have a little wiggle room for travel dates on either side of your trip, you might be able to save significant money. However, if it extends your trip, consider other expenses like hotels and rental cars.
  • Don’t forget about your bags. When you compare flights from competing airlines, keep all of those little extras in mind. Will you have to pay extra for a carry-on? Does the airline charge you to pick your seat? Some of the bargain a la carte airlines aren’t such a great bargain when you add it all up.
  • Set up airfare alerts. The Hopper app allows you to set up a Flex Watch that tells you when the best deals are happening, but it’s just one of many options you have for airfare alerts.

If travel plans are in your future, give Travel Deal Tuesday a try. We’d love to hear if you were able to score awesome deals to your destinations. Once you’ve had your turkey on Thursday, hidden like a frightened cub on Friday and bought all your Christmas gifts on Monday, you’ll be all warmed up to nail down your airfare on Travel Deal Tuesday.

Now, can we make Whittling Wednesday a thing? We could all use the relaxation time.

Tyler Omoth is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder who loves soaking up the sun and finding creative ways to help others. He can’t actually whittle. Not at all. Catch him on Twitter at @Tyomoth.