How to Get an Interest Free Loan from LendUp

Get this… Did you know that 12 million Americans take out payday loans each year to cover their daily expenses! Crazy, right?

On average, a single borrower takes eight loans of $375 annually and has to pay a whopping $520 in interest!

While many payday loans are taken because of unexpected emergencies, a disturbing amount of payday loans are also used to pay back other loans. This dangerous re-loaning behavior sends people spiraling downward the debt trap.

So, how do you get out of the payday trap?

Enter They are a fully licensed and socially responsible lender in California that is working to change the way short-term loans are issued and paid back.

The company uses what they call the “LendUp Ladder” that offers folks a path from payday loans to financial independence. As users climb the ladder, they earn access to more money, at better rates, and for longer periods of time. Plus, unlike regular payday loans, you have an opportunity to increase your credit score every time you take a loan.

LendUp’s credit building payday loans have already helped hundreds of customers into a better future.

And it’s get’s better…the first one is interest free!

For a limited amount of time LendUp is offering interest and fee free loans to first time customers as their first step out of the debt cycle. The amount that customers have to repay is the exact amount they are borrowing, no interest or hidden-fees. Pretty sweet, right?

Click here to get an interest & fee free loan today from LendUp!

Disclaimer: Since LendUp is only licensed in California right now, this offer is only valid for California residents.

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