What’s One Expense You Never Regret? Here’s What 12 Experts Said…

buyer’s remorse

I’m cheap by nature.

So sometimes when I spend money, I get buyer’s remorse.

If you’re a Penny Hoarder like me, you know what I’m talking about.

But life’s not just about working hard and saving money, right? To live the life you want, you sometimes have to spend money.

And as long as your spending aligns with your priorities, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

So I decided to ask 12 of our favorite personal finance bloggers a simple question:

What’s ONE thing you never regret spending money on?

Did my answers line up with theirs? Do yours?

Keep reading to find out…

1. Shoes

“One thing I never regret spending money on is shoes!

“I have no regrets because I buy all of our shoes gently used from online sites like ThredUp.com. Wearing Nine West and other top brands for less than $10 is amazing.”

— Jenny Martin of SouthernSavers.com

2. Groceries

“I never feel bad about how much I spend on groceries. I’ll shop some sales, and try to save money here and there, but we have to eat!

“I won’t sacrifice my daily green smoothies to save a few pennies, because at the end of the day, what’s better for me?”

— Cait Flanders of Blonde on a Budget

3. Travel

“I never regret spending money on travel. I wouldn’t go into debt over it, but travel is definitely an expense worth prioritizing.”

— Kristin Wong of Brokepedia

4. Really Great Meals

“One thing I never regret spending money on is a really great meal. I don’t particularly like, nor am I good at cooking, so having a wonderful meal that can transport my senses somewhere else is money well spent in my opinion.

“To me, good food can be just as good as traveling. You’re exploring with your senses. And the best part? I don’t have to clean up afterward.”

— Melanie Lockert of DearDebt.com

5. Ice Hockey

“Besides food and travel, there is one other thing that I never regret spending money on, and that is one of my hobbies that I’m extremely passionate about: playing ice hockey.

“If I have to shell out a few dollars to participate in a local league, I’m all in because it provides me with a great form of exercise and social interaction and competition all at the same time.

“And even though the league fees can sometimes be expensive, the value I get out of it makes it well worth it.”

— Andrew Schrage of Money Crashers

6. Vacations

“I would without a doubt have to say vacations. Making memories is what life is all about.”

— Collin Morgan of Hip2Save

7. Apple Computers

“I’m not a big spender, but I never regret spending money on Apple Computers (MacBooks and a Mac Mini) to help me run my businesses. Since I work on a computer at least eight hours a day, I think it’s critical to have the best.

“My productivity and enjoyment for work has never been greater.”

— Philip Taylor of PT Money

8. A Clean House

“I love paying my housecleaner $150 every two weeks to scrub the heck out of my apartment, wash and fold the laundry and change the linens.

“Not only does this mean I can use that time and energy on building my business and enjoying my family, she truly is a master at her craft and will organize my tupperware drawer, color-coordinate my towels in the closet, artistically arrange the couch pillows and make little beds for my kids’ snuggle toys, and place them on their quilts.”

— Emma Johnson of Wealthy Single Mommy

9. Memorable Experiences

“A few things come to mind, but my favorite thing that I never regret spending money on would have to be memorable experiences. Some examples include traveling to Bosnia & Herzegovina with my wife for a friend’s wedding, treating my parents to dinner at an over-the-top restaurant for their 50th anniversary, and taking flying lessons.

“None of those things were cheap, but I’ll carry those memories and experiences with me forever.”

— David Weliver of MoneyUnder30

10. Healthy Food

“We are what we eat, and if we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which often cost an arm and a leg, I think we’ll feel better and live longer. Isn’t a happy, long life what it’s all about in the end?”

“Eat some sashimi and skip the pizza!”

— Sam of Financial Samurai

11. Plane Tickets

“One thing I can always buy without buyer’s remorse is plane tickets. My wife and I love to travel and explore new cities, visit friends or just get away.

“I know there’s the cliche quote ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,’ but we’ve definitely found it to be true.”

— Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation

12. Art Supplies

“I never regret spending money on art supplies. It’s so fun to buy new canvases, paints, markers, journals and sketchbooks.”

“As a writer and artist, I need to get my thoughts on paper and doodling helps me remain calm and focused when I can’t find the solution to a problem. I have a good collection of art supplies already, but since I use them on a regular basis I don’t feel guilty about spending money to buy them.”

— Carrie Smith of Careful Cents

After reading the responses of all these smart people, I’m feeling pretty good about my spending decisions.

I spend the bulk of my money on unforgettable travel experiences and healthy food to fuel my body and brain…

Which, I guess, is exactly what the experts advise!

Your Turn: What’s one thing YOU never regret spending money on?

Susan Shain, senior writer for The Penny Hoarder, is always seeking adventure on a budget. Visit her blog at susanshain.com, or say hi on Twitter @susan_shain.

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