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Baby Chicks

Weird Business Idea: Make Money Renting Chickens

This post is part of our Weird Business Series. Check out the other installments to learn about more weird businesses you could start! You’d always test drive a car before buying it, right? And you’ve [...]

Makin' Bacon inventor abbey fleck

Weird Business Idea #2: “Learn From an 8 Year Old”

This Friday’s edition of “Weird Business Ideas” is an oldie, but a goodie. Thank you to Amber over at “Teen Money Making Ideas“ for reminding me of this very inspiring little [...]

Party Cleanup

Weird Business Idea #1: “Hangover Helpers”

I’m so excited to introduce our new feature called, “Weird Business Ideas”. Every Friday we will be focusing on a different start-up company that has come up with a truly unique business [...]

Pet Detective poster

Weird Business #9: “Start a Pet Detective Business”

C’mon admit it. We all saw Ace Ventura. Maybe you laughed, maybe you cried after realizing you were going to be stuck in the theater for 90 minutes, but surely you left the theater thinking a pet [...]

Cricket Farming

Weird Business #6: Make Money Cricket Farming

The poor economy definitely forces people to get creative, but when I heard about cricket farming on the news a few weeks ago, I almost spit out my coffee from laughing so hard. I’ve made it habit over [...]

Macquarium Fish Tank

Weird Business #5: “How to Make Money Selling Macquariums”

TGIF! For this Friday’s weird business feature I thought I would share a business that I previously operated….building Macquariums. For those of you who don’t know what a Macquarium is, [...]

Hart Main Man Candles

Weird Business #7: “Pizza Scented Candles”

Meet Hart Main. He’s the 14 year old entrepreneur that is putting the rest of us to shame. Seriously. Main in the founder of Man Cans, a start-up company that has already sold 9,000 of his manly [...]


Weird Business #10: “Selling Manure Online”

You’ve probably heard the saying before that you’ll never get rich working for someone else. It may be old advice, but I believe it’s still strue. Think about it – how many people [...]

Owen Voorhees

Weird Business #8: “Kid Entrepreneur Designs Best Selling iPhone App”

Last week we featured a 14 year old kid entrepreneur who had become an overnight success selling candles for men and this week we have an even more impressive story about an 11 year old who has designed [...]

Clay Pots in Nursery

Weird Business #4: “Turn Your Backyard into a Nursery”

Welcome to this week’s “Weird Business Friday.” Now – I know quite a few of you are currently buried under a mountain of snow, but I was hoping to bring you some pleasant thoughts [...]


Weird Business #3: “How to Make Money Teaching Video Game Lessons”

Welcome to Friday! Today’s weird business is something for you big kids. I want to introduce you to Tom Taylor (no relation to this writer). Tom is a scrawny, 23 year old, high school dropout who [...]