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5 Weird Ways to Make Money Recycling

Collecting cans for the recycling center is not the only way to make a buck with your recyclables.

Check out these 5 new, very weird ways to make extra money recycling…

1. Get Paid to Take Pictures of Your Recyclables

Recycle Pix is a cool program sponsored by Waste Management that, among other things, will pay you to take pictures of your recyclables. Recycle Pix will reward you with points that can redeemed for discounts and prizes like a new computer or printer.

Sign up on their website or download their app on your iPhone or Android device.

Update 6/3/13 – Unfortunately, RecyclePix has shut down. :(

2. Pledge to Recycle & Earn Cash from RecycleBank

Logo for RecycleBankOne of my favorite ways to make money recycling is from Recycle Bank. You earn points for pledging to do different tasks like shutting off the lights before you leave home and promising to recycle your cereal boxes. You can also earn Recyclebank points by hunting for Recyclebank codes on Facebook.

Your Recyclebank points can be redeemed for discounts at local grocery stores/restaurants and can be traded in for gift cards at stores like Best Buy and iTunes.

3. Recycle Wine Corks for Cash

Try making some extra cash by selling your wine bottles and wine corks on Ebay. I’ve seen empty wine bottles go for as much as $5 each, with the average selling price around 50 cents. Wine corks can also be sold to crafters on Ebay for around 10 cents each.

Read more about how to recycle wine corks here.

4. Sell Your Food Packaging on Ebay

Ebay LogoInstead of tossing your food packages in the trash or the recycling bin, why not sell them on Ebay? Not every piece of trash is created equally, but the “Reward Points/Incentive Program” category is a popular place to sell food packages that can be redeemed in different loyalty programs.

For example, General Mill’s Boxtops for Education sell for around 10 cents each on Ebay and Coca-Cola caps sell for around 25 cents. Even Campbell’s soup labels can be sold for extra money. Read more about how to sell food packaging here.

5. Send Your Trash to Terracycle

Terracycle LogoAnother cool way to recycle your trash is to send it to Terracycle. This company will send you a free box and prepaid shipping label so that you can ship them your trash. For every piece of trash you send them, you accumulate earnings.

Terracycle won’t send you a check directly, but you can send your accumulated cash directly to a charity of your choice. They are also partnered with Heifer International so you can even use your points to send a goose or baby chicken to an impoverished family. A great way to save the planet and help someone in need!

Good Luck Penny Hoarders!

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