5 Tips to Save Money Online

Online Shopping Cart
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With the cost of everything rising, more people have taken to online shopping due to the higher selection in not only things to buy, but where to buy them from. Previously, with high streets, you were stuck paying the premium for items that were only sold in that one store – now, you have competition all across the globe.

You can save a lot of money by using the internet, but there are certain precautions you should take. Although you can save money when using the internet, it’s important to remember the idea is to spend, not to just spend all your money on items that are on sale, or other limited time offers. Here to use if you are trying to save some money online;

“Window” Shop

When people window shop outside a store, they are checking prices and seeing if anything catches their eye. With window shopping online, it’s even easier. You just simply check the search engines, and the big sites like Amazon, Play and even using Google’s own shop function, which gives a search list of places to buy the item in question.

Have a look around online because everybody is competing, you may just find a specialist store that sells your item cheaper than the average rate.

Make use of Free Shipping

Many websites offer deals like “Free Shipping when you spend over X”. These deals are good because they usually come to just around the price of your mid-level item on a store – for example, a pair of shoes from a clothes store – but the shipping can sometimes cost more than another item you would like or need, that would take you to the free shipping threshold.

By looking out for free shipping deals or better yet websites that offer free shipping at all times, and then you can either save a bit of money, or work around it so you get another item for the same cost!

Separate from Branding

Many of us are caught up in the idea that branding is the only way to buy. When it comes to clothes, you often pay more for a high price label which may not even be the same quality as a very similar looking, much cheaper variant online. Check the labels and the descriptions online and really see what the difference is – it usually is less than the difference of the price.

Be sensible

Careless spending on items you don’t really need can get you into trouble financially. For example, do you really need those shoes in three different colours? I know it’s “buy two get the third for free” but when are you ever going to wear neon green fur boots? Learning to avoid impulse buying can save you a fair amount in the long run, and help you avoid relying on the rather scary payday loan options that becomes  the last resort for people  when they’ve over spent on things that you might only use once.


When you are considering using online buying to save money, and you have two products which have varying prices but similar features, check out the aggregate review websites online and blogs to see what the consensus is. The internet is so vast, there will be somebody out there comparing your two products to the last detail. Giving you further insight into what you are buying, it also makes decision making a much easier process.

Using these tips to your advantage can help you slash costs, or get more items than you bargained for. The internet is a great place to be involved in and a proper strategy and a bit of research can help really make you massive savings.

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