Wendy’s Is Giving Away Its Harvest Salad Through Oct. 7. Here’s How to Get It

Photo courtesy of Wendy's

I seriously love Wendy’s. I consider it one of the healthiest and cheapest of all fast-food restaurants. I can grab a large chili and a side salad for exactly $4.55 and actually be satisfied without feeling too bad about spending money on, or eating, fast food.

Wendy’s also has a pretty entertaining Twitter account, especially when the company interacts with equally entertaining brands. Take this proposal from Burger King. And Wendy’s response to Burger King’s proposal. And Burger King’s response to Wendy’s response.

Anyway, back to the food. If you love Wendy’s — and its salads in particular — you’ll love this deal starting the first day of fall: Saturday, Sept. 22.

Wendy’s Salads Are Free With Any Purchase

To celebrate fall’s arrival (Florida hasn’t gotten the memo), Wendy’s is giving out free half-size salads with any purchase through Oct. 7.

That means you can have a decently sized meal for just a dollar.

You want some fries with that salad? It’s a dollar. You want some crispy chicken nuggets with that salad? It’s a dollar. How about a small frosty with that salad? It might be 50 cents if this promotion is still going on. But if not, then… it’s a dollar.

And about that salad (aka the Harvest Salad): it delivers a mix of sliced chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, diced red and green apples, dried cranberries, brown sugar walnuts and feta cheese, topped with an apple cider vinaigrette. That sounds pretty delicious (and somewhat healthy) to me!

To score that salad, simply download the Wendy’s app and create an account. Then use it by Oct. 7. 

Correction, Sept. 25, 2018: The Wendy’s free half-size harvest salad offer is good for one use per customer. A previous version of this post identified it as an ongoing deal.

Jessica Gray is an editorial assistant at The Penny Hoarder. She’ll be having some chili with that salad.