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6 Cities That Will Pay You To Live There

by - March 14, 2012 - 258 Comments

In the face of declining or slowing population growth, some cities have decided to get aggressive about their survival.

Some cities are giving away free land, while others are literally handing out stacks of cash to folks who agree to move. If you’re in the mood for a new town, why not have the town pay to have all of your awesomeness? :)

Here are the 6 cities that really, really want you to move…


1. Detroit, Michigan

We all know the trouble Detroit has had in recent years and it seems they’ve decided to do something about.

For starters, the town is giving away 100 beaten-down homes that are in need of some TLC. They’ll even give you $150,000 to help with the renovations. Some of the houses are pretty cool looking, but they’ll no doubt need more than $150,000 in repairs…

Another program in Detroit is offering college graduates a $2,500 first year allowance and a $1000 second year allowance towards the cost of renting an apartment/condo in the city. They’re also offering up to $20,000 in forgivable loans for new homebuyers who purchase a property in the city.

In order to participate, you’ve got to work for one of the companies that have partnered with the city to offer this program. Some of those companies include Compuware, Quicken Loans, and Strategic Staffing Solutions.

You can find all of the information on the city’s website: http://www.detroitlivedowntown.org/

2. Lincoln, Kansas

Anyone who’s ever driven cross country via I-70 knows that Kansas is in no shortage of open space. Kansas has had a declining population growth since the early 1900′s, so towns like Lincoln and Osbourne have taken to giving out free plots of land in order to entice new residents.

Depending on the city, there are different qualifications that you need to meet. You usually need to agree to build a single-family home on the land and live there for a set amount of time (5 years or so).

Check out all the cities that are giving away land at: http://www.kansasfreeland.com/

3. Anywhere, Alaska


Photo by DCSL

This is probably the most famous example of a city/state giving away cash. Since 1976, Alaska has paid its residents to live there via its Permanent Fund Reserve. The payouts are funded by Alaska’s oil royalties and are divided up evenly among citizens.

Over the years the payouts have varied from the smallest ($331.29 per person in 1984) to the largest ($3,269.00 per person in 2008 when a one-time $1,200 Alaska Resource Rebate was added to the dividend amount), but the average is usually around $1,250.

In order to be eligible for the rebate, you must not claim residency in any other state or country.

For more information check out: http://pfd.alaska.gov

4. Any City in Saskatchewan, Canada

In an effort to attract more college graduates, Saskatchewan is offering both Canadians and immigrants $20,000 CAD to live and work in the city for 7 years. You’ve got to be a recent graduate though (after 2006).

The “Graduate Retention Program” use to be just a tuition-reimbursement program for natives, but was expanded in 2008 to help entice graduates from all over the world. The $20,000 bonus is paid in chunks each year when you file your taxes.

For more information check out: http://aeei.gov.sk.ca/grp

5. Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine

Photo by Ian Brittion

If you’re a business owner in need of land, Camden will give you a prime 2.8 acres if you agree to create 24 new jobs in the city. The town recently spent $1 million dollars to restore the site and the land is currently valued at $175,000.

You have to put up the initial cash for the deal, but the town will refund you your money once you meet all of the requirements.

Get all the details and fill out an application at http://www.freelandinmaine.org/

6. Curtis, Nebraska

How’d you like a prime piece of golf course real estate for free? That’s the message currently coming out of Curtis, Nebraska.

The towns all-grass, nine-hole Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course (apparently one of the best in the state) has 8 plots of land left and if you agree to build a house, they’ll give it you for free. All of the lots utility ready and located on paved streets.

Claim your free land here: http://www.curtis-ne.com/amlots.php

Good luck Penny Hoarders!


  • Alice Gober

    Downtown Birmingham has several lots free to anyone who will develop a business there. No takers so far.

    • Jimelle

      Birmingham where?

  • http://havesippywilltravel.com Have Sippy Will Travel Mommy Blogger

    that’s it, i’m moving to canada….

  • Caryn

    Cool, I always wanted to live in Canada. Might be moving soon.

  • a Canadian

    uh, Saskatchewan is an entire province, by the way, it contains many cities and towns and villages…

    • The Penny Hoarder

      We apologize for the error. In retrospect, we really should have titled this article “6 Places That Will Pay You to Move There” Sigh…


      • Dale

        We know Americans are geographically-challenged.

    • trix

      Sask has many cities… THAT’S funny.

      • stefan

        yah if you would like to call a place with under 50 000 people a city LMAO!……the enite population of saskatchewan aint even 1 000 000…..Lots of work in the Oil patch though..i work in swift current, saskatchewan …good place to work..thats about it

        • Christina

          Well, in fact, any place with a population of over 50 000 IS by definition a city. Clearly you’re far too sophisticated for Saskatchewan. *eyeroll* By all means, feel free to leave!

          • Ali

            He said under 50000.. Soo wouldn’t that mean it’s NOT a city..

  • Cayman

    Also would be interested to talk to people about free lots / job creation. We establsh multilingual pre-schools worldwide and offer partnerships and financing. Might be a great combination…a free plot and creation of jobs! Regard Pe. Cayman islands.

    • Michele D’Acosta


      I just came across your offer and would be very interested to hear more. I’m a BBC trained journalist with a background in documentary and educational films. Thank you for time and attention. Best wishes, Michele

  • Pma

    We are also interest to communicate with people about free land. We invest in multilingual pre-schools worldwide. Might be a great combination, land and job creation! Regards, Pe. Cayman islands.

  • Linda B

    Have a question for you. You wrote about pennies. I have a 1909 penny with special marking on it. The internet says it is worth about $400. How do I find a reptuable place to sell the penny to with out getting cheated?

    • http://wabashchaplain.org Van W

      Linda look close and see of it says “VDB” Victor David Brenner, the designer of the coin, had placed his initials prominently on the bottom of the coin’s reverse. I always called them “Wheat Pennies” because the wheat stalks on the back side.

  • DeanPM

    Saskatchewan is NOT a city…..It is a provence!! Similar to a state…but bigger than Texas. Saskatoon and Regina are cities in Saskatchewan…Hard to spell…easy to draw!!

    • BD

      It’s not a provence, either – it’s a province.

      • http://Citiespayyoutolive Sheryl

        I am sorry, and don’t mean to sound exactly like I am about to suggest…..when you reply to a comment….like a misspelled word as I may do….instead of writing corrected spelled word and then writing not their writing of the word….it never hurts to say something nice like OPPS….you misspelled whatever it is they did and then give the correct. It is like a smile…..even if you don’t want to smile at someone, you will be amazed how it helps your attitude if you do smile at them and it could also help their daily attitude as well….just saying…”big smile at everyone”

        By the way….love this site….anything to help us who need it…

  • Adam

    Saskatchewan is not only huge, but it’s the prarie state. Flat, vast and thousands of miles from the sea. I think a european might go insane living there.

    Look me up when British Columbia is taking on.

    • A

      Saskatchewan also has 100 000 thousand lakes, beautiful Northern aspects of the province that include waterfalls, and much of the Canadian shield. The southern part of the province in the stereotypical flat prairie fields or rolling hills. As Sask. and its Northern parts are beautiful and largely untouched I am ok with few people knowing of its beauty as it will help to preserve it so those who appreciate nature can enjoy it..

  • http://afroeuroforum.com Afromania

    interesting! Cities now paying people to live there, Waoh!!! I guess they are scared of loosing their city status!!!

  • http://yes joe

    Goodluck on Saskatchewan.40 deg in summer 40 or 50 below winter time.If you dont mind your ass getting cold.

    • Buttergon

      You might want to clarify that these temps are in celsius. Americans use Farenheit. 40C is the same as 104F; -40C is the point at which celsius and farenheit meet: -40 for both.

  • http://AngelLightInc.org Susan (Angel) Cleveland

    At the end of each piece is the website you can click on. :)

  • Shaba Kawn


  • Pippi

    Good grief! WHO wrote this article?! The Alaska Permanent Dividend checks *haven’t* been “paid since 1976″. That’s when the Fund was *created*. Pay-outs didn’t start happening until 1982. The cost of food, gas, rent, electricity is astronomical there. The average monthly rent in Anchorage (where most people flock to) on a decent house in a decent neighborhood is well-over $1100 per month, that PFD check you’d get (which you don’t qualify for until you’ve lived there at least a year…and can prove it) wouldn’t cover even a month of expenses. The winters are long, and at times, frighteningly cold; the “pests” (brown bears) have been known to kill people; Anchorage has the second-highest per population murder ratio (second to NYC), and the life expectancy of the average Alaskan isn’t as long as you might think. That place is brutal! In addition (and speaking as a 40-year resident of the state), I can attest that if you move there and *don’t* have some sort of sustaining employment skills, Alaskans just *do not* want you there. Period. In fact, the only people who *really* are “paid to move” there are highly-educated and highly-skilled i.e.(engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.) But as for The Average Joe? Forget it. You’d have a better chance at winning the lottery.

    • Nikki

      That’s really great info…thanks :)

    • AKLover

      LOL you guys are a riot to read! As a life long Alaskan, I have had 3 brown bear encounters in all of my life. Only once, had we actually had to shoot TOWARDS it to get it to run away. It really comes down to what you would rather deal with. earthquakes here in Alaska, vs tornados or… We dont name our windstorms like your hurricanes, its just everyday weather. you guys have poisonous spiders and snakes, we have grumpy bears and hungry mosquittos. its all give and take. For the record, $1200 doesnt get anyone very far here- I have yet to have a PFD last more than a week. that will normally cover about half a winter’s heating oil. As Pippi stated, we are currenly spending more on everything. $4.00+ for a gallon of milk, $4.40 for a gallon of regular fuel. Just keep in mind that ANYWHERE that is paying you to be there, is likely not as FREE as you might think. And no, we dont like the city yuppies coming up here, bitching about winters being ‘snowy’ and how hard life is, this is as close to living the dream as some can get, and personally, I wouldnt trade it for anything!! If you dont love the great out doors, stay in the city!

    • shaibaaz

      oh, thanx for that, its about the Alaska right, what about Saskatchewan, Canada is it okay or Detroit, Michigan. is it really worth moving there Detroit.

  • Jen

    Lincoln, KS is a dump! There are NO jobs there, and if you’re looking for somewhere entertaining, you’re going to be driving a while to get anywhere. Lincoln is damn close to the middle of the state. KC is 4 hours to the East, Denver is about 4 hours to the West and WIchita is about 3 hours to the South. If you choose to move there, yes the land is plenty, but so are the opportunities for…watching grass grow! :P
    I lived near there most of my life. I wouldn’t go back if you paid me. **Pun intended!**

    • Euro Expat

      LOL Yeah and you would be dodging tornadoes every spring and summer. I left the whole Midwest years ago and will never go back. Settled in Europe. Might retire in Thailand or Spain or anywhere but Kansas (though KU was fun as a kid. Go Jayhawks. ;-)).

    • Rene Vignery Young

      I loved growing up in Lincoln. I guess I didn’t mind watching the grass grow. I loved that the people looked out for one another. Yes the closest larger town with many opportunities and restaurants is about 45min away, but it has other nice qualities. Has a nice theater which only costs $5. I’m not here to debate about all the great things about living in a small community. Everyone has their own opinions, which is great because how boring life would be if we all thought alike and lived in the same place. I love going to visit other places but there is nothing better than coming home to peace and quiet. :)

  • chelesa sims

    Detroit ha ha . you will $150,000.00 after walking down the street especially 8 Mile.and this just to name one of many streets.Good Luck living there. The worst though is Flint,Mi .what they aren’t offering any money ?oh yeah they cant .Flint is broke and crime OMG !there is so much crime that they don’t report.

  • df

    please see that the write wrote ANY CITY IN SASKATCHEWAN, how embarrassing one pretends intelligence by correcting the article is referring to Saskatchewan as a city.

    They already mention.. again, ANY CITY ……..

  • Ashley

    Too funny Kyle, these cities are awful places as far the weather and work opportunities are concerned…there’s no way I’d want to share my awesomeness there ;) Comments were amusing too.

  • Toby

    Just claim asylum in the UK. You’ll get a free $1m house fully furnished and state benefits of at least $50k per annum, double that if you bring the kids. Simples!

    • I_dislike_xenophobes

      You, sir, are a douche.

      • NoWay

        Why is he a douche? Because all of you bleeding hearts don’t like to hear the cold, hard facts?

        • Yuri Nator


    • Kai

      Pretty much the same in AU.

    • Chasta

      Sign me up!

  • firsttimecommenter

    I live in Saskatchewan and I love it! Clean air, gorgeous summers, sunny winters, best lakes in the country. We also get paid to buy houses :) Gotta love Saskatchewan and Brad Wall.

  • Czarina

    For the US cities above, you have to be a US citizen to avail?

    • la femme

      Of course not. The more illegals the better !!

  • Jason

    Wow… the only problem with these deals is you’d have to live in Canada/Detroit/Kansas/etc

  • Tim Bits

    Plenty of work in western Canada for the skilled. The recession barely hit us.
    Saskatchewan is OK, very nice people. Alberta is booming.
    British Columbia is absolutely gorgeous — but Vancouver real estate is very expensive due to the so many wealthy people from around the world, particularly Asia, buying property there.

  • Jack Connolly

    I don’t care how much they’re offering. You can’t pay me to live in Detroit.

    • rawrimmadino

      Detroit is actually an amazing city. It of course depends on where you live, but they’re in the process of a major gentrification effort, renovating several areas, and the “good” parts of the city are expanding. I’ve lived in Michigan all my life, I know all about Detroit, and there are several areas I would 100% live in.

      • Isaac Carter

        I tried living and working in Detroit. It was a nightmare. The traffic lights down Van Dyke were out half the time, my car was broken into more than once, and there are no grocery stores in Detroit. You have to go to leave the city to go shopping. Even the “good” parts of the city have crazy high crime. All this and you have to pay city income taxes at 2.4% on top of the property tax rate that is more than double the average US City tax rate. Why in the world would anyone pay that much in taxes to a city that doesn’t plow the streets in the winter?


        So this time it’s real?

    • http://onelove.com/ G-Well Compromise

      -Pay me over $500K a year
      -give me a house in a gated community
      - let me work from home
      I’ll live in Detroit.

    • Paul Smith

      Detroit is horrible. But, they do have some BEAUTIFUL golf courses! Great thing is, you can get on easily and play a round in 2 hours!

  • HI H8R

    You said Kansas has been declining in population since the early 1900′s. You are so wrong that it makes me wonder if you actually perform research for your “articles”? SInce 1900 Kansas’ population has doubled, from 1,470,500 to 2,886,000 (est) in 2012

    • Kyle Taylor

      Yeah, we meant declining population growth. I’ve updated the article to reflect that. If you compare the state’s population growth to the rest of the country, it’s clear they aren’t growing as fast. It’s also one of the reasons they’ve gone from 10 electoral votes to 6 in the last century.

  • Ty Conely

    Don’t you get it: that is your tax dollars paying people to live in selected areas! Where in the Constitution does it say that the role of government is to insure someone a place to live? Is this really for the “general welfare” of our society?

    • Kirbee

      I’m pretty sure that the American government has done this in the past and found it wildly successful in growing a population. Also, just going point out… The Constitution does not anywhere state that the local or federal government can not help you by helping themselves or the areas afflicted.

      If you own a house, and the house on either side are abandoned, your property value is decreased. Now if you have not purchased these 2 houses to increase your own homes value and the local government came in and gave them to someone and gave them some (not all) of the money to renovate. And in 2 years your property increased in value by 30% with no extra cost to you in time or money. How is this a bad thing? Your taxes up until this point have not been raised to pay for this endeavor. They were the same they were the entire time those houses were in disrepair. Now your net worth is higher, your neighborhood is nicer, and your local economy is being stimulated by the 2 new families that just moved in. They saved 100k on repairs so they have 100k more to spend where you or your wife work. Thus paying your bills. They had to get the repairs done, and I doubt they called Mexico for some migrant workers, so your brother in law just fixed the roof and can now afford to fix his. Quit complaining and enjoy the fact that you have a safe place to live with people that want you to prosper. Even if it is for them to prosper.

      • rayeusa

        Everyone pays, because these programs do come out of government funding/grants. UNLESS, there is a business that is footing the bill and that is very, very, very rare.

      • Don DelSol

        Very nice explanation, you have shown your education, surprisingly though, you liberals keep missing the point, if government did not screw up the town’s economic engine, (most likely with excessively high taxes and regulations), there wouldn’t be a two out of three houses in distress… keep people employed, allow them to keep more of what they work so hard to produce, and keep government on task, police, fire, 911, street repairs, ect… no more, no less…

        • Brad

          Hey dude. The stuff that happened in Detroit and Kansas weren’t because of high regulations. It was because regulations were loose enough that the businesses could leave with no trouble. Look up Flint, Michigan.

          Kansas adopted a super-conservative attitude with government and it’s right now one of the poorest states in the U.S..
          He showed his education. You showed your ignorance.

          By the way..the states that are conservative are the ones that are the poorest and take the most from the government to sponsor their supposedly free-market doctrines.


          But hey. You probably won’t read this. You’re stuck in your ways. The country declined during Bush’s time precisely because he deregulated and dropped taxes. Guess what. It doesn’t work. The businesses don’t use that extra money to expand. They just pocket it as more profit.

          • Bear Walker

            The states that are poorest and broke are run by Democrat’s and the self entitlement of society are living in Democrat run cities and states . Get your facts straight!

          • Manny Borges

            That so incorrect I don’t even know where start calling you stupid.

          • lindsi

            Wow…really? I live in Texas, we are pretty damn conservative, and last time I checked we had the 5th largest economy GLOBALLY. Separate from the good ol US of A. Conservatives suck right!?

          • http://onelove.com/ G-Well Compromise

            Texas does things right. I live ine New Orleans, Louisiana … you all are more competitive than us …and take all our productive people.

          • Robert

            Texas is 14th to 15th. California is 5th to 7th. Depending on the year. And Texas has one of the lowest education scores as well as highest rates of poor with no services. You are a backward state that has turned to greed to replace true Christian values.

    • mjury

      You ought to read the Constitution. It is a document that controls the federal government. Anything not expressly forbidden within its pages the states are allowed to do. So this is very legal. Not sure if it is smart.

    • oneilda

      Actually the federal government has done this since this country was the Wild Wild West. Otherwise no one would have gone west to conquer it. They gave people land. Of course they had to pass the Indian removal act so that there was land to give.




    • StedyRuckus

      The American government has been pretty much doing this since our founding and is how it populated new territories and frontiers.

  • http://none Van

    Never read some many people opion that had no clue what is going on in the world today. wow

    • informus219

      Van, no offense, but learn how to spell. Your sentence should read, Never read so many people’s opinions that had no clue what is going on in the world today. wow:}

      • Sly

        Informusa219….Seems like you need a lesson in grammar and proper English.
        Not “that had no clue” but have no clue. Seems odd but that is the correct word.

        • Natalia

          Sly I think you’re the one who needs that lesson. You’re supposed to maintain the same verb tense in a sentence. Since the verb “read” is past tense, the correct form of the verb “to have” in this situation would be “had”, also past tense. Learn your grammar before you try to act smart on the internet.

  • Tom

    You couldn’t pay me enough to live in any of those places. This article is a joke.

  • Nataly Carbonell

    Hey you forgot to mention that one must be police officer to move to Detroit and get the 150k for renovation!

  • kj

    wow some people are too rude when it comes to hiding behind their computer screen



  • http://www.professionalslippers.com Nicole

    Wow! This is very interesting. Makes me wanna start packing. LOL. Great info!

  • http://tonofmoney Mary Best

    2013-The truth is Detroit is a city that is greatly declining. I was born and raised their. I moved 50 miles out of the city. Its very dirt. There are miles of empty burned out houses with crack dealers. It is true after the 67 riots they had white flight. It is predominately AFRICAN American. My very best friend is African American……………but still what SOME PEOPLE did to these people is a disgrace ! Perhaps that stinky negative thinking is still present there. I WISH TO SEE PEOPLE MOVE THEIR AND LIVE IN HARMONY AS IT SHOULD BE !….but sadly it is a very dangerous place. When the politicians remove the blighted HOMES…..perhaps the dealers will be gone. ONLY DEALERS AND GERIATRICS MOSTLY LIVE THERE ! RENOVATE A HOUSE ! LOLO—-WHEN YOU COME BACK,,,,,everything will be taken out …pipes furnace etc.
    They have to buy their own towelettes. The street lights ………..many are burned out !.

  • http://tonofmoney Mary Best

    ( continuation )DETROIT – was once the most beautiful city ! We need good honest people to run it ! MOTOWN HAD THE BEST singers in the Nation ! Detroit also had some of the most brillant people in AMERICAN LIVING HERE ! It can be the best again. WE the people need to do our best to attract business to this area !

    • https://www.facebook.com/JohnCLindsay John Lindsay

      Once the White corruption machine came to town, Detroit went down,

      • Jim Gunslinger

        You mean the Democrats? Once the Democrats took over the city went down the drain. Look it up.

        • Rick Hughes

          No the car companies got greedy and ruined American Automotive industry.

      • gman

        Detroit mayors have gone to prison for destroying the city. WTF are you talking about. Black America ALWAYS blaming the white man for their illicit ways!!

      • billie

        Seriously John????


      Just live in the beautiful suburbs. You can get in you car and drive 30 minutes to Detroit and 25 minutes to Ann Arbor from some of the best cities in Michigan. Who would want to raise children in that city?!?!?!?!?

  • http://yahoo.com cyndyc.

    If this is so??? I most definetely wan to re-locate my bit to the cold front because it is a nice adventure…especially liken the “texas tea”, it’s got to be the best move to make for that corner place….and who doesn’t love to eat seafood…I have read a lot about the fisheries there, not including the pipeline nearby that’s soon to be upcoming with j.o.b.s.!!
    Nearer to “Santa”, close to home and beauty and a different strokes for other folks!!

  • Josuemental

    According to Firefox your 3. Alaska link is untrusted

  • https://www.facebook.com/JohnCLindsay John Lindsay

    I don’t care how much they’re offering. You couldn’t pay me to live in Lincoln, Kansas.

    • Rene Vignery Young

      Mr. Lindsay, have you ever been to Lincoln KS. I grew up there and it is a wonderful place to raise a family. A place where neighbors look out for one another. :) Love my state!

      • oneilda

        Who can afford a family these days on the paltry pay and high cost of living getting higher not to mention the high cost of educating a child. All the place once good for raising a family no longer apply in today’s economy.

      • https://twitter.com/JakeTheCatholic joedaddy27

        You can do a LOT worse than Lincoln, KS. The cost of living is low in that part of the world, and you’re relatively close to Salina. It’s no tourist mecca, but would be a great place to raise a family and live your life.

    • gman

      I can understand black people not wanting to live in Kansas!!! Very little crime in Kansas!!

      • Marisol

        Gman, regardless to where you post, you make it a point to [prove that you are a racist asshole…

        • gman

          The truth HURTS doesn’t it???

          • Marisol

            You mean that you’re an asshole? No, it doesn’t hurt.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Marisol, you are obviously in denial, or just got here from another
            planet, which one ? There are an enormous amount of data and stats on
            blacks committing the most crime.. let me help according to peer
            reviewed sources: 50 percent homicide, 39 percent of rapes. Additionally
            65 percent in crime that is non felony related as well. The problem is
            people like you who deny it for your own biased agenda, which stifles
            corrective action and how to fix the situation, by looking the other
            way.. political correctness never helped or progressed society

          • Manny Borges

            Clearly you are in unable to see past your own racism Sean. It is not black people who commit crime, it is people in inner cities with no options. Our system has been set up to keep minorities in positions of poverty and ignorance and that leads to crime.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Manny you are a moron, clearly you are unable to see past your biased views and disregard facts.. Further, location or REASONS are irrelevant in the evidence. Additionally, its not the system, due to multiple studies its the family cell and lack of fathers and proper upbringing, When parents rather use their kids to get drugs for them or have no motivation to do better they fail their kids.. In inner cities, business leave due to crime, and insurance rates and payouts cost more due to crime, hence people leaving. You look like a fool to blame the system over the person.. people like you disregard crime and individual self responsibility. To test your ignorant theory, they built new schools in DC and set up new stores with a stimulus.. Guess what happened?? Il tell you with in 2 weeks the school was destroyed, teachers had shit stolen, and same with businesses… black cities become inner cities by crime.. they dont start that way fool,..I can go on if you want? You obv have no education in Public economics or admin or Law enforcement.

          • Manny Borges

            Well thank you for calling me a moron. I had no idea. I will go play with a light socket now. And thank you also for explaining how location is irrelevant and then proving it with a location based example.
            Income level and education level are the factors. Not skin color. There is a majority of minorities in areas that are low income and low education.
            I won’t waste any more time trying explain how life works to some kid who just graduated college. Just go places. Meet people. Study some history. Stop hating people because how they look without taking into account the life they have lead.
            I could easily have just assumed you were some idiot white kid whose helicopter parents pushed through school.

          • Sean Donnelly

            You are right location and income variance makes it ok to commit crime and do not negate facts…Thanks for the useless rebuttle, with no facts.. and the the ad hominem attack on my character to redirect and show you have zero knowledge on the subject. Actually I have a masters, former Marine, and traveled to more countries than you heard of, and grew up poor… anything else i can educate you on?

          • Manny Borges

            Yes , I was always confused on the difference between centrifugal forces and centripetal forces and when gravity needs to be accounted for in calculating inertial force.
            lol, no just joking.. go away you silly troll. You clearly can’t read, think, or respond in a non ridiculous way.

          • Sean Donnelly

            You make intelligence look like a challenge… “troll” is played out.. You are the reason i believe in eugenics. I like how you move on to new subjects.

          • Damien

            Learn to type, you used the word “the” twice in a row. That couldn’t have been a typo could it? Judging your statements towards others I would think that would be impossible. If you were a marine, you were one of the ones that should have been killed, we don’t want you protecting our country.

          • Sean Donnelly

            OMG, you GOT ME! lol… i put “the” twice! LOL,, how could I… So glad you brought that up..Thanks for that educated response on the subject. You are a smart one.. we are all waiting on you to provide evidence…

          • Damien

            Everyone is biased who makes a statement he can’t offer a retort to…wow this guy is definitely douche bag of the year.

          • Marisol

            Have you ever consider who collects this data? Well, it’s racist melanin deprived people like you. We all know that there are more pedophiles and perverts in the white community than any other community, yet you are claiming that 39% rapes are committed by blacks….yeah right. I will admit that homicides are committed more often in the black community, but people like you make up for it by shooting up schools, malls, theaters, work place and churches. You also make up for it as serial killers. By the way 97% of the school teachers having sex with the students are WHITE WOMEN. Now I suggest you grow a few inches in your pants so that your women would leave the kids and black men alone.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Yes, credible sources, which i provided…. once again, economics 101.. THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE, we are talking about RATIO. Blacks make up 13 percent of the populace and account for majority of crime. LOL , thanks for your random, over emotional, neurotic, none factual, opinion and rant.. (women teacher sex) lol.. you were desperate werent you for something? Im glad you could find something…You did a whole lot of talking but with absolutely nothing to say

          • Marisol

            At least what I said was the total truth. You can’t say the same?

          • Sean Donnelly

            lol..well seeming you stated an opinion and i gave sources of credibility, according to science im right and you are DEF wrong

          • Nathan

            If more white teachers would have sex with black students some crime rates would drop. What a crime to have sex with a willing person. I mean selling crack to minors isnt bad at all huh. Anf of course drive bys the hit innocent children is nothing either. God forbid some lucky kid fuck a teachet and become the cool kid in school. Maybe after he screws his teachet he will walk home and some gang banger shoots him in the head while trying to take out a drug dealer on his turf. I mean the vile lil kid deserves that for fucking a teacher…..

          • Marisol

            ** Maybe after he screws his teachet he will walk home and some gang banger shoots him in the head ***

            They wouldn’t have to be concerned about being shot in the head by a gang member, because your child would probably come to school that very day with an arsenial of AK7 and other assualt rifles to shoot up everybody in the school. You people are popular for that. Schools, malls, workplace, theaters and churches are anywhere there is a crowd is breeding grounds for you pedophilia serial killers

          • Nathan

            You People is it? After you just called some guy a racist. Obviously your monkey race are the racists. And if my kid did that, I’d hope only that it was in a prominently black school, and trust me… his aim is dead on, as the honkey ass crackers that we are, shooting up schools is a hobby of ours and we whites do every thing with precision. Maybe I’ll enroll my kid at your school, nah he don’t need to be around 6yr old nigger crack dealers. We whites are to good to mingle with the likes of your kind. I’ll just stay here in my lil town with the peds, serial killers and rapists.

          • Marisol

            Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa Nathan. Boy did the truth pluck your nerves. Have a greatweekend sweetheart

          • Nathan

            Did the truth “pluck” my nerves? Wtf does that even mean? Just more stupid nigger slang? And the truth is nuggets are criminals.

          • Marisol

            And while you’re at it, take a look in the mirror. I guarantee that you look more like a monkey than black people. Check this out
            Monkey: flat ass, thin lips, hair all over body, poor bone structure
            Black people: big ass, full lips, little body hair, great bone structure
            White people: flat ass, thin lips, hair all over body and unimpressive bone structure.

            Oops, you won

          • Damien

            Please do the world a favor and stick your head in an oven and call it a life you racist pos…this brought to you by white America.

          • Nathan

            First of all I’m not racists, I hate niggers, niggers can be black, white, yellow, brown or fucking purple, being a nigger is an attitude and life style. I have black family who arent niggers and say they hate niggers all the same. And more so im just using the term to piss of the nigger who said white people are racists and then goes on to make racists comments himself. But in this retarded society known as america that filled with idiots, its ok for black to be racists especially towards white but god forbid a white person say something negative about another race. And come… white America? Your name is damien dude. Not very white

          • Damien

            Wow…you are the definition of a pedophile, and need being watched. What little kids DON’T need is an influence that they should be having sex AT ALL, which when it pertains to teachers is the worst thing ever, it sets the lowest and worst of examples. But congrats on being a baby rapist.

          • Marisol

            If you are not aware of the many white female teachers who’s been arrested for having sex with their students (both boys and girls), you have definitely been living UNDER A ROCK

          • Sean Donnelly

            oh i am . such a horrid crime, BUT, i need actual statistics according to science to believe and percentages on races.. or the media might be biased and only report white sexual crimes! a conspiracy! or maybe theres a ton load of more white teachers… hmmm.. interesting

          • Damien

            The FBI uses Caucasian male as a means of identifying new rapists my man, it is a statistical fact. But that would be stereotyping would it not? I’m white and even I know this, stop bullsh!tting. People like you are akin to epidemics, and the stupidity you spew is contagious, please stop.

          • Sean Donnelly

            You obv didnt research anything.. thanks for your one generic statement.. And how does what you say take away from my accusation? Or more so, how blacks commit more crime per ratio or capita… ?? Please bring facts or facts to REFUTE MINE, or go away..god, stop being so basic, With a name like Damien, I doubt you are white ;)

          • Jeffrey

            And dont forget all of the judges who let all of the white people get another chance. Look up those stats. If they were all convicted, then your little stat argument falls apart everywhere.

          • Sean Donnelly

            LOL…^ OMG….. so weak, first all, second… hey look at the clowns who go to prison??! IRRELEVANT.. the point is my facts are corrects and stats.. regardless of who ELSE goes to jail. Show me the stats then? If you want to redirect the argument il be happy too, once you admit my stats are correct? Burden of proof is on you now. My stats do not “fall” apart based off of others going to jail… The truth hurts with you i can tell.

          • Justin Verma

            wrong. Blacks get caught more. That doesn’t mean they commit more crime.

          • Sean Donnelly

            “get caught more” LOL..Yeaa… ok, Why didnt you say Professor and expert in criminology? You just solved the biggest riddle to criminologists, and contributed to new data in the scholarly world.. Thanks.. oh btw… we need one little thing called EVIDENCE AND STATISTICS FROM SCHOLARLY SOURCES.. thanks for your random out of nowhere zero credible opinion, but thats irrelevant in the scientific world.. that was profound.

          • Justin Verma

            Because they do get caught more. If you want to talk about credibility- it would behoove you to not use phrases like “zero credible opinion”. Not that I care about grammar, but you’re the one who wants to act like he is so credible about everything. Just get your own ducks in a row before trying to act as if you’re an econ professor or a criminology professor. I said I’m an accountant only because you’ve been trying to talk “economics 101″ with people, and I wanted to let you know to tread lightly with BS.

            It is relevant, because you are not making a strong argument. Murder is only one type of crime, your claim was that “black people commit more crime” by continually repeating that black people commit more murder doesn’t backup the original statement because murder is a small percentage of total crimes committed. Black people are caught more,because many of the areas where they live are policed more. Have you ever seen a “stop and frisk” in the suburbs? I know I haven’t and I have lived in the suburbs most of my life.

            What’s really funny, is that I’m using your own statistics, you just don’t see your logical fallacy- the false equivalency that the number of arrests= the number of crimes committed. The only study you’ve referenced only speak about arrest rates. People commit crime all the time and get away with it. Study after study shows that whites and blacks use drugs at similar rates. Yet blacks are arrested at higher rates.

            Also, your claim was originally that blacks commit a “majority of crime”, not that blacks commit disproportionately higher amounts of crime. 50% and 39% is not a majority… the numbers you claim. Therefore it is over because you contradict yourself, and have no argument. Again, you may want to talk proportions, but you would need to change your claim. And all the FBI numbers show that blacks are arrested at disproportionately higher rates than whites. You would need to make a jump to claim that means anything else other than that.

            I’m not even claiming it is racism. I believe law enforcement does the best they can, and crime in the inner-city is a real issue. But you would have to be extremely obtuse to think that everyone who commits crime is arrested, or that the suburbs/rural areas are policed in the same manner as urban areas.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Cute, someone tries to sound like they know something by having a argument 101 class, I got news for you, you did a whole lot of talking, but said absolutely nothing. Here are some more crime stats, from other resources.. you can stay in denial and commit RED HERRINGS and redirect the causation and correlation all you want, but it doesnt take away or NEGATE FACTS. Im sure you can appreciate these links.. You will learn a lot. OH and with these stats i provided below, you will see on these links, they provide blacks leading the way in almost every crime. So once again, to your theory, its again because whites dont get caught, not that blacks actually commit these crimes? I want make sure I get that right..

            Furthermore, stop and frisked drastically lowered crime, THAT IS A FACT compared NY now to 15 years ago.. il wait….. Now, moving forward.. police have to maintain more resources in places that have hire crime.. common sense 101.. Lastly, you again, state opinion, Il wait YOUR STATS AND SOURCES TO DISPROVE THE ONES I JUST PROVIDED ON TOP OF THE OTHERS….thanks for pointing out there are more white people, again stop the biased racial circle talk, Thanks for the overwhelming OPINION but again.. its irrelevant..and thanks for the obv about numbers versus PER CAPITA. AGAIN blacks 13 percent and account for majority of rape, murder, violent crime.. its almost hilarious you even try to argue this.I cannot find any stat you posted refuting that blacks per capita
            make most of those crimes? Oh, should we add the incarceration numbers
            of Blacks as well? Or black on black crime numbers? The whole point was that blacks are arrested more, but due to some internal race issues, you jumped at the opportunity to complain and distort what i say and redirect to all the other correlations and reasons of WHY, rather than acknowledgment of the truth. Why, is a whole other story id love to go into you with for another time. Your statement was cute and full of random accusations lacking any credibility or
            statistics and weak as usual: Its my fault i assume people have common sense sometimes, but i realize if i leave one gap, someone will develop their own idea and give false accusations, for now on i proper to use proper diction and speak in elementary description and cover basics, to ensure i am correct by your viewpoint.

            It actually helps when you work in LE. I actually will keep these sources and im glad you made me research more, thanks! “On a per-capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes””BOOM enjoy these awesome additional links, SImple, if you are not bias then you agree about the black crime rate from overwhleming sources, evidence and common knowledge? recognizing the problem is the first step to fixing it: http://www.topix.com/forum/afa…, http://www.sodahead.com/united…, http://www.colorofcrime.com/co

          • Justin Verma

            But you didn’t say a “per capita basis” you said “majority”. Which is proven false by the numbers you provided. Something cannot be less than or equal to 50% and be considered a majority. They’re mutually exclusive, no ifs ands or buts. Blacks have not been arrested for a majority of rape-of rape according to the FBI statistics. And disproportionate and majority mean two separate things. Majority means “more than half”, not whatever you wish. Words have meanings.

            You also use poor statistical analysis. Your claim was based on all crime, but those crimes (rape & murder) are not committed very often relative to other crimes, and are a small portion of the overall crimes committed. Meaning if you looked at it in a vacuum then the result would be skewed.

            You would be wrong to think I said “white people are sneaky” I never did, show me where I said that.. I said (numerous times) that suburbs and rural areas are policed in a very different manner than areas than cities- especially the inner-city. If you deserved to be as arrogant as you act, you’d concede this point- it would make your argument seem more credible.

            I never stated “stop and frisk” didn’t lower crime, I did say that it isn’t common (understatement) in suburbs or rural areas. Show me 3 examples of stop and frisk being commonly used in middle to upper middle class suburbs. Just 3.

            I did state opinions- mainly that your argument is poor. Stating opinions is the purpose of a discussion. Without opinion, facts serve no purpose (my claim being that the purpose of fact is to guide opinion)

            I said that the FBI numbers (where it applies to race) don’t show how much crime was committed, just how many arrests were made. I’ll post an actual link to the source documents from the FBI (not a broken blog link like your links).
            It’s not true that arrests numbers and crime numbers are the same. They aren’t, and it would be impossible to know a full number of how much crime is committed without getting into models that may not be reliable.

            So lets recap: Fact: Blacks are arrested at disproportionately higher numbers than other races when measured with the total population. Fact: A majority is defined (by the dictionary) as “a number greater than half of a total” ….


          • Sean Donnelly

            OMG.. you are desperate..Poor stat analysis??? did you not see my 1000 sources.. compard to your 1 or zero? i provided like 10 links.. here this will end it..What are you not understanding? http://www.topix.com/forum/afa…, http://www.sodahead.com/united…, http://www.colorofcrime.com/co… essentials of sociology 2011, Look at these 4 sources or 3 links.. My argument was yes and it is true per ratio they commit the most violent crimes.. FURTHER, im glad you made me do more research… these other links show us NOT ONLY PER CAPITA BUT IN GENERAL BLACKS COMMIT MORE CRIME.. READ COLOROFCRIME LINK..that will solve it.. i will copy and paste if you dont feel it or i can tell you just are giving me opinions. Once, again.. You just dont listen… so in your theory.. EVERY CRIME HAS MORE BLACK PERCENTS BECAUSE IN EVERY CRIME THEY GET CAUGHT MORE AND ITS ONLY IN THE POVERTY AREAS? WRONG.. look at the poor white stats and black stats and blacks commit more crime than their white counter parts, further go to an average neighborhood in kansas and see who gets arrested for crime more… still blacks, even though its not a poverty area…once again.. read my color crime and two other links.. i can tell you are not apparently.. So either way you want to put it.. blacks commit more crimes… doesnt matter how you cut the cake. Im tired of circle talking with you, when FIRST YOU PROVIDE NO STATS.. IF YOU RESPOND I WANT COUNTER FACTS TO EVERY LINK I POSTED OR STOP WAISTING OUR TIME. YOUR A ACCOUNTANT? THEN LOOK AT THE NUMBERS THEY DONT LIE… READ MY LINK , CASE CLOSED.. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO GET AT…I SATURATED AND OVERWELMED YOU WITH STATS

          • Sean Donnelly

            Il help you out:

            Major Findings

            Police and the justice system are not biased against minorities.
            Crime Rates

            Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit mur-
            der, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

            When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely
            than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

            Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and
            Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

            The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of
            the population that is black and Hispanic.
            Interracial Crime

            Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involv-
            ing blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.

            Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-
            five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are
            Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are

            Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against
            a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

            Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes
            against whites than vice versa.

            Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.

            Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs.
            Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.

            Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139
            to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39

            Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are
            three times more likely.

          • Justin Verma

            First of all the author of the “Color of Crime” article has been thoroughly discredited, and he’s a white separatist. He has an agenda, so therefore the study is invalid. It’s funny that you have no idea what a credible source is.

            So either you suck at vetting your sources or you did vet the source, and just decided to support “white separatist” movements. If you’re not a white separatist- this is the part of the conversation where you retract your statement.

            Let’s go back to your Economics 101- If you associate with guys like Taylor- and people in your non-online find out. You become a very expensive person to have any type of exchange with and for most people you’ll find yourselves with either a failed business or the unemployment line.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Cute. Lets keep it simple. Thanks for your opinion on the author. Il wait for facts and sources on that? Wait nevermind its ok. Il give u that. Now what about the other peer reviewed. Essentials of sociology. Gov, Etc etc. sources? Still waiting on counter stats. “Yawn” ..i guess you didnt see where he fot those sources…your whole statement was on one author. Either disprove my sources or dont respond, which one?

          • Justin Verma

            Your sources were broken links- so nice try. It’s not my opinion, it’s his own opinion. Jared Taylor self describes as a White Separatist- which is even worse than a white supremacist. That is a major question mark into your source- that was a broken link…. but the “color of color” is well known as a white separatist rag. You just didn’t vet your source and now you are mad.

            I already gave you the FBI stats, and those stats disprove your original claim “that blacks commit a majority of crime” because my only claim was “your claim is weak” that is all I needed to do to prove you wrong.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Broke? All 8? Do you realize how you sound at this point? Oh here are some Fbi stats, which I provided in my first link, on the Per capita and Ratio..you keep ignoring blacks are 13 percent and account for half the crime roughly. I dont care and no one does on full number, there are more whites, no shit in some areas they have more “numbers” you dont seem to get the difference..still waiting ‘yawn” The problem is crime OVERCOMING a whole RACE.

            According to a 2005 Justice Department report entitled “Criminal Victimization in
            the United States,” black men raped 37,460 white women, while white men
            raped less than ten black females, for example.”


          • Justin Verma

            The links you had previously provided me (directly) were broken. “Topix”, “Sodahead” and the “Color of Crime” were all broken links.Anyone can feel free to click on it and see that it is.

            You have completely changed your initial argument. Majority means 50%+1…. Now you are cherry picking certain crimes- attached with certain victims. If you want to argue that blacks are arrested at disproportionately hire numbers- then I would agree. But to argue that blacks commit a majority of crime is false.

            That being, said why are you not disavowing the white separatist? Do you agree with his stance? It’s understandable to not vet a source completely.


          • Sean Donnelly

            Do blacks commit more crime per capita? Yea or no?

          • Justin Verma

            That wasn’t the question.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Shall i copy and paste my beginning statements? First. I never posed a question. Pnly statement. Waiting….

          • Damien

            You are about the sorriest excuse for the white race ever…I’m actually kind of embarrassed to share the same skin tone as you sir, please proceed in ending your own misery you call a life and allow the rest of us to enjoy it.

          • Sean Donnelly

            First, you are not white, Second, thanks for bringing ZERO KNOWLEDGE AND REBUTTLE, must suck when you are faced with facts and some how take it personally and therefore attack a person over blatant facts the world can see. Instead of taking the time to attack a character of someone , how about you work towards fixing the problem of your people, and not divert from the issue and problem? The only way to fix it is to first admit there is one. You notice since you did not say i was wrong, then we can all take it as im right, but you hatefully wont admit it, so moving forward now think on how you can fix the situation? Must suck as well, that my service has let you enjoy life.. no worries, relax on the couch, why the rest of us impact change for the better, or shut your mouth, when you sit by and watch us and do nothing

          • Marisol

            Put the Meth pipe down sir….

          • Sean Donnelly

            Thanks for that intriguing response

          • bankhead

            Marisol. You just said some pretty rasict statements yourself. Congratulations on looking just like the ones you hate. Wow

          • Eyes Wide Open to the Bullsh*t

            50% is not “most crime” and neither is 39% by a long shot
            if I owe you $1000 and only give you 50% or 39% I hope you’ll forget my debt since according to you I paid “most” of it

          • Sean Donnelly

            Well , umm… you are obv ignorant and biased.. take up your arguments, with professors that researched and reviewed it, the DOJ, and FBI, and multiple other sources.. thanks for you OPINION though. I can tell you have no experience in Economics, Law, and public admin, or maybe cause your are black so biased? i hope to god not or you are the problem, here are some off the top of my head. But you are a big girl and can research Ratio and stats.. Il let you even give or take a few percentage points due to variance of sources: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=14864, http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/bvvc.pdf, “blacks make up 13 percent of the populace, but account for 50 percent
            murders, 39 percent rapes, 35 percent for assault, (fbi, 2010)
            (essentials of sociology, 2011), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncRGoqNUb1w

          • Eyes Wide Open to the Bullsh*t

            well, um YOU are “obv” ignorant and biased. (what self respecting professional uses “obv” in an argument?)
            YOU also don’t know a thing about me and my experience. I have degrees in several things, one of which is sociology and as I’ve studied criminal deviance significantly your logic is still flawed no matter how many statistics you try to tote to defend your racist beliefs.
            Your initial claim was that blacks commit the most crime. Which is false. Not that they commit the most crime “per capita” which is the stance in nearly all of your stats. You chose to focus on the few crime types where blacks are the leading offenders and ignored all other types of crime.
            Why? Because YOU know as well as I do that *ALL CRIMES* considered, white people overwhelmingly take the lead as offenders. According to the fbi.gov white people are the LEADING offenders in every type of crime except murder (by about 150 murders) and robbery.
            Another thing you don’t know about ME. I’m not just black, but actually am of various ethnic backgrounds, like most people in this country. I barely said 2 sentences in my first comment so I don’t know how biased I could have possibly been to you but let me make it clear.
            I love all people and I do not vehemently defend nor attack black people like you. I look at the facts in all each situation and in this situation you are the one who is biased and obv’s ignorant and dare I say overly emotional in your attempt to correct anyone who does not share your viewpoint that the black race is worst of all.

          • Sean Donnelly

            So stats make someone racist?.. Nope, i have a hispanic GF, now moving forward..Cute you have degrees. now try working in the LE field, typical recent graduate with no experience but thinks she knows the complexity of actual law, stats, and civil issues…thanks for pointing out there are more white people, again stop the biased racial circle talk, Thanks for the overwhelming OPINION and general articles you posted, but again.. its irrelevant..and thanks for the obv about numbers versus PER CAPITA. AGAIN blacks 13 percent and account for majority of rape, murder, violent crime.. its almost hilarious you even try to argue this.I cannot find any stat you posted refuting that blacks per capita make most of those crimes? Oh, should we add the incarceration numbers of Blacks as well? Or black on black crime numbers? Your statement was cute and full of random accusations lacking any credibility or statistics and weak as usual: You should stop posting it makes you look more wrong and uneducated, actually wait dont, you make me look smarter and bring more facts for everyone to see, Here you go enjoy, glad you made me found these, have a good day mam.. I actually will keep these sources, thanks! “On a per-capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes””BOOM enjoy these awesome additional links: http://www.topix.com/forum/afam/T2N9DFEHMMLRRIQMC, http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/blacks-50-times-more-likely-to-commit-crime-against-whites-than-whites-do-to-blacks/question-2667057/, http://www.colorofcrime.com/colorofcrime2005.pdf

          • Eyes Wide Open to the Bullsh*t

            stats don’t make a person racist. Using a select few stats to prove a racist point and disregarding all others does. It’s wonderful you think having a “hispanic gf” makes it impossible to be racist, like people think having a black friend/president does the same. Plenty of slave masters and separatists bedded black women…whats your point?
            Of course blacks have a higher incarceration rate-the justice system in this country almost always indicts black people more often than their fairer skinned counterparts for committing the same crime and that is a well known fact.
            Black on black crime is on the same level as any other “blank-on-blank” crime because, as I’m sure you know, statistically people stay in areas where they are surrounded by the same race and come into contact/commit crime against each other most.
            But neither of these topics has anything to do with your initial point that blacks commit the most crime. You keep diverting and mentioning “per capita”, (and now incarceration & black-on-black crime) which was NOT YOUR INITIAL CLAIM.
            If it makes you feel better, you have every right to dislike black people, which you obviously do. You have every right to bitch and moan on threads that don’t even have anything to do with black crime if you want. But if you are actually interested in a solution since you mentioned “recognizing the problem”…
            what to you, is the problem? and how do you suggest fixing it?

          • Sean Donnelly

            “prove a racist point” First, how is that point racist or make you racist? I can tell where your racist mind lays. How about a point to prove an educational and scientific point? Amazing thought process right ?Yet again, so educated you are but, we all see YOU CONSTANTLY USE AND BRING UP SOMEONE BEING A RACIST due to your OPINION only because I prove facts. Did you enjoy the links? So, now we see no matter which way you wish to spin it, my facts and stats are correct? I love how you keep talking about slaves and racism to make your self look foolish and divert from the actual topic at hand. You lack critical and objective thinking. According to your theory, I must be a racist only to believe those stats and facts? Pathetic mindset and scary that you have, to only look at an issue and scapegoat it through the racist copout. People like you who rather believe someone is racist than the facts are a detriment to society and reason we dont progress. What was my initial clam? I keep responding to your random arguments.. My claim was my Stats WERE CORRECT, AND PLEASE TELL ME DID YOU ENJOY THE OTHER STATS I JUST PROVIDED THAT SHOWED BLACKS LEAD THE WAY IN MOST EVERY OTHER CRIME AS WELL OR WILL YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE IT AND RED HERRING TO ANOTHER TOPIC? Since you will not, and do not post counter stats, which I was waiting, Are we done? You again, with “dislike” black people, Im glad we can all see your racist close minded assumption, who takes it personally when facts are posted about her people. How about instead of getting pissed, you get up and fix it. You def have some internal issues going on. Im glad you admit it finally, and want to move on how to fix it.. a whole nother subject we can go to..

          • Harriet

            Data supplied by law enforcement regulations, policies and personnel who are about as fair and objective as you.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Not, professors, researches and think tanks… nice try and thanks for your over whelming counter statistics.. god.. this is the problem, not wanting to face facts.. crime will never change unfort due to people who rather disregard and disapprove it than fix it and get in the system and make change.. in 80 years crime from blacks will still be the majority due to people like you. or maybe everything is a conspiracy right? Great fallacy theory. “The world is a dangerous place to live, not
            because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t
            do anything about it .
            – Albert Einstein

          • Andrea Wilson

            Crime is linked to poverty, not ethnicity. http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/badcomm.htm

          • Sean Donnelly

            NO shit, just like ethnicity is linked to crime as we see in the stats as well… mind boggling isnt it..im curious was that meant to excuse criminals?

          • Jeffrey

            Sean donnely, you sir are retarded. If blacks committed most of the crime, the numbers would be more than 50%, and more than 39%. It would instead drift upwards toward 80% and up. Learn a little bit bro, and dont blame a whole race for the actions of some. Im white, but stats say that all white people are rich and racist, but i am not. Grow up you asshole

          • Sean Donnelly

            First, learn how to spell, did you not research or critical think… .OMG.. you look like a uneducated non researched fool by your statement of obvious ignorance.. im not your dad… the stats are in multiple sources i posted, and more you can find. Again, who blamed a whole race? “asshole” you must be 15.. thanks for the so informative response.. stop waisting my time with irrelevent derogatory accusations, that hold zero weight

          • Damien

            See how he gets offensive when he can’t win an argument, then resorts to name calling. Who’s a cute little bigot? You are Sean.

          • Sean Donnelly

            You are right, he went to name calling and looks like a fool lol..Damien, give up the weak , pointless, name calling with no facts on the subject. you look like a fool.. you are right i hate bigots, im not tolerate of people who criticize but at the same time dont do a thing for society..

      • oneilda

        That’s very ugly and an unintelligent over simplification. Crime is committed by every person of color on the planet and Wall Street proved no matter what the income strata.

        • Matt Troetti

          The guys right though, it’s mostly black people

          • oneilda

            lololol No he’s not. He’s been brainwashed by the media. We all have to a degree. It takes a critical and observant mind to see and maintain that. Anyway, Happy New Year.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Oneilda, you are obviously in denial, or just got here from another planet, which one ? There are an enormous amount of data and stats on blacks committing the most crime.. let me help according to peer reviewed sources: 50 percent homicide, 39 percent of rapes. Additionally 65 percent in crime that is non felony related as well. The problem is people like you who deny it for your own biased agenda, which stifles corrective action and how to fix the situation, by looking the other way.. political correctness never helped or progressed society

          • oneilda

            I have absolutely no call to be in denial and support anything for the sake of just supporting it. Do you have any legitimate information to support your claim? I’d be happy to take a look.

          • Sean Donnelly

            http://americanfreepress.net/?p=14864, http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/bvvc.pdf, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7MAO7McNKE, “blacks make up 13 percent of the populace, but account for 50 percent murders, 39 percent rapes, 35 percent for assault, (fbi, 2010) (essentials of sociology, 2011)

          • oneilda

            The schools in black and latino neighborhoods are poor since the taxes on the income earned by those working in those communities are low. This then only allows for poor neighborhood school. Without a decent education the likelihood is they’ll be making minimum wage. Therein the cycle; low wages means low tax rates which mean getting a good education is impossible. A good solid education is needed to break the chain of poverty which in turn would break the chain of violence. What do you suggest is the solution to break the chain of poor schools since paying someone $25 to work at burger kings or McDonald’s isn’t going to happen. That’s the crux. You have a bona fide cycle here that’s generations deep. Cleaning it up starts with an education yet the tax rate in those communities are below poverty level making it impossible for most if not the majority of them to leave those communities. Understand that there are those even in the government that make billions off of public housing (government contractors) and (JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo) from WIP and SNAPS. For instance, there is a connection with the quality of school lunches in poor communities and government contracts. So a large hole in the economy would be created if a way was made for the residents of these communities to finally get educationally and subsequently economically free. Mind you I see that a large number of low wage jobs are being held by AA grads. What say you?

          • Sean Donnelly

            First, the schools are low class because of crime. Economics 101, here we go.. it cost more for insurance, security, etc to house schools in inner city due to crime, therefore, many good teachers and business and schools leave bad neighborhoods.. Inner cities dont start out bad, they end up that way due to crime. Perfect example in DC, they gave them a stimulus package to build a new school and businesses, guess what happened? Two weeks later the school was destroyed, teachers had things stolen and businesses as well. Another words, it went back to criminal activity.. due to multiple studies its not the system. Its the parents and or i should say lack of and fathers. Also, when parents rather use their kids to sell drugs or have no motivation in life, therefore set their kids up for failure, then it is no on the system. Further, low way jobs are going away in the world.. HERES THE SECRET..FAMILY VALUES. read a book called “one nation”, by BLACK number one neurologist and author BEN Carson, who lived poor and in a ghetto, and is now who he is.. because his mom instilled education and discipline.. even tho she could barely read.. the system today is better and has more opportunities than ever before. Our assistance today is triple and more than ever.. society can not and keep bending to family and independent failures..

          • oneilda

            Your judgemental and fixated and your showing your erhum true color in this. Over simplification also. America has family values issue. That’s why the country in so in the toilet morally. I know too many white kids whose father was MIA or had more than one babe or wife. You want to talk about UTAH for instance. Graft what you say personally about AA and you could graft those same principals on any race. You must be really young to make the above assertions with the kinda of gusto and bravado you express. I’m not justifying or backing of any claims. I’ve been on this earth long enough and I’ve known enough people from too many walks of life and racial backgrounds to make any solid condemning assertions about any one of them. They all have their shortcomings, failings, and absolute character defaults. I think the waters here are far too deep for shallow water (young) swimmers. No offense. You don’t know what you’re talking about because all you are doing is talking. How many places have you lived in this country? How many jobs have you held? what do you know about real life? No offense.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Your ad hominem attack on my character to redirect the subjects shows your lack of credibility. You notice how you do not disagree with what i state, but try to ” but , uhh” it all day? I have a Masters degree, in economics, bachelors in sociology, and program certificate in Applied politics, former Marine, and speak fluent spanish, and been to more countries than you can name. What you just stated is common sense. What i stated are facts, and from the experience i lived and worked with in multiple states. Talking on how to fix it is a different subject than the black stats, i first stated. So what “dont I know what im talking about” do you mean? Shall i give you more scholarly sources? Remember, you choosing to negate facts is on you, but it doesnt mean its true. What is true and what you want to believe are two totally different things. Once again as well, assertions and STATS and Scholarly sources are different things, you seem to get facts for assumptions confused a lot. Oh and judgmental is a cop out word, again, how are my facts judgmental? Read another book called basic economics by BLACK Thomas Sowell.. Lastly, i never gave my opinion, i told you facts..I can tell where your thinking is. Thanks for assuming I am young.. I stay and shape and have good genetics

          • oneilda

            Life, real life isn’t about numbers or scholarly discourse. It’s much more complicated than that. That’s the problem when talking about people in the second or third as if they don’t exist. Where people aren’t able to justify what they know with some understanding about life, chance, and influences then they are lacking a sober train of thought. They run headlong into the unknown with their own philosophies and dictates facilitated by puffed up puritan behavior. I’m beginning to grasp what zealots are. And there are in vast numbers in this country of ours. I don’t care what color the disadvantaged is. Disadvantages don’t just start in the home. They start with society as a whole. The failure of society as a whole. When the boats sinking does it do any good to blame someone at the bow or aft. Hell no. It’s sinking and everyone is drowning. Better figure out how to plug that hole and throwing people over wont work. They aren’t the hole. They are part of the reason for the ship sinking cause of the weight of their lives. But the hole is taking everyone down. No matter how light they they think they are. Rather than point fingers it’s time to find out how to stop this ship from taking us all down with it. Simple math for a complex situation. The blame game wont work. Deflecting the truth about how those communities came into being won’t work. And it took a lot of work to get people (regardless of color) cornered like that. What do cornered people do eventually? Open your eyes. How did those communities come into being to begin with? Do you know history? Look at the stats below? Are you aware of those stats?

          • Sean Donnelly

            Thanks for your opinion, but its irrelevant.. you are right negating facts dont work, SO DONT DO IT. Further, i lived in a homeless shelter growing up and poor, and went to 5 high schools, I know what it is like and guess what? I know that we can do anything in this country, so what pisses me off is the people bringing us down, like you said. JOIN the military, go to school, ( grants and loans are easier than ever).. Stop blaming the system for family failures,, that makes zero sense, the system does not dictate your actions. YOU DO. Work, make something. It is NOT complicated. We have resource offices and people who go out and attend to these people for work and even medical services.. Im sick of contributing for a country that is taking advantage of it and exploiting it. My friend works in Social security and tells me the insane amount of fraud and BS people try to do to get free income, and how people havent worked a day in their life and are 30 and still able to get benefits.. IM a utilitarian, i believe in the good for everyone; the people who abuse the system are out for themselves.. im sick of being the one to donate my money to help or time at soup kitchens to people with no disability but screw over truly hurt other people. You are right regardless of color, i dont care what color you are.. Its truly the people who do the most in society i seen that also expect responsibility as well. the people who are self proclaimed activist to help out the “poor” more are the last people to take a dime out of their pockets to help,, its sick and infuriates me.. google who donates more to charities, you will see conservatives and republicans, another fact as well. Society is not perfect , no shit.. but the victim role is pathetic, and if one person can do it and become something, then everyone can. Dont confuse people who demand self responsibility for non caring for one minute, its in fact the opposite. Oh and your last pic, again, economics 101. My head hurts explaining the basics. BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, AND IN THAT PART OF KENTUCKY, now research the ratio like i did with 13 percent blacks but accounting for half of the murders.. please think on a strategic and critical and metanoia level… the basics i get frustrated with

          • oneilda

            Looks and reads like you’ve made up your mind: it’s the black people. Have at it. But I know I am better than that. We all are. We live in what’s called a society. Like it or not we are all in this together. Simple math for a complex world. Thank you for taking the time to have this conversation. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I think we all want the same (basic) things but the start can be a detriment towards achieving an end. Not an excuse; just an observation. Adios.

          • Sean Donnelly

            LOL, you are delusional arent YOU? DID you at all see the stats and facts(not my mind)? Let me quote myself to make it clear “You are right regardless of color, i dont care what color you are.” circle talk and false accusations just hinder progress..You are right, were all in it together,, tell the people abusing it to stop and that message

          • oneilda

            Aaahhhh we all live and if we’re lucky we learn. That’s al there is to it for everyone on the planet. Live and learn, live and learn, live and learn. Learning does not mean my way or yours either.

          • Sean Donnelly

            You are right, but when people make mistakes and still dont learn over and over and other people pay for it, you have to ask yourself, are they choosing not to learn or get better and enjoy their present situation, or even is learning the issue at that point.

          • oneilda

            Seems you got your sight set on those people and that you know a lot about those people. Perhaps more than those people realize. It’s good that you know about those people and that you have so many questions for those people. Do you personally know any of those people. Have you any friend(s) among those people. Would you eat with those people. Walk down the street with those people. Live amongst those people. Are you glad you’re not one of those people. Or are you in fact just like those people. And talking about those people makes you feel different from those people. How many of you people live among people who’ll have nothing to do with those people and yet are from those people. Do you have those stats too. The fish that got free of the net is oh so glad not to be one of those that didn’t escape. He looks back and talks about those that are caught as if he has nothing in common. but in the right company you are the same: a working class stiff with no background or connections or class. A cog in the wheel. A bottom feeder. But certainly at the bottom of the fish tank. You my friend are sadly misinformed by the luck of the draw. I hope you never experience the draw down. It happens often to many at the bottom of the fish tank. Swim carefully and watch out for the sharks in suits.



          • Sean Donnelly

            You are really all over the court and trying to squeeze anything arent you? So, far we ended up from the stats of blacks right, we are now? but thats ok.. Yes, i worked in SOCIAL SECURITY prior… right there, i can stop explaining, due to obv my knowledge of dealing with the major frauds everyday. Do you want to get in to that? Also, you do not pay attention alot. Yes i know alot.. i grew up in a poor community, best friends hispanic. I was in a draw down, more than u ever will be and once AGAIN. ITS NOT ABOUT NEEDED HELP.. HERES THE KICKER, REMEMBER THIS QUOTE ‘ THE GOV WAS MEANT TO HELP, NOT SUSTAIN”.. RESPOND TO ME WHEN YOU ACTUALLY READ WHAT I WRITE AND PAY ATTENTION, OR MOST YOUR STATEMENT ABOVE WOULD NOT EXIST. DONT TELL ME, YOU ARE PATHETIC, I GREW UP WITH NOTHING AND JOINED THE MILITARY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, YOU LOVE TO TRY AND PUT ME IN THAT CATEGORY BUT ITS NOT THERE. SORRY.. .YOU ARE TALKING IN CIRCLES AND MAKE ZERO SENSE. THE NUMBER DONT LIE.. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH PEOPLE NEEDING IT TO GET BACK ON THEIR FEET!… please for once think outside your own brain and active listen. i have done more than you could ever in your life for people.. we can go in to that as well… you have nothing.. stop frantically looking for the most weak of arguments and irrelevant personal attacks

          • oneilda

            Relax. Why all the capital letters. There will always be people who need because not everyone wants to play all these games to get a dime or two in their pockets. Some want to live simply and that should be their right. Not everyone wants to get a degree or be a doctor, lawyer or financier. Have you checked out the rents lately? The pressure to make it is immense and for many too harsh and mean. Yet, we no longer have an agrarian society for those who might chose a simpler form of living. We can’t all be the same, operate the same, dress the same, think the same nor want the same things. For decades there’s been this economic push everywhere and it’s making the lower caste people dissatisfied and angry. It’s creating a harsh reality that bullies and breeds malcontent. We will continue to have these issues and they will get worse throughout the world. They already have. Look at Syria. And oh yes they are the same. Poor and dissatisfied. Egypt; poor and dissatisfied. Blacks; poor and dissatisfied. Check out what’s happening to the Roma’s in Canada. You’re only scratching the surface of the problem. We’re all only seeing the results of much deeper and pervasive societal problems. the AA community and others like it are symptoms of sinister, pervasive, and deeper problems that often create radical extremes. Have some heart and look a little deeper. You might see something entirely different and mind bending.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Those countries have dictatorships.. not free market, which has taken hundreds of millions out of poverty, we have the best system available, not perfect, but workable. Rent is subjective to where you live, there is rent limits pricing in many places and gov assistance living apts. We can look at every little thing you want to bring up. Instead of looking at the person, which you are doing. Nothing will ever be perfect. if you do not have ambition and can adapt, then according to darwin, yes you will fail. I have worked in middle eastern countries, nothing like ours. No civil rights, racist, and communistic. Once again, nothing is perfect and will be. Look at the roots to dissatisfication in those countries and ask those who move here about the difference.. you will never see foreigners complain here, only spoiled entitled people. My compassion extends more than most, but is not blinded or dictated by emotion, but only facts, and positive help forward and up and not out. You know why its easy to criticize america? because they are a superpower and melting pot. Look at any number one item(fox news, oil companies, et) all targets of attack due to the power and thats it, and as a famous professor once said, “envy” kills all. When you prefer to spend money on items you dont need and expect to be as well off as a person who works insane hours, you fail yourself living in unrealistic environments. Lower cast people are lower caste for reasons, they have opportunity to be better and responsible, esp in a country were jobs are more than any. Its not lower class, look into the root of the type of actual people complaining

          • oneilda

            Give life time. You’ll find out. Won’t be long. Although be careful what you believe. It can come back to haunt you and there’ll be no turning back. At least not in your life time. You’d be surprised how wrong an idea or ideals can be. Culture breath incredible harm into society. Can take generations to bring certain outcomes under control and even then it lingers. Look at Germany for instance. The stench of the Holocaust still lingers there and it’s been how many generations?

          • Sean Donnelly

            Thanks for your philosophy, I actual contribute to life and continue too. Yup once again, the people not contributing are hurting society, glad you agree. Hard working people created the country we live in, research history.

          • oneilda

            Actually thieves, liars, and murderous people created the base and criminals well they took the ball to the goal post and touchdown. Same campaign going on and on. Occupy, murder then steal, etc. You can have that heritage.

          • Sean Donnelly

            LOL…no occupy sorry. People died defending it and establishing a foundation from England and tyrants.. before you bring up indians, il stop u there.. 93 percent died of disease..Oil comes from us mostly, then canada, then mexico, all water disputes have been peacefully negotiated in 100 years, there have been no occupy in over 100 years.. heres some knowledge:

            Amount of American Government Aid

            $23.53 Billion dollars – No country has donated higher than this in foreign
            aid. That was just one year; the actual number when all the years have been
            added up is much higher. Many democrats don’t tell us this, but the Bush
            Administration gave the most charity in American History, when compared to
            other administrations of the past. Also, passed the Clinton doctrine to ensure
            civil and human rights occur or genocides, which we stopped the invasion of
            Kuwait, helped kurds of Iraq, and stopped yogoslavian wars, are amongst a few. Not
            to mention investing money into foreign business to jump start their economies.
            Also, the amount of cash sent to other countries from the American economy
            alone by immigrants to their homeland add up to billions. Many countries would
            go in to civil conflict with none of our assistance in funding.

            Amount of Private Sector Charity and Aid:

            $34.8 Billion dollars – The U.S. private sector completely out donates any
            other country’s private sector. The American private sector in short, donates
            the highest and no one comes close. The second highest nation in private sector
            donations, the United Kingdom, donates only $1.61 Billion dollars – which is no
            where close to our nation!

            Amount of Charity given to the OCED’s Development Assistance Committee:

            $75.1 Billion dollars – America donates to this committee more than any other
            nation. In fact, no nation comes close to America! The second highest came from
            Canada and Germany, who gave only $6.8 Billion dollars! The Development
            Assistance Committee helps poor nations develop and get stronger. Many
            countries donate to this committee, but none come close to the amount America
            gives to the developing world.

            How much of the U.N.’s budget is funded by America:

            22%. – This money goes to the U.N.’s peace keeping forces through out the world
            in hotspots like Africa and Asia. Those peace keeping forces give out
            humanitarian aid and protect many of the people from harm. No other nation pays
            more than the U.S. when it comes to funding the U.N.

            American Medical and Science Research that helps the world:

            America leads the world in both cancer and AIDs/HIV research. America also
            leads the world in medical treatment and training. America also leads the world
            in medical equipment and medicine! The amazing thing is that America shares all
            of this technology and research with her allies and the poor nations of the
            earth! This technology goes to the U.N. and is used everyday to save many
            lives. Started Africom in Africa, further has ships and military in the world
            that do nothing be stop in developing countries to render aid. Not to mention
            we lead in environmental change programs and global warming reduction of carbon
            emissions, methane, etc. Other countries could care less about the environment.

            Who was there first when disaster came? :

            America has always been the first nation to send humanitarian aid over to
            nations who have dealt with natural disasters and conflicts. Haiti earthquake, as well as when the tsunamis’ of 2004 hit the
            coasts of South East Asia, America was the first to send help. It was also the
            nation that sent the most humanitarian aid! When the country of Georgia was
            invaded by Russia, America was the only nation to arrive with help. Does that
            sound like an evil, imperialist nation to you?

            The Marshall Plan or the ERP (European Recovery Program):

            After the chaos of World War two, Europe was left shattered in ruins. Many of
            the allied nations, such as Britian and France, were left devastated by the
            affects of constant bombing. The European continent was calling for American
            assistance, because the debt of the war left them with almost no money. The
            fear was that the Soviet Union would conquer the weakened nations, or convert
            them to communism through rebels instigating class warfare in the battered
            nations. The simple idea of the ERP was to help the European nations rebuild
            their countries. In short – America gave Europe $12,721 million dollars. The
            money given to Europe helped jump start the successful rebuilding of the
            European continent. With nations in Western Europe having less stress on their
            economy, the influence of communism fell and eventually faded away.

            We changed the tide of war in ww1 and made the damn war end earlier. We won
            ww2, if we did not enter the pacific would be japan’s and communism would’ve engulfed
            europe… Our oil in Iraq is left to the iraq’s, we don’t use any. Further, our
            oil comes from mostly US, Canada, Venezuela and Mexico and lastly Saudi. We
            have enough Oil in Montana recently discovered to out do the middle east. Imperialism
            by definition requires conquest and colonization and as well as even
            eradication and the formation of an empire. We do not have an empire.

            we liberated South Korea, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands,
            Lithuania, Denmark, Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Kuwait, Tunisia, and Grenada
            and Panama. Just ask the Afghan man who told me “thanks for making it able for
            me to vote and that’s all I wanted to do my whole life” before he died. Have a smile and be proud Americas a great Nation.
            Hence, why many foreigners move here, just ask some you know. If you don’t like
            it, feel free to go to their country. Its cute to criticize in the convenience
            of your home and a free society that does not imprison you for it, while
            attending some of the best universities in the world.

            OF U.S. FOREIGN AID

            is a small sampling of what the results of foreign aid.


            More than 3 million lives are saved every year through
            USAID immunization programs.

            Oral rehydration therapy, a low cost and easily
            administered solution developed through USAID programs in Bangladesh, is
            credited with saving tens of millions of lives around the globe.

            Life expectancy in the developing world has increased
            by about 33 percent, smallpox has been eradicated worldwide, and in the
            past 20 years, the number of the world’s chronically undernourished has
            been reduced by 50 percent.

            The United Nations Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation
            Decade, in which USAID played a major role, resulted in 1.3 billion people
            receiving safe drinking water sources, and 750 million people receiving
            sanitation for the first time.

            More than 50 million couples worldwide use family
            planning as a direct result of USAID’s population program.

            In the past 50 years, infant and child death rates in
            the developing world have been reduced by 50 percent, and health
            conditions around the world have improved more during this period than in
            all previous human history.

            Since 1987, USAID has initiated HIV/AIDS prevention
            programs in 32 countries, and is the recognized technical leader in the
            design and development of these programs in the developing world. Over
            850,000 people have been reached with USAID HIV prevention education, and
            40,000 people have been trained to support HIV/AIDS programs in their own

            USAID child survival programs have made a major
            contribution to a 10 percent reduction in infant mortality rates worldwide
            in just the past eight years.

            In the 28 countries with the largest USAID-sponsored
            family planning programs, the average number of children per family has
            dropped from 6.1 in the mid-1960s to 4.2 today.


            Forty-three of the top 50 consumer nations of American
            agricultural products were once U.S. foreign aid recipients. Between 1990
            and 1993, U.S. exports to developing and transition countries increased by
            $46 billion.

            With the help of USAID, 21,000 farm families in
            Honduras have been trained in improved land cultivation practices which
            have reduced soil erosion by 70,000 tons.

            Agricultural research sponsored by the United States
            sparked the “Green Revolution” in India. These breakthroughs in
            agricultural technology and practices resulted in the most dramatic
            increase in agricultural yields and production in the history of mankind,
            allowing nations like India and Bangladesh to become nearly food

            Early USAID action in southern Africa in 1992 prevented
            massive famine in the region, saving millions of lives.

            U.S. exports of food processing and packaging machinery
            have increased from about $100 million in 1986, to an estimated $680
            million in 1994. This huge increase is due partly to USAID-funded projects
            that have increased supplies of agricultural raw materials for processing
            and have given potential processors the information, technical assistance
            and training they needed to start or expand their businesses.

            Investments by the United States and other donors in
            better seeds and agricultural techniques over the past two decades have
            helped make it possible to feed an extra billion people in the world.

            & Self-Governance

            There were 58 democratic nations in 1980. By 1995, this
            number had jumped to 115 nations.

            USAID provided democracy and governance assistance to
            36 of the 57 nations that successfully made the transition to democratic
            government during this period.

            & the Environment

            Over the past decade, USAID has targeted some $15
            million in technical assistance for the energy sectors of developing
            countries. U.S. assistance has built a $50 billion annual market for
            private power. U.S. firms are capturing the largest share of these
            markets, out-competing Japan and Germany.

            Growth & Financial Independence

            Eighty thousand people and $1 billion in U.S. and
            Filipino assets were saved due to early warning equipment installed by
            USAID that warned that the Mount Pinatubo volcano was about to erupt in

            After initial USAID start-up support for loans and
            operating costs, Banco Solidario (BancoSol) became the first full-fledged
            commercial bank in Latin America dedicated to microbusiness. BancoSol
            serves about 44,000 small Bolivian businesses, with loans averaging $200
            each. The bank now is a self-sustaining commercial lender that needs no
            further USAID assistance.

            Millions of entrepreneurs around the world (many of
            them women) have started or improved small businesses through USAID


            Literacy rates are up 33 percent worldwide in the last
            25 years, and primary school enrollment has tripled in that period.

          • oneilda

            hahahahahaha lololol ok. As you wish.

          • Sean Donnelly

            just like I thought… enjoy

          • oneilda
          • Sean Donnelly

            you have terrible taste in music.. stop hating on a system you enjoy everyday and start looking at the facts to make the world a better place by focusing your energy where it should be..

          • oneilda

            All the best to you brother where ever you are all the best. Grace be with and guide you. It’s all anyone of us can give to each other these days. So little left of what we all once were. Peace

          • Sean Donnelly

            ok thanks sis, look it the facts and refocus your energy on where it needs to be, not on a system that you enjoy everyday, but demonize. A system is just that, you have to impact people to make change.

          • StedyRuckus

            Yes no neighborhood started bad – they were all created. I remember the days when there was no such thing as poverty or crime, and when everyone lived in respectable middle class neighborhoods. And yes, all black families use their kds to sell drugs instead of getting jobs. Also, I firmly believe that being a neurologist makes you perfectly qualified as a social anthropologist. You know, because they both have “ologist” in the name. And I totally remember when they gave “them” a new school and “businesses”, and then “they” destroyed it in 2 weeks. That, like, totally happened just like that.
            Do you have any clue just how ignorant you sound?

          • Sean Donnelly

            Thanks for the educated rebuttle and bringing something to counter and with substance… i like how you can cherry pick a word and forget the context of the whole sentence and some how distort what i said, due to your lack of credibility on the subject. .cute.. you make intelligence look like a challenge.. you are the reason i believe in eugenics.. you did a whole lot of talking , but said absolutely nothing..

          • anthony

            Sean what u dont understand and probably never will is that ur stupid ass way of thinking contributes to the priblem.. ive read most of ur ridiculous statements and i have yet to read how pionting out these ratios helps or fixes any of the problems that we face in todays society. Ive meant pleanty of people like u and ur all the same, ur so quick to call others ignorant but u have clearly never done anything to help ur fellow man and ur racist bitch ass never will.

          • Sean Donnelly

            Anthony, no need to get vulgar, vulgarity is a sign of lack of education. what is “priblm”.. you mean my last 12 years of service to state and country? How have you contributed? You obv didnt read my bio moron.. grew up poor, Marine, saved and dragged an Muslim under fire, have two sponsored children in other countries, donate and participate at charities and soup kitchen on thanksgiving.. and Masters degree.. thanks for you neurotic ape like response and contribution to no one but yourself and leaching off of society.. “racist bitch” you are black and bias, sorry that you let your emotions dictate your uneducated biased mouth over logic, when you can write proper english il take credit to what you say.. go away.

          • anthony

            I dont give a fuck what youve done.. and i didnt ask. The simple fact that you need to validate yourself to me says a lot… u can sponsor all the starving kids u want it still wont hide the fact that you are a racist biggot who blames others for all of their problems instead of simply asking yourself how can i make the situation better.. ur a bitch and can claim ur educated and brave and a hero all u want, but if i saw u on the street it would be one hit and youd be twiching on the floor.. u feel me bro??

          • Sean Donnelly

            How old are you 12? with a response like that..Yes you do ” give a fuck” let me quote you, “but u have clearly never done anything to help ur fellow man and ur racist bitch ass never will.”Biggot means non tolerant, yes of leaches, selfish assholes, and uneducated fools. Once again, i have, currently and do make the situation better, either you are delusional or dont comprehend? which one is it? I explained what i do to make it better.. what about you? I beg to differ little boy.. You heard of Brian Stann UFC Marine? One of my good buddies il leave it at that.. you could not and would not beat me at anything.. go back to living a worthless attitude life and not contributing.. Sorry you couldnt make it in the Marines or Special Forces. I dont want to feel you , and dont call me “bro” i dont know you and you dont rate it..truth hurt dont it? More than your physical and mental failures.

          • anthony

            Again with the validations.. the truth is ur problem is physiological and i couldnt nor would i be qualified to begin to explain what is wrong with you other than im cetatian no one you know likes you and your a terrible person!lmao the simple fact that u claim to be educated and think the way u do is the biggest contradiction ive ever heard!

          • Sean Donnelly

            nope… i have lots of friends.. im also a writer.. for elite daily have thousands of followers.. google it. Im flattered you are so fixated on me personally, and show your lack of credibility on any relevant subject by ignoring the topic or providing solutions, but only attacks on someone that you dont agree with, and obv does more than you for society. Education will enlighten you friend. But we both know you care less for facts and have a biased agenda, now dont we. All we see is ad homenem attacks of character versus educated statistical responses.. tells a lot. Next response i want from you is something to state my facts are wrong? if you dont have anything or refuse, then dont bother waisting our time. The dunning-kruger affect you are showing signs of now. If you want a better world, you will face facts, fix the problem or try but working in a position to get things done, until then i dont want to hear BS opinionated, third party, unknowledgeable, statements from non certified people no where near this type of work, or people that could care less about helping society but want to act it on a internet blog.

          • anthony

            I dont live in a world were i anounce my acomplishments daily sorry.. i do try to live my life in a way in which my family who took the time to raise me can respect and admire.. i dont need to list my acomplishments to u because im not claiming to be anything other than a person who sees through all of ur bs and calls u a dickhead!

          • Sean Donnelly

            I only announce mine when ACCUSED. Lesson learned, how you going to accuse someone of not doing anything, but fail to acknowledge on your side? Again, what Bs? Would you like references i can provide, you must if you claim im Bs right? Your “Bs” word holds no weight with no evidence..Funny my black buddies agree with my same statistics.. race is not the issue, you believe that, then you set yourself up for failure and society.. Any color regardless that wants to be dependent on others and plays the victim role all the way up to adult hood and death are failures to society and pitiful and have no excuse.

          • anthony

            Dude, you still don’t get it. What good does it do to list ratios and blame one culture for all of the wrong in this country? Do u not understand that your thoughts and those of the people who agree with you are the same way of thinking that started slavery and justified it for 400 plus years.. u are a backwards ass mother fucker and i hope u dont or never will have kids. I hope by now u have noticed that im not trying to reason with u because ur ignorant.. this whole time ive just been calling u names and uve been responding like we were having some sort of debate… i would only take the time to debate with someone with valid pionts and a moral compass.. u are and will forever remain a douch bag…

          • Sean Donnelly

            Who said one culture and , what you still dont get, is the facts behind that one culture and WHY DO YOU WANT TO DISREGARD AND NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT ONE CULTURE AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY? Your are insane? explain to me how slavery and fixing crime stats focused on black race the same ?? Il wait…………… valid points and moral compass? You mean agreeing and ignoring black crime rates? Yup… just as i thought. My STATS AND FACTS WERE VALID POINTS.

          • anthony

            Lol… so now that u have brought these riviting statistics to our attention what do u recommend we do? I remember some german dickhead who thought the way u did… killed a bunch of jewish people if im not mistaken…

          • Sean Donnelly

            You are an idiot.. How does Hitler have to do with Blacks committing the most crime, murders and how to stop it? You mean those men doing it are related to Hitler? sure then, il go with that.. We do NOTHING!? is that what you want? or how about starting at family, and look at the reasons first, that is how you fix the problem.. and it goes into a lot more, and money into LE.. what do we do? You tell me? So you think we should ignore it LOL.. Oh by the way for some knowledge for you.. slavery, only 4 percent of white people owned slaves in the south, and the first slave owner and biggest was black who bread and spread them.. after Africa and the middle east had more than America ever will… So what do we do about the crime? Any ideas?

          • anthony

            The very last thing o need is a history lesson from u. Lol u are right that its starts with family, u must be lucky enough to not know anyone who has struggled in thier adolescence but u r unlucky in knowing the joy and love that u feel when u know that youve truely made a difference in a young persons life.. u will never know that feeling because u lack perspective on a lot of issues in our country.. u are a simple person with no constructive thought for society..

          • Sean Donnelly

            ONCE AGAIN.. you are delusional or fail to read what i right.. let me tell you since you accused me, BUT REMEMBER, i dont want to hear” i dont giv a fuck” about you… so here it goes.. i LIVED IN A HOMELESS SHELTER AND WENT TO 5 HIGH SCHOOLS AND SINGLE PARENT.. sorry so your whole last statement is invalid. AND I DONE MORE ONCE AGAIN FOR CHARITY, then you ever will.. please read and listen before responding. .

          • anthony

            Do u want me to feel sorry for u?? How does bringing up ur shitty life have anything to do with what u have done for others or society? Are u one of those people who thinks thier life was harder than everyone elses?? Or are u bringing up the homeless shelter because thats were u got raped in the showers by some big mf named tyrone and thats when u began hating black people?…

          • Sean Donnelly

            NO, i want you to stop saying I dont KNOW OR RELATE… once again making things up in your head and distorting words, to only make this conversation longer. OMG.. FUCKING LISTEN YOU IDIOT.. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN MY CONTRIBUTIONS I STATED!.. CHARITY, SOUP KITCHEN, COMMUNITY AFFAIRS VOLUNTEER. BIG BROTHER PROGRAM, I ALL SERVED WITH, NOT THE MENTION THE OBV MILITARY. AND OVERSEAS CONTRIBUTIONS. You are def not the brightest crayon in the box.. Rape? shelter? You do have internal issues, i am curious to see and examine them more… Im glad you stated that, it shows me where your brain activity is and what it is thinking about..where are you going with this? we both agreed from your quote on black crime.. now since you look a like a fool who lost a debate in the worst way, you are trying to frantically cover any approach and attack a person VERSUS THE ARGUMENT.. but sound like a complete moron by talking in circles and regurgitate everything we covered already. Your level of thinking does not surpass your own skull.

          • anthony

            Hey sean… u sound upset.. u mad bro? Lol listen ull forgive me if i dont take the word of an admitted racist when he says that he does good or volunteers for his community… i can see it now, u walk into big brother, they introduce u to a black kid and u get all like wtf?? Im not spending time with this future criminal!! Like ive stated before sean.. this is not a debate… if the entire black race disappeared tomorrow ud be happy. Am i wrong? This makes u a shit head

          • Sean Donnelly

            I figured you can understand Capital letters better.. How am i racist??? il wait…..

            Already, did … you know what is hilarious.. all we see is you make things up in your head with your own stories, waisting everyones time with fake stories on here… while you havent named ONE thing you do or done LOL bhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahha. … NOPE YOU are wrong.. i spend time with a black kid.. and my GF is hispanic bahahhahaha. so im apparently not a shithead.. ARE YOU DELUSIONAL? YOU KEEP MAKING UP FUN LITTLE STORIES IN YOUR HEAD ABOUT ME? SO HOW ARE WE FIXING BLACK CRIME? SUCKS DOESNT IT.. STOP REDIRECTING THE SUBJECT..AND YOU NOTICE HOW YOU BRING UP RACE NOT ME?! BHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA , WHOS THE RACIST.. KEEP GOING, THIS IS AMUSING…no one cares about YOUR OPINION, only facts, therefore il wait…….

          • anthony

            Dude… u still dont get it.. its like talking to a stool… how are u not racist?? ur a racist because ur intolerant.. u say things like,” all black people use thier kids to sell drugs”.. and u prob truely believe that too.. u are a racist because when u preach hate and intolerance it makes the good people whose race ur talking about look at u and ur race in discussed. U make me sick and the words or facts u say are only detrimental to our society. Stating facts like the ones u posted do nothing but make good people mad and make u look…RACIST!!!

          • Sean Donnelly

            you are so non credible and make yourself look dumber and dumber each statement…. bhahahahhahahah.. are you sure you quoted me right on “ALL Black People?” Il wait…………… wait il correct your dumb biased brain “Also, when parents rather use their kids to sell drugs or have no
            motivation in life, therefore set their kids up for failure, then it is
            no on the system.” So, lets all be clear to the world.. when stats prove blacks commit more crimes it makes whites racist? I think thats what you are getting at?… but before you answer.. so what do you have to say about YOUR LYING FAKE ASS QUOTE OF ME.? So, do you prefer to look dumb or incompetent? pick one..go above and recheck.. if you cant do simple things in life you fail, i can tell you prob work at Mcdonalds..this is fun.. keep going

          • anthony

            So in ur way of thinking u can say the n word all u want.. its just a statement.. dosent make me racist!lmao u have the brain of a squirrel.. if ur so focused on scolling show me some people who agree with u… im not saying stupid people dont exsist but if u wanna talk about dilutional! Lol

          • anthony

            And my job title is stationary engineer google that shit bitch!

          • Sean Donnelly

            Glad you learned to never put words in someones mouth, you look like a fool. I like how your statements get shorter. First, learn how to spell, your spelling and half your statements are ATROCIOUS and most agree, hence why you see the STATISTICS. So im still waiting….. when stats prove black crime is the majority, does that make whites racist somehow? intelligence is a challenge with you i can tell..”google that bitch” you def are full of shit, and fit the stereotype of the idiots you defend..keep going “bitch” …you must be 19..still waiting to answer the stats and racist question?…………….

          • anthony

            Cant teach u morels sorry.. ironically thats something u learn at home.. from parents who kept a roof over their kids heads.. oh wait.. sorry;) lol probably the main reason why ur so fucked up.. And my messages are getting shorter cuz unlike u i dont like to repeat myself.. my words will never sink into ur dumb head.. i knew that before beginning this conversation if u want to call it that.. if u wanna kno why ill tell u… its fun fucking with stupid crazy people.. and i think most would agree;) lmao

          • Sean Donnelly

            “fun fucking wiht people, fucked up, ur, dumb ” Great diction and word usage.. you must be so educated… so im still waiting… does factual statistics against blacks mean whites are racist?

          • anthony

            Thats not what i wrote.. and if thats what u saw then this Web page is fucked up.. dont matter.. im done talking to u..

          • Sean Donnelly

            still waiting…………….

          • anthony

            To say that u are racist is my opinion of u.. it is mine and therefore i do not need to validate my own opinion.. i based my opinion off of the crap u wrote. I truely do not know how to answer ur question any better than that.. but u have dodge every question ive asked u.. if u could please answer yes or no… would u be happy if tomorrow black people disappeared? Simple question.. but i do understand why u dodged it the first time.

          • Sean Donnelly

            You mean, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong again on every statement you make and then ignore it when i prove you WRONG and redirect it to another subject or better yet a personal attack .. i love how your last 10 statements have been nothing but RACIST accusations…i got news for you NO ONE CARES FOR YOUR OPINION ONLY STATISTICS… you are one weirdo.. first, you keep bringing blacks into it.. when i state crime facts.. you obv have racial internal issues and think everything is focused around race as we can all see from your past 100 statements. Why would i be happy if blacks disappeared? Hows that have to do with criminals? OH and YOU DIDNT ANSWER MY QUESTION… still waiting… does black crime stats make whites racist???

          • anthony

            Lol uve simplified ur question quite a bit…. ive answered ur question.. ur just too stupid or crazy to understand it..

          • Sean Donnelly

            Really…? NO YOU DIDNT “does negative black crime statistics, make white people racist”? If that was true. you would of just answered, not argued it… still waiting……

          • anthony

            So if ur are saying by ur previous comment that u do not want black people to dissappear than what is to be done about this epidemic that u have so cleverly pointed out to us in ur statistics? Ther must be a reason why u have pointed this out.. please share… because id like to know specifically what are the positives of pionting these things out? Because if ther are none than ur simply being careless with ur words. i have pleanty of black friends that are productive members of society and come from good families that did not abuse the system or make thier kids get them drugs or whatever the fuck u said. And they would be offended by u.. and that is the absolute simplist i can get.

          • Sean Donnelly

            First again, IDIOT. WHERE DID I SAY EVERY PERSON? now moving forward…uhhh,, do you know anything about how to solve civil and economic problems? You IDENTIFY IT FIRST, then take actions to fix it, starting with multiple theories being implemented. Not my ideas, but here are a few.. better LE investment to deter criminals who know they will get caught.. A study was done that if a criminal knows his chances of getting away is slim he most likely wont do it.. Second idea by professionals.. family investment from more social programs, there are plenty more, research it, and actually get involved to FIX IT.. so did you just tell me, you think nothing can be done about it so ignore it?? wait you did, quote you:
            “because id like to know specifically what are the positives of pionting these things out?” you do realize that you have to point it out in order to CHANGE IT!! LOL

          • anthony

            Man..just walk up to that bridge youve been eyeing for years now… creep up to the ledge…. and do the world a favor and jump the fuck off! Ur insults are amusing considering ur a puggie little man who would never say that shit to me in person.. for real tho.. kill urself k?

          • Sean Donnelly

            That was an educated response^ Puggie, obv you are blind , and saying i would not say it to your face, this is coming from a guy who not only hides behind a computer why says fighting words, but has not even a PROFILE PIC BHAHHAHA….further, keep showing us that the stereotype of people like you is correct, when you cant handle the mental part of a debate and need to resort to animalistic neanderthal physical confrontation.. im glad you make your self look bad.. im glad you admit the statistics are facts on black crime, that was the whole point.. so are we done here?

          • Eyes Wide Open to the Bullsh*t

            “*I done* more once again for charity, *then* you ever will”
            how are you a writer?

          • Sean Donnelly

            Yes, pretty good out of the last 8 pages i wrote on here right, not to shabby for myself in between work… because i have not just a college degree, but life experience.. thanks, il make a point to fix that sentence.. i admit when im wrong unlike others..;).. How you think im so smart ?but please lets focus on the subject matter, where we should be focused right?LOL

          • Sean Donnelly

            Because, I actually done things in life and have experience like i stated and not just a degree, now i seem more credible i know. Further, Thanks for pointing out that writing mistake, I am actually impressed out of the last 2000, words, I only had that, while working too.. Thanks! And i can admit im wrong unlike OTHERS, therefore, im glad you pointed that out. Why you think i know so much? Additionally, please lets stay on topic, I am impressed that is all you got out of my statement above lol, but i wouldnt want anyone thinking you are trying to switch focus off the topic by committing ad hominem attacks to character like a juvenile, due to lack of knowledge on the subject, would we? Sucks when someone knows what they are talking about and more certified and you can not get them on anything, so you frantically and pathetically scour for word spelling mistake bahahha.

          • Damien

            Why is everyone in denial, and you are always correct? If the whole world feels one way, and you another, let me give you some advice, it is you.

          • Sean Donnelly

            The whole world? Evidence? You mean the statistics i provided? oh yes , by thousands of researchers, we all feel the same.. Im flattered you are so intrigued with me, and keep responding to every post. You must not like factual accusations, and take things personal, something you might want to look into?

          • Sakjo Fipan

            I read somewhere Italians are the largest crime commuting minority.

          • Matt Troetti

            Yeah, possibly. But at least our crime is organized

          • Paul Smith

            and that’s worse.

          • oneilda

            hahahahah lololol so funny.

      • Harriet

        Well, it didn’t take long for the racist Neanderthals to make their presence known. Anonymously, of course.

  • Russell B. Stevens IV

    If it came with a job on the police or fire department, I would move just about any where in the west. To clarify
    Any city in
    New Zealand
    USA or territories
    Please let them know, I will gladly leave the USA for such a deal.

    • Donald Helsel

      The Detroit one I assume comes with a police dept job. It says the home with 150k remodel cash is for law enforcement choosing to relocate to Detroit.

  • JJ

    They should help the people who live there so they won’t move out of state like me,giving Money to other people out of Detroit Michigan really Sucks,so start Helping the ones who are there first


      The government THINKS that this will bring a tax base that will help the people already there. The problem is, who wants to raise children in that city? BTW, you have to pay a city tax for living OR working there…

  • https://www.facebook.com/jorrie.seidlvarner Jorrie Porcupine Seidl Varner

    Also, with Alaska, the Job Center programs are amazing. They will give you money for anything you need to be a successful resident. Anything from rent, gas, vehicle repairs and tires, winter clothing, food. Everything. My mother and her husband also got full CDL and ADL drivers training to get good jobs. Alaska really takes care of people who want to succeed.

  • Kay

    Detroit, take care of your own people & city first before trying to buy outsiders. Sincerely, an outsider who won’t even drive through Detroit.

    • Brad

      The way to stimulate an economy is to get people buying things. The best way to do that when you have a poor city is to bring in the people with money.

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    Unless they’re handing out jobs, I’m not seeing a lot of takers….

  • joshzzz

    Detroit here I come. :)

  • michael

    Giving money to the people of Detroit would be wasteful. You’ll still see abandoned buildings, arson, and chaos. The only difference is all the cars will have expensive rims

  • Ernest Wolford

    mean while in Colorado they are running out of room

  • srsjones825

    If I was in my twenties, I’d jump at the chance to live in Detroit. Detroit has a future. There are plenty of smart and innovative young people moving there and building a future in an urban community that isn’t too expensive to afford. Downtown is terrific, there’s a growing and vibrant arts community, tons of young writers, a music scene that can still match anyplace, it’s one of the greatest sports towns in America, and Detroit offers plenty to do (unlike rural Kansas). And it’s an international city being 5 minutes drive away from Canada.

  • Ted

    It’s a false economy. In Detroit you’ve got to invest in an arsenal. In Lincoln you spend your time on get away vacations. In Alaska, Maine, and Canada you spend all your $ on heating the house


    If you have children, moving to Detroit is an awful idea. Fun to go to Red Wing and Tiger games though. But living there, bad idea.

  • Keith Eric Williams

    I used to live in Kansas City and years back, it was facing a lot of problems that Detroit faces. The powers that be changed course and moved things in the right direction with loans, grants for new grads etc. And now the city is doing better than ever. Don’t be short sighted to prove how simple you are. It’s about growth and change for the better. If I wasn’t in advertising and design I would move back in a heartbeat. I tip my hat to pioneers and risk takers. They are the types of people that create great cities to live in. Everyone else is just piggybacking and complaining at the same damn time.

  • Bear Walker

    I would have no problem moving to Kansas , but only offering free land with conditions is rather snubby . If they want more people to come and build homes and businesses then, helping find some funding to build said homes or offering a set amount of funds from the city or county you move to with the free land with the conditions they set are within reason especially if your locked into living their minimum of 5 years.

  • Roxanne Fenton

    It’s very sad that Detroit would rather give money to outsiders while pushing out the poor residents already living there. They have closed down schools, shut off people’s water, and given away land for a dollar. Michael llitch owner of little caesars pizza bought the old hockey arena for a $1 and makes jokes about how it cost more for people to buy one of his pies than it does to buy land. This giant and corporations under the llitch company have bought land to create 5 new neighborhoods and a new hockey arena, which mostly include expensive high rises. While people are losing their homes and with newly written law in place that doesn’t allow them to buy them back or give them proper notice of eviction proceedings. I know many will not feel any empathy for the poorest of Detroit, however, a reminder that the city caused these conditions. How many jobs have been lost not due to the people who lived and worked there? Im sure its easy to blame these people since they really dont have a voice so i understand the blame game. Blame the victoms its easier and corporations greed is harder to blame. Just Another city to rich to live in is becoming the new norm. Pushing working class, working poor and poor deeper into rural areas so not to have to think about them and see them as human.. By the way those subsidiaries are in place to bring in the workers while keeping them away from living with the rich. Basically saying work for these certain companies because they lined some officials pocket and we will let you fix up a crappy runned down house in a neighborhood that doesnt even have schools, running water, and grocery stores. Those subsidiaries won’t help anyone pay the rent if they want to live among the rich once the new hockey arena and 5 new neighborhoods are built.

  • Argustic

    I love this article and the comments in it. So much intelligent, opinionated, passionate conversations going on. This I’d the stuff that matters.

  • real world

    I will move anywhere if the city were to offer a good paying job in addition to land/home.seriously, just guarantee the job and job security and I’ll pack my bags today.

  • Justin

    Before you come on here talking crazy, know your facts. The way Americans have been taught by the media would lead you to believe that blacks commit a majority of the crimes that happen in America. This is complete BS! In fact, whites commit 60 to 70 percent of the crimes in the US each year. The diffrence is that blacks are looked at as criminals or thugs while white people are not. And just to let you guys know, I am a white male. We have to stop all of these racial stereotypes.

  • Tsehia Brown

    It’s that these are all the areas that people don’t want to live in

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