Everything You Need to Know About How Verizon’s New Unlimited Plans Work

In this Tuesday, May 2, 2017, photo, Verizon corporate signage is captured on a store in Manhattan's Midtown area, in New York.
A Verizon store located in Manhattan's Midtown area, in New York. Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo

There are few things worse than running out of data on your cell phone plan and having to pay overage charges because you watched too many get-ready-with-me makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Seriously: Learning to contour is hard, and we are not living in the Stone Age.

That’s probably why Verizon finally jumped on the bandwagon back in February and started offering unlimited plans after notably resisting for years.

After only a few months, the cell phone giant has split its single plan into two. There is the cheaper Go Unlimited plan and the pricier Beyond Unlimited. While those who already signed up for an unlimited plan can opt to stay on that plan, anyone who signs up now will have to choose between the two plans.

“With Go Unlimited, you get the Verizon network at an even better value,” the company wrote in a press release announcing the new plans. “Beyond Unlimited gives you the best of the best.”

If those Verizon commercials that brag about their RootMetrics wins somehow convinced you that they are worth the switch, here’s what you need to know about the plans.

Verizon Go Unlimited Vs. Beyond Unlimited: Price Showdown

Since we’re Penny Hoarders, the most important thing to mention is the price difference between the two plans so we don’t kill our budgets.

The price per line difference between the two plans varies between $5 and $10 depending on how many lines you have on your plan.

If you want to pay the advertised prices, you’re going to need at least four lines. With Go Unlimited, that would cost you $40 per line, and with Beyond Unlimited, it’s $50 per line. That means a family of four would pay $160 for Go Unlimited and $200 for Beyond Unlimited each month.

If you’re not pricing cell phone plans for the whole family, a single line costs $75 and $85 respectively.

We should note these prices include discounts for signing up for automatic payments and paperless billing. Don’t sign up for those options, and you will end up paying more each month.

Is Verizon Unlimited Actually ‘Unlimited’?

Look, one of these plans is obviously better than the other. And yes, it’s the more expensive plan.

Beyond Unlimited comes with faster data, better video quality and a faster mobile hotspot. It also includes calling, texting and data in Canada and Mexico so you don’t have to worry about extra costs if you need to use your phone on your next vacation.

Basically, while Go Unlimited is technically unlimited, you’re really just getting an endless amount of a lesser plan.

But it could still work for you if you are committed to stalking your co-workers’ Facebooks and watching your favorite Netflix shows on your laptop instead of your mobile apps. But if you can’t stop yourself from browsing the internet on your phone 24/7, it could be tough to work with the limitations of this plan.

There is some good news if you already had — and loved — your old Verizon Unlimited plan: You get to keep your plan, PLUS you get the upgraded video quality of the Beyond Unlimited plan.

Desiree Stennett (@desi_stennett) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.