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Weird Business Idea #2: “Learn From an 8 Year Old”

This Friday’s edition of “Weird Business Ideas” is an oldie, but a goodie. Thank you to Amber over at “Teen Money Making Ideas“ for reminding me of this very inspiring little girl. Back in 1993, Abbey Fleck became famous for her “Makin’ Bacon” kitchen tool. The invention was a rather nifty way to cook bacon […]

Weird Business Idea #1: “Hangover Helpers”

I’m so excited to introduce our new feature called, “Weird Business Ideas”. Every Friday we will be focusing on a different start-up company that has come up with a truly unique business idea. All of the businesses we feature will have three things in common: easy start-up, low costs, and of course, it has to […]

Weird Business #9: “Start a Pet Detective Business”

C'mon admit it. We all saw Ace Ventura. Maybe you laughed, maybe you cried after realizing you were going to be stuck in the theater for 90 minutes, but surely you left the theater thinking a pet detective was the coolest job you'd ever heard of. Believe it or not - pet detectives are a real thing and the best ones can command big bucks! Fees for pet detectives vary with some charging a flat rate around $250/pet while others can demand a daily fee of up to $1,000 per day.

Weird Business #5: “How to Make Money Selling Macquariums”

TGIF! For this Friday’s weird business feature I thought I would share a business that I previously operated….building Macquariums. For those of you who don’t know what a Macquarium is, allow me to explain. Macquariums are simply old Apple computers that have been transformed into usable aquariums. They typically house Betta fish which find them […]

Weird Business #10: “Selling Manure Online”

You’ve probably heard the saying before that you’ll never get rich working for someone else. It may be old advice, but I believe it’s still strue. Think about it – how many people on the Forbe’s Richest People Listare vice presidents or assistant managers? Owning your own business can not only provide wealth for your […]