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How to Make Money Listening to Music

If you are looking for a clever way to make a few extra dollars online then you should check out one of the growing number of websites that will pay you to listen to music. These online communities allow “up-and-coming” artists a chance to feature their music and get valuable feedback from fans.

Your job is to simply listen to the music, leave a comment, and watch your earnings grow.

You probably aren’t going to get rich listening to and reviewing music, but it’s an easy way to pick up a few extra dollars. Personally, I like to multitask by having the music playing while I’m getting other things done on the computer. It’s a fun way to listen to new music and I, of course, never turn down extra money!

There are a few of these sites on the web, but here are my favorites:


Inboxdollars has become know over the years for paying people to read advertiser’s emails, but they recently launched their own radio service. And they’ll pay you to listen to it! You first want to sign up for a free account here (just email address, name, etc.). Then click the “Radio” button.

They pay you .06/hour to listen, which might not seem like a lot, but consider this. If you leave it on during your entire 8 hour work day, you’ll earn an extra $120/year. Throw that $120/in an investment account at LendingClub (I’m averaging 14%), and you’ll have $54,922 in 30 years. How’s that for a retirement plan? :)


You’ll need to spend a few minutes filling out your music likes and dislikes before getting started. SlicethePie is a cool website, because you can either cash-out your earnings or invest them in new bands. This site only requires that you listen to 20 seconds of a song, but you will need to write an actual review in order to get paid for your time. A few sentences will do, but your earnings are directly tied to how useful your review is to the community.

The pay rate starts at only .02 per review, but quality reviewers start earning raises quickly and can see their review rate climb to .20 per review.


This site also rewards you with points for listening to music. In addition to leaving a quick comment, they require you rate each song. Points on this site aren’t redeemable for cash, but they will allow you to use them for prizes like a free cd or a pair of headphones.

HitPredictor will also allow you to trade your points in for entries to their weekly raffles. For example, right now there is a raffle for a $100 gift card to

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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