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How to Buy Cheap Postage Stamps: I Just Bought Forever Stamps at .34 each!
Forever Stamps

by - January 29, 2010 - 4 Comments

Muhahahaha! That’s how I feel about this latest deal I just found. I had no idea you could save this much money on postage stamps. I know this is a money earning blog, but I had to tell you about this latest find.  I’ve learned how to buy stamps at only .34 each. I’m talking first-class, forever stamps and this is super simple.

Here’s how it works: The first step is to get familiar with Ebay. There are hundreds of auctions on Ebay for unused postage stamps and like most Ebay products they are selling at a discount from their retail price.

You can buy as little as a sheet (20 stamps) or you can buy several dozens rolls at a time. My advice is to buy at least a roll, because the larger the lot size the larger the discount. Here are a few examples of recently completed auctions. These auctions were for 200 forever stamps and the winning bidder got them for $75 or 37.5 cents each.



So, that’s pretty good, but you can get them even cheaper by layering deals. Bing.com is Microsoft’s new search engine and they are offering a promotion to help draw attention to their site. They offer cashback if you buy something from one of their advertisers. And guess what? One of them is Ebay and they give 8% back on all purchases!

To activate the cashback link you have to first click on the Ebay link through their website:

Scroll to the Ebay link and click. Then search for Forever stamps. Now in order to get your 8% cashback you need to make sure you are winning an auction via “Buy It Now” and you need to use Paypal as the payment. You can still pay via your credit card, but the payment processor must be Paypal. On a $75 auction you will save $6. And like all my deals, make sure you use your cashback credit card to save another 1% or .75.

That makes 200 stamps cost $68.25 ($75 – $6 from Bing.com – .75 from credit card rewards). These stamps are only 34.125 cents each. Awesome! Almost 10 cents saving on each stamps!

2011 Update: Unfortunately, Bing has ended their rewards program. :(

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  • Anonymous

    I own my own business and I am constantly sending mail. With the hard economic times, I need to save money wherever I can and this will work out great for me. Keep these coming and if you have anymore ideas for business' please post!


  • The Saved Quarter

    Fantastic deal!

    I bought a bunch of photo stamp kits (http://photo.stamps.com/Store/?source=si10325744) on clearance at Walgreens last summer for $7/20 stamps. They also had $5 off any $25 purchase coupons. I cleared them out in four sets of four so I could use four of the $5/$25 coupons, and we're set on stamps (with whatever picture we want on them) for years, I'd guess. I spent about $90 total and got 320 stamps for $.28 each.

    The best part is that it's current postage when you print them, so I am printing them as I need them – basically forever stamps as the value will go up as the cost of postage goes up. We don't mail stuff that often, so I think we may be set for life.

  • http://www.bing.com Rikki Kinton

    Most of the times blogs are the same but i honestly enjoyed what i read. Bravo !

  • http://twitter.com/boracayhotels Nanna

    I like this post :-)

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