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The Penny Hoarder Redesign

The Penny Hoarder Has a New Look! Here’s What’s Changed

Hey, Penny Hoarders! Welcome to our newly designed website. We had one big goal in mind with this redesign: make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Maybe you visit The Penny Hoarder for ideas on how to earn a few extra bucks over the weekend. Or you want to read inspiring stories about families who have saved up to follow their dreams. Or you might just swing by for tips on how to get your hands on free pizza or donuts. (No judgment here!)

Whatever you’re looking for, we want to make it easy for you to find it… because we truly care about helping you put more money in your pocket.

Here are some of the changes you’ll see as you browse the site:

1. More Modern Design

The new design is more contemporary and clean-looking. We’ve decluttered the layout and toned down the purple. (Don’t worry, it’s still our favorite color!) We also made it easier on the eyes and more enjoyable to look at, so you can focus on the content you want.

2. Improved Menu and Categories

We refined our five category topics — Make Money, Deals, Food, Smart Money and Life — by adding subcategories. We’ve also added category and subcategory labels to select areas of the site to give you a better idea of the post content before you click. And yes, that means we have an entire category dedicated to food! Because we know you want to get as much as you can from that Chipotle burrito.

3. No More On-Site Comments

We joined the ranks of other publishers in removing comments from our site. Why? Because we want to move those conversations to social media instead.

If you want to join the discussion about a topic or offer your ideas to fellow readers, “like” our Facebook page and join our community group. Both are active forums where you can chat with others, share advice, and discuss tips for earning and saving money.

For more insight into our decision on comments, read this post from Alexis Grant, our executive editor.

4. Trending Posts Feature

We created a new trending section that displays recent posts that are currently popular with other Penny Hoarders. You’ll find this trending section on the home, category and post pages.

That means when lots of people are reading about new work-from-home jobs or a limited-time grocery deal, you’ll know to check it out, too.

5. Easily Share via Email and SMS

One of the biggest requests from readers was the ability to share posts without going through social media.

You spoke and we listened: On the post page, you will find two new share icons — one for email, and another for SMS texting, which is available on mobile devices only. So now you can share great tips with friends and family however you like!

Though things look different around here, our company mission remains the same: We want to help you earn and save money. We hope this redesign makes it easier for you to do just that.

For more background and insight into all the changes to the site, check out this post from our CEO, Kyle Taylor.

Thanks for being a loyal Penny Hoarder!

Brooke Harris
Senior Product Manager at The Penny Hoarder

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