This Travel Agency Will Make Your Next Vacation Location a Big Surprise

Young woman traveling on a tour-bus.
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Weekend getaways are an adventure. Planning them? Not so much.

Travel agency Pack Up + Go will book your travel and lodging for you, but there’s a catch.

You have to allow the company to pick your destination.

Clearly, this service is not designed for people with trust issues.

Traveling With Pack Up + Go

If you’re down with letting someone else plan your three-day getaway, Pack Up + Go makes the online booking process really easy.

First, you’ll decide whether you want to road trip it in your own car or travel by plane, bus, or train (if you choose the latter, Pack Up + Go decides the mode of transportation).

Next, you’ll answer a few questions about your travel budget, the dates you’re available to travel and what types of activities you prefer.

Some of the questions are optional, but providing information about your preferences and interests makes easier for the agency to tailor your perfect trip.

There’s even space on the questionnaire to list previous vacations so they don’t send you somewhere you’ve been recently.

Pack Up + Go makes travel and lodging arrangements for you according to your budget and puts together a map of places you might want to check out in your destination city.

A week before your getaway begins, you’ll get an email that includes a weather forecast for wherever you’re headed, recommendations on what to pack (sunscreen or mittens) and instructions on where and when to show up for your mystery adventure.

You’ll also receive an envelope in the mail from Pack Up + Go a few days before your trip with instructions not to open it until you get to your designated departure location.

Once you arrive, tear open the envelope to find out where you’re headed and get going!

Throwing Caution to the Wind

Don’t worry that you’ll end up spending the weekend in a shack in the middle of a rural cornfield. Pack Up + Go sends travelers to mid-size American cities with public transportation only.

The agency knows travelers don’t want to spend precious vacation time stuck on a plane, bus or train so your mystery destination will be only three to four hours away from your departure city.

Prices start at $400 per person for trips with two or more people. Solo vacation prices start at $800.

If you’re an intrepid traveler with wanderlust in your heart and discretionary money in your budget, what are you waiting for? Just pack up and go!

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s an adventurer who would do something like this in a heartbeat.