What to Buy in July: 8 Great Deals to Score This Month

What to Buy in July: 8 Great Deals to Score This Month

Summer is well underway, with its hot temperatures, hot dogs and even some hot deals for savvy shoppers!

Whether you’re a college student getting an early start shopping for your dorm room this fall, a homeowner on the prowl for a patio update, or just someone who likes getting the best prices at the grocery store, July has something for you. Here’s the scoop on the best items to buy this month.

1. Outdoor Goods

From outdoor furniture to sporting equipment, now’s the most financially savvy time to update your backyard trappings. Discounts on patio furniture in particular will be as much as 60% off, RetailMeNot senior planner Joe Smyth told WRAL.

If you’re looking for a badminton net, pool or other sporting goods, you’re likely to get around 38% off regular price, RetailMeNot business analyst Erin Hartman, explained. She noted July is the best time of year to buy these items.

2. Indoor Furniture

The patio isn’t the only place to put some steeply discounted furniture. With showrooms receiving new stock each August, July takes on an “everything must go” refrain -- which means deep discounts on all of the previous year’s models, according to the American Home Furnishings Alliance.

This doesn’t extend to everything you’ll find in every furniture store, though, warns to CBS Money -- office furniture sees the best discounts in August, and you’ve missed the best month for mattress deals, which is May.

3. Corn, Plums and Nectarines

It’s no secret that in-season produce gives you the best bang for your buck. These days, look for the best prices on corn and stone fruit like plums and nectarines, according to online deals powerhouse Brad’s Deals.

Combine markdowns with grocery apps to find even better bargains, or do some savvy farmers market shopping to get a hot deal.

4. Swimwear

If you’re in the mood for a new swimsuit and you don’t want to wait until the fall when retailers are desperate to get swimwear off their shelves, July is the time to buy.

“Expect for the sale racks at retailers like J.Crew, PacSun and Tilly’s to feature discounts from 40 to 50% off,” Smyth advised WRAL. Online shopping site DealNews predicts sales will be as deep as 80% off.

5. Suits

In addition to jeans and winter coats, which enjoy deep discounts in the hot month of July, suits often see markdowns this time of year. With people wearing heavy clothing as infrequently as possible, merchandisers tend to offer sales to move their products off the racks. (Say your goodbyes, ancient blazer in the husband’s closet -- you’re going to be replaced!)

6. Housewares (and Dormwares)

With June being the most common month for weddings and August not far behind it, July puts us firmly in the middle of wedding season. Combine the crush of wedding registry purchases with college students getting ready for their fall semesters, and you get houseware retailers offering big discounts to move as much merchandise as possible. Keep an eye out for combos and two-for-one deals, too.

From twin-extra-long sheets and storage items to silverware and candles, Real Simple estimates average savings to be 20 to 50% off. So cross those wedding gifts off your list, and maybe even get ahead on this year’s holiday presents.

7. Back-to-School Electronics

While the absolute best electronics deals tend to show up in November and December, Independence Day marks the beginning of the back-to-school sales season -- and personal electronics like tablets and printers lead the way.

Expect to find markdowns as deep as 30%, according to consumer shopping expert Andrea Woroch. And dorm-scale 32-inch TVs see great pricing this time of year, says DealNews.

8. Air Conditioners

If you need a new air conditioner and the outdoor temperature isn’t enough to convince you to spring for one, July’s sales should do it. July offers the best deals of the summer -- last year’s prices were 16% lower than June’s and 14% lower than August’s, according to DealNews.

Here’s what I’ve got on my July shopping list: white cotton sheets for enjoying the thunderstorms we’ve been getting, a laptop for our preschool’s director (whose machine conveniently waited until sale season to die), and all the juicy peaches I can find, because that’s what summer’s all about at my house.

Your turn: Which of these deals strikes your fancy? Share your best finds in the comments!

Ashley Gainer is a full-time parent and part-time freelance writer who teaches other parent-preneurs how to be successful freelancers while remaining parents first. She also spends a lot of time nerding out over home economics and setting up elaborate wooden railways.