These 6 Apps and Companies Will Actually Pay You to Get Healthy

Updated January 23, 2017
by The Penny Hoarder
Get paid to be healthy

You probably already know eating right and exercising make you look and feel better. And that generally maintaining good health will help you save on your medical costs.

But did you know you can also get paid to be healthy?

Here are six of our favorite strategies…

1. Go App-solutely Crazy

Get paid to be healthy
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Are you obsessed with apps to track your health? Then you need to know about this way to link them all together — and earn some dough.

AchieveMint supports more than 28 other apps, including the Apple Health app for iPhone.

It tracks all of your fitness and nutrition data in one place. When you participate in healthy activities — like going for a run or logging your food — you’ll earn points.

Eventually, you can convert these points into cash or gift cards. Win-win, right?

2. Bet Against Yourself

Get paid to be healthy
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The premise behind HealthyWage is simple, but oh-so-clever: It bets you can’t lose weight.

You pick a goal weight and time frame, as well as the amount you’re willing to bet. HealthyWage’s calculator determines how much prize money it’ll give you if you succeed.

Satisfied with its offer? Make your bet, which is payable upfront or in monthly installments, and start shedding the pounds.

If you reach your goal weight within the allotted time frame — a huge achievement itself! — HealthyWage will pay your prize money via check or Paypal.

For someone who hates to lose (and who hates losing money even more), I can’t think of a better motivator!

3. Become a Guinea Pig

Get paid to be healthy
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Suffer from migraines or arthritis? Local research studies may offer payment or compensation up to $625. These studies help doctors discover better ways to treat — and hopefully eliminate — these conditions.

But even if you’re completely healthy, you can still participate in medical research.

Check out this post about how you can get paid to help cure diseases.

4. Make a Pact

Get paid to be healthy
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Whatever health goals you have, Pact will help you reach them — with motivation money.

Pact uses apps and photographs to ensure you’re sticking with weekly goals like working out, eating vegetables and keeping a food diary.

“If you meet your Pact, you get a cash reward for each day committed, paid for by those who didn’t make it,” the site explains. “Rewards have generally been $0.30 to $5 per week, depending on the number of activities committed.”

Our writer Jamie Cattanach says she earns at least $50 per year with the app — “keeping up with the healthy habits I’d (hopefully) maintain anyway.”

5. Unplug for an Hour

Get paid to be healthy
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Endless technology has both its pros and its cons. But one thing’s certain: It’s really good for you to unplug once in awhile. Simply being mindful and going screen-free can provide a myriad of psychological and physical benefits.

And thanks to a cool company called OhmConnect, our California readers can actually get paid to do it. To be eligible, you must have have an online utility account through PG&E, SDG&E or Southern California.

Once you sync it with your OhmConnect account (you’ll get $75 just for signing up!), you’ll receive notifications during #OhmHours — high-energy consumption times that trigger non-green power plants to activate.

Turn off your TV, lights, etc. during this time period, and OhmConnect will reward you — up to $300 per year. (Your brain will thank you, too.)

Plus, with OhmConnect’s new referral program, you can get paid up to $75 to help your friends save money and energy, too.

For every person who signs up through your link, you’ll earn:

  • 500 points ($5) when they sign up with a utility account (Silver status)
  • 2,000 points ($20) when they save one kilowatt during an #OhmHour (Gold status)
  • 5,000 points ($50) when they participate in 90% of events in a month (Platinum status)


6. Get Your Coach On

Get paid to be healthy
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Once you’ve reached your fitness goals, you might want to take it to the next level. And by next level, I mean helping others do the same.

You could work as a yoga teacher, group fitness instructor or Beachbody coach.

Alternatively, you could pick up an active side gig like walking dogs or fixing things.

Being healthy already has so many benefits — and in my opinion, being paid to be healthy is just the cherry on top (sundae optional, of course).

Your Turn: Have you tried any of these strategies? Which is your favorite?

Disclosure: We don’t hesitate to pick pennies off the sidewalk when we spot them. But the affiliate links in this post help our earnings grow even quicker. Plus, it’s a lot cleaner than sidewalk money.

by The Penny Hoarder
Contributor for The Penny Hoarder

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