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Category: Weird Businesses

Weird Business Idea: Make Money Renting Chickens

This post is part of our Weird Business Series. Check out the other installments to learn about more weird businesses you could start! You’d always test drive a car before buying it, right? And you’ve probably heard of rent-to-own furniture stores. But have you ever thought about renting chickens? This up and coming home-based industry brings a whole new meaning to “try it before you buy it.” Rent-a-chicken services provide would-be backyard farmers with everything they need -- the hens, coop, bedding, training and feed -- for a short-term rental. With a growing interest in local food, organic gardening and…

Weird Business Idea #1: “Hangover Helpers”

I'm so excited to introduce our new feature called, "Weird Business Ideas". Every Friday we will be focusing on a different start-up company that has come up with a truly unique business idea. All of the businesses we feature will have three things in common: easy start-up, low costs, and…

Weird Business #9: “Start a Pet Detective Business”

C'mon admit it. We all saw Ace Ventura. Maybe you laughed, maybe you cried after realizing you were going to be stuck in the theater for 90 minutes, but surely you left the theater thinking a pet detective was the coolest job you'd ever heard of. Believe it or not - pet detectives are a real thing and the best ones can command big bucks! Fees for pet detectives vary with some charging a flat rate around $250 for their services, while others can demand a daily fee of up to $1,000 per day. There's also a never-ending pool of…

Weird Business #7: “Pizza Scented Candles”

Meet Hart Main. He's the 14 year old entrepreneur that is putting the rest of us to shame. Seriously. Main in the founder of Man Cans, a start-up company that has already sold 9,000 of his manly scented candles and earned him appearances on the Today Show and a feature in Entrepreneur magazine. Did I mention he's 14? Main says he got the idea after teasing his sister about her girly scented candles and thought it would be cool if there were some manlier scents like pizza and bacon. And so that's just what he did; launching an online empire…

Weird Business #10: “Selling Manure Online”

You've probably heard the saying before that you'll never get rich working for someone else. It may be old advice, but I believe it's still strue. Think about it - how many people on the Forbe's Richest People Listare vice presidents or assistant managers? Owning your own business can not…

Weird Business #4: “Turn Your Backyard into a Nursery”

Welcome to this week's "Weird Business Friday." Now - I know quite a few of you are currently buried under a mountain of snow, but I was hoping to bring you some pleasant thoughts about spring by focusing this week on how to turn your backyard into a profitable  nursery. Gardening is a great way to make extra money and you don't need acres of land or a professional greenhouse to get started. Growing the Plants You'll need to first decide what types of plants you are going to sell. Herbs & vegetables are always popular, but potted flowers like…