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How to Get Paid $50 to Write a Guest Post
Typing a guest post

by - January 25, 2014 - 42 Comments

There’s been plenty written on the web, including this blog, about websites like Associated Content and Demand Media. The problem with these sites is that they use a revenue sharing model which means most people will never earn more than a buck or two for their article.

We know your time is more valuable than that, so we’ve put together a list of blogs that will pay you $50 or more for every article that you write for them.

Guest blogging is pretty easy and most articles only need to be between 500-600 words. However, most bloggers have high standards, so you’ll want to make sure you’re producing your best work to increase the chances that your post will be published.

On to the list….

1. TheKrazyCouponLady.com – $50

This site was founded by Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, who have both featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing. They accept articles on a broad range of topics including style/fashion, couponing, family/parenting, and personal finance. The ladies guarantee that you’ll hear back from them within 7 days and will receive $50 via Paypal if they choose to publish your article. You can read all the details here.

2. OneSpoonataTime.com – $50

This website is all about building online businesses. They are looking for articles on video marketing, unusual blogging tactics, and ways to write more efficiently. There’s no restrictions on the length of the article and you will be paid via Paypal after your article is accepted and published. You can read all the details here(Update: OneSpoonataTime is no longer active.)

3. WritersWeekly.com – $60

Writers Weekly was established in 1997 and it is a freelance writing ezine and hub for all things writing. They pay $60 for feature articles that are around 600 words and $40 for sharing your writing success story (~300 words). You can read the details here.

4. TutsPlus.com – $50

Tuts+ describes itself as a tutorial site with thousands of videos, articles, and tutorials to help people learn new skills. The tutorials range from crafting projects to learning how to code a website.  If the editor chooses to publish your article you will be paid at beginning of the month after your article is accepted. You can read the details here.


5. MakeaLivingWriting.com – $50

Another writing blog. Topics include blogging, time management, and how to find writing jobs. You can read the details here.

6. Patch.com – $50?

Patch is part of the AOL/Huffington Post conglomerate and their focus is local content that’s locally produced. For example, my city’s Patch has an article about fun Halloween activities in my area and an editorial on the decision of our local newspapers decision to change it’s name.

If you’re interested in writing articles like that, you need to start by contacting your city’s local editor. Patch.com doesn’t display its rates, but I’ve heard from other bloggers that they pay around $50 per article. Here’s a little more information on their program.

Update: 12/9/13: I don’t think Patch.com is hiring writers anymore. :(

Good luck Penny Hoarders! 

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  • http://www.smartfamilyfinance.com Shaun @ Smart Family Finance

    This is a great round up! I’d love to make $50/article.

    Actually. Demand Media now pays/article, but they don’t have any articles to write. Bright hub I here also pays per article.

  • http://www.dollarversity.com Eric J. Nisall

    Wow, that’s really informative. That’s 6 more than I ever heard of before, and each paying $50 makes for a pretty nice payday. I’ve used demand studios, but their system sucks, and their network isn’t that great either.

  • http://prairieecothrifter.com Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    Thanks for the great resource. When I get some more time I will definitely look into some of these.

  • http://www.sustainablelifeblog.com jeff @ sustainable life blog

    THat’s not a bad rate at all – maybe i’ll have to look into that!

  • http://onecentatatime.com/ SB @ One Cent At A Time

    I will definitely try for Crazycouponlady now. Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.investorzblog.com/ Tony @ Investorz Blog

    But I find that it’s really hard for these articles to get accepted, isn’t it?

    • The Penny Hoarder

      I haven’t written for any of these sites in particular, but I have done a fair amount of guest posting for blogs that are notoriously tough on guest bloggers.

      Obviously, the writing needs to be NYT quality, but even more important is the topic you choose. I always try to come up with something that the blogger has never read about so that they are itching to post it.

  • http://www.helium.com/items/2249217-simple-ways-to-save-money Dan Cooper

    Wow.. this is a great resource- I really enjoy penny hoarder. I Actually signed up to helium.com because of your recommendation :) (http://www.helium.com/items/2249217-simple-ways-to-save-money). I will be sure to look into some of these $50+ offers..

  • http://senseofcents.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    This is great. Thanks!

  • http://www.chicnsavvyreviews.net Kelsey Apley

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • http://www.centstosave.com/ Lisa @ Cents To Save

    Some days I can barely keep up with my own blog! Lol!

    • The Penny Hoarder

      I hear ya Lisa! :)

  • http://www.bigsand-steelband.co.uk bigsands

    I prefer to negotiate a rate.

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  • http://www.myuniversitymoney.com J.B @ My University Money

    Wow, I’ll have to get cracking at these!

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  • http://imustbeoff.blogspot.com/2011/10/expat-author-interview-with-foreign.html Christopher

    Excellent suggestions. Thanks!

  • http://livingsimplistically.blogspot.com Living Simplistically

    That is definitely awesome! I have never heard of most of these, thanks for sharing your wisdom!
    Thank you for your submission to A Carnival for Saving and Making Money
    hosted by Living Simplistically.

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  • http://www.arthurmcmahon.com Arthur McMahon

    Finding worthwhile freelance opportunities is a difficult task. Stumbling onto this article was a nice surprise. Thank you for the links! I’ll be checking out some more of your posts for sure!

  • http://www.raymondduke.com Raymond Duke

    Very cool, as someone who is recently started blogging I will be looking into these sites to see if I can provide them content. One hand feeds the other – brilliant.

  • http://desstories.blogspot.com Deanna Proach

    Great info. Thank you for this information.

  • http://linuxathena.com/ Ashutosh

    Thanks for the great post. I’m joining that sites.

  • http://eclack.com Justin Caco

    Wow! How about $3 for each post? It’s easiler to write post on our website.

    • Burton Bliven

      $3.00 for each post? What, are you nuts? Given it’s approximately a 500-word article, one would be earning only 1/2-cent per word! Sorry, $12.00 per day is a serious insult against the value of my writing and what I am worth. Good luck with that, Justin.

  • Anderson

    I have passion for writing articles on green energy, renewable energy and solar energy application. Seeing your site make make me to earn some bucks. Thanks.

  • http://www.careNfashion.com Adil

    Wow really a wonderful post. I was also not aware of these kind of schemes. I will definitely try these website.

    However Because of the payment of $50 per article I think the the acceptability criteria will be very tough. However I will surely experience it.

    Thank Kayle Taylor for the unique post

  • http://www.youngmoneymakertips.com Gabriela

    Thank you for the post! I’ll definitely try them out!

  • Dustin

    wow! this is an amazing lists, I will try them right now

  • http://blogboldly.com Darlene with BlogBoldly

    Hmmm.. Well since guest posting is my FAV form of meeting new pp, engagement and traffic.. why not get paid also?

    I’ll check the blogs out that you suggested.

    thx, darlene :)

  • http://www.seoinus.com/ Manoj

    This is great resource. Thanks for sharing…

  • http://financecareeducation.com/ James@Finance Education

    Really, a very nice suggestion!!! With writing for your own blog site it’s not bad to show your talent as guest blogger on other site. But I think after submission it loose its writer name. If anyone who have idea about it please share.

  • http://www.amplegreenfoundation.com Thom Dickey

    This is a great article and so full of opportunities. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://www.rochkirstin.com Roch

    Can you recommend any site that pays for guest posts about food and restaurant reviews?

  • Josh

    found this one – buymentions.com, seems good option, but looks like they only started out…

  • Burton Bliven

    Very informative, thanks for these website resouces. This is a great place for newbies to get their start and improve their writing skills, and eventually be able to write eNewsletters for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, who are willing to pay between $1,000 to $2,000 for a monthly eNewsletter that can be done in one 8-hour day. Get just 3-4 steady clients, and live the writer’s life making $3,000-$6000 per month with plenty of time to spend with family, friends, taking vacations and pursuing hobblies, etc. Structure work around your life, not the other way around!

  • http://www.doctorofcredit.com/ doctorofcredit

    We also pay $50 per post, would be great to be added to the list.

  • http://everydayblogtips.com/ Tony V

    Great article you make money tons of ways from writing..


  • http://www.mightytravels.com/ MightyTravels

    Excellent, thorough post!

    MightyTravels pays travel enthusiasts for posting in the forum and/or blog.

    Check it out here:


  • writersweekly

    Please remind your readers to read each publication’s guidelines BEFORE submitting. We are receiving numerous inquiries after being listed in this article and almost none of them are submitted according to our guidelines. The vast majority are for content we don’t even cover. We also do not buy “guest posts.” We buy feature articles and success stories. – Angela Hoy, WritersWeekly.com. Guidelines: http://writersweekly.com/misc/guidelines.php – PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND STUDY THE PUBLICATION BEFORE QUERYING.

  • http://spacenab.com Ranjeet Singh

    post your articles on http://www.spacenab.com and get more number of social shares and views on your content.


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