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NASA Will Pay You $5,000/month to Stay in Bed

by - February 3, 2011 - 123 Comments

Finally I’ll have an excuse for lying in bed all day and watching “Law & Order” marathons! The folks over at NASA are paying $5,000 per month to participants of their bed rest study. The study lasts for 87 days and is designed to help them research the effects of zero gravity space travel on the human body.

The study takes place at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX and despite this being a cool way to help the NASA program; this could fatten your bank account by more than $15,000.

The Study

Participants in the study will spend the entire 87 days at the Johnson Space Center. Your job is to simply lie in bed, pass the time and allow the researchers to perform periodic tests on your body. It’s less creepy than it sounds..

From NASA’s website:

“During the (first 15 days) of the study, participants will be free to move around inside the bed rest facility and do normal things. They will also take part in a number of tests to find out the normal state of their bone, muscle, heart and circulatory system, brain and nervous system, and vestibular (inner ear balance) system as well as their nutritional condition and their ability to fight off infections.

After the first 11-15-day period, participants will spend 60 days lying in bed, (except for limited times for specific tests) with their body slightly tilted downward (head down, feet up). Every day, they will be awake for 16 hours and lights out (asleep) for 8 hours. During the bed rest time they will also take part in a number of tests to find out changes in the state of their bone, muscle, heart and circulatory system, and nervous system, as well as their nutritional condition and their ability to fight off infections.”

The final 14 days is a recovery period where they begin the process of helping you regain muscle strength and readjust to a normal life.

What You’ll Do

Once you’ve entered the 60 day bed rest portion of the study, your options to pass the time are, of course, somewhat limited. Every participant is setup with a TV, computer, and video game console. You can also read or spend time with visitors. The researchers suggest that every participant begin the study with a goal so that the time in bed is productive. Learn a foreign language, transcribe War & Peace, beat Pac-man, you get the idea…

All of your meals are provided for and the diet is designed to keep you at your current weight. If 3 months of watching TV and reading magazines didn’t already sound enticing, add not having to cook to that list.

The Requirements

Obviously if you are going to get accepted as a participant than you need to be in good health – body and mind. The application suggests that the researchers are looking for participants that resemble the average astronaut’s age and health. That probably excludes those who are, um… mature.

You need to be a non-smoker and able to pass the Air Force Medical Examination.

How to Apply

The initial application can be done online and is pretty easy. The application form requires your contact information and some basic medical history. You can fill out the application here. I also found a great interview at Wired magazine where a researcher answered common questions that prospective applicants had. You can read that here.

What do you think Penny Hoarders? Could you stay in bed for 60 days?
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  • Dustin

    Sounds awesome, but I’m a smoker so I’m out, lol. Don’t think they’d fall for it if I quit now xD

    • The Penny Hoarder

      Yeah…not sure if you’d be able to trick ‘em, but who knows…lol.

      • ? kristyn


    • Annalisa

      I would love to stay in bed and noodle around on a computer but I’m too ahem mature.

      • Stephen W. Anderle

        Oh! You mean this is just for Kids?!!

      • ayfkm

        Never too mature to noodle on a computer.

      • Suzanne Thomas

        I would love to do it but I am 53 so I suppose that I am too mature.

        • Arch

          Not at all, they will take people up to age 55! :)

      • michael

        This sounds nice but you would go crazy the first month in. sounds like being on a patrole and stuck in the rack with nothing to do. movies, games, and internet get old quick. so if you dont have a goal or something to stufy for your in for a big suprise.

  • Kai

    ROFL I spplied highly doubt Ill get in, but I dont smoke so worth a shot lol. I work online anyway so as long as I have a computer Im good to go :P
    Two months of relaxing in bed sounds fabo :P

    • The Penny Hoarder

      Doesn’t it? Heck, I could blog in bed for two months. I might even be more productive without all the distractions at home. Plus, i wouldn’t mind catching up on my TIVO. :)

      • charlie

        Eh it could be one month, but if you choose to go 3-4 months, that’d be insane cash income :D Plus did you guys read at the end there? where it says they help you the last 15 days to rehabilitate your muscle strength and get you back to the working condition you were once in before the test even :D

    • Taylor

      I am in excellent shape and do not smoke or drink; however I am well over 55.
      I saw that you said that you work online; I am seriously interested in working online, what do you do and/or how can I get in on this?

      Please don’t hesitate to let me know, Please!

  • http://www.0844uk.co.uk/ 0844 Numbers

    Do you get to bring female company in or is that not allowed – that’s the only flaw I can see in this so far

    • Ali

      Umm you have a computer and im assuming the internet…tough it off for the 5k! ;)

    • Buzz Lightyear

      No female company. Instead, each male test subject will be provided with an Accu-jac for certain types of stress relief.

      • sunny


      • Not1ofYouPeople

        Hope it’s not the mechanical kind that “Howard” got himself caught on in Big Bang Theory!

        • llamabama

          And I don’t think there’s a code for that… uhm… mechanical stress relief in any hospital…..

        • http://www.facebook.com Sima

          Big Lol. I enjoy watching Big bang theory!!

    • Stephen W. Anderle

      Why not., If they are going to test the effects on everything!!

    • Sylvia

      The article said you are allowed visitors but no conjugal visits. That means, no sex!

  • Andrew A. Sailer

    awesome post!

  • http://www.thedebtprincess.com Jessica, The Debt Princess

    my ass hurts just thinking about it. I think I would go nuts just laying in a bed after a few days. But I’d just picture $15K and then it would be all good.

    I am not in the physical shape they require otherwise, I’d probably apply.

    • Stephen W. Anderle

      I would but hanging upside down would kill my sinuses!

  • James

    Hmmm, you can get stiff, develop aches and pains, and get bed sores. I wonder if you are able to shower, shave etc. Bathroom, is a bed pan? 15,000 sounds good tho.

    • charlie

      yeap….they let you get out of the bed every now and then. bathroom etc.

  • http://thriftysassymama.blogspot.com Sassy

    I could totally do that if my kids had a sitter that whole time and I didn’t have issues with my job. lol


    I’d love to but I’m overweight and had surgery and have to pass my docs ok before I can even do my reg job at work

    • charlie

      you sure don’t look overweight :)

      • Stephen W. Anderle

        Maybe she thinks 5 lbs is overweight!

  • missannmcd

    In my last pregnancy 15 years ago, I was on complete bed rest for 23 weeks so this would be a peice of cake for me lol!

    • hola

      wow! thats impressive!!

  • April V.

    If I had found out about this 20 years ago, absolutely! These days, not only am I too old to be part of their study, I’m too old to recover nicely from the inactivity. But what a cool thing for some college student!

  • Val

    If I was 20 years younger, didn’t have a family and was not quite so rotund, I would love to earn money this way!

  • neilrued

    I doubt that being mature should necessarily automatically disqualify people.

    The first Space Shuttle flight was flown by John Young and Robert Crippen. Mr. Young was 50 years old at the time.

    The former Mercury astronaut, John Glenn, flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery as a Payload Specialist, at the age of 77.

    If a mature person is in general good health, they should be allowed to participate.

    The study should have as broad an age range as possible, from both genders because in the future NASA may need to rely on Astronauts with special skills and experience, and such people may be found among older age groups.

  • Conrad

    I fit the profile perfectly but how can I tell my employer I’ll be taking 87days from work. My long service + Annual leave will not add up to any where near 87days :(

    • Stephen W. Anderle

      After working for NASA/ GOV you should be able to get any kind of job.

      • Caeren

        You wouldn’t be WORKING for NASA/GOV. You’d be a test subject… a guinea pig…. a lab rat. What would you put on an application?

  • Ann

    Lying inverted for 60 days would give me the mother of all sinus headaches, and given that infections seem to be of interest I’d anticipate that this sort of effect would be prominent in the results. My ears are aching now just thinking about that! No way, health is the most important thing you have. Does this indicate how poorly our astronaut’s need for healthy living conditions are accommodated? Ironically, we will ultimately have to get off this planet to survive – but not for awhile yet. Enjoy!

    • Kenny

      It’s actually 86-89 days or a total of 3 months, NOT 60 days. Read the article all the way through. It clearly states 15 days to get you used to lying in bed all day and night with you being able to get up and move around during the day a few times. Then 60 days in bed completely with no bathroom breaks mentioned so probably no other getting out of bed for anything, then another 14 days to get your muscles and insides back into shape. Probably with some form of PHYSICAL THERAPY as your leg muscles will turn to jelly after two to three weeks of being in bed ). So you definitely have to be in excellent physical condition and you will definitely earn the 5 grand with any or all of the following occuring within that time frame: bed sores, sore back, sore bottom, sore neck, severe headaches, eye aches, muscle aches, migranes, sinusitis all from being inverted, not counting having bouts of stomach aches, cramps, constipation and diarrhea from being upside down the whole time defying gravity . Men might not be able to shave after the initial 15 days either unless you can shave in bed with a mirror., Why do you think they pay you so much? It’s not rest in form of the word. This would be hard work. I think I’ll pass, thank you.

      • Heather Archuletta

        *sigh* I sure wish people would quit guessing / speculating if they have not completed one of the programs! NASA has many flight simulation studies of varying lengths. I’ve done some as long as 90 days, others as short as 21. The one going on now is 84 days.

        Yes, you do absolutely have to go through screening to prove you are in good shape, but your muscles do not “turn to jelly” by any means. All-over body stretching is done twice per day, to work muscles and avoid thrombosis. Subjects also do vertical treadmill work and bicycles during testing sessions. No one gets bed sores, and no one acquires chronic conditions. The body absolutely adapts after a short period, and any discomfort can easily be averted by moving, turning, stretching, hot showers — and there is a masseuse who gives you an hour massage every other day.

        In all the programs I did, I never saw any men or women get cramps, constipation, diarrhea, migraines, sinusitis, etc, etc. It’s like you’re inventing every awful thing you can think of — but none of these are true. Some golks get vertigo, and I knew one guy who had an ingrown hair. Seriously, that was it. Men and women are able to shave our bodies just fine in the showers, and little every day things like headaches or muscle aches (which all people get, no matter what position they are in daily!) are alleviated with Tylenol.

        Certainly, when you get up after not using your legs and feet after an extended time, there is rehab for the un-used muscles. Your feet definitely hurt at first! And your balance will be off. I was exercising an lifting weights by the first week, I was driving a car again after 2 weeks, and I was back up to my 5-mile jogging routine within 3 months. Most people can’t run 5 miles right NOW unless they work up to it — so it’s not like it kills your body beyond repair. Please remember, you are also being paid for your time and long-term commitment… because some tests require them to fly you in to Houston again at the 6-month and 12-month marks for follow-up comparison tests :)

  • TL Newman

    I don’t trust my government to do anything lke that – believe I will pass -

  • http://www.MommiesPointofView.blogspot.com Glenda Cates

    This sounds good to me as I could get a break and I might be able to get some work done. Only I am overweight and have no one to watch my son so this leaves me out.

    • Kim

      For that amt. of money I’ll leave the kid with the EX. I can lay on my back. Just thought about it…… it might be a little easier for woman. LOL

  • A.L.P

    I would love to do this! Expect from the fact that I would be too young (teenager) and I don’t live anywhere near NASA :( Also it would probably get a bit boring after a while!

    • Stephen W. Anderle

      That’s part of the test.!

  • Toothydeere

    I would love this, but I don’t like getting sick (Asthma) because I get seriously migranes and if there was bugs in there…I would go mentally insane :P…DAMNIT

  • Francis Falucho

    Wow ! Sure im ready for that,,,

  • kallanp

    The could check hospitals, they are full with this problems. for example coma patients.

    • Kellie

      That kinda goes against the fact that they need able bodied people. Comatose patients can’t pass the physical required to be an astronaut.

  • Vishnu

    I’m from India. That’s like a year’s salary here. I wish I can apply from India. They need to take care of my air-tickets. Otherwise that alone will cost me half the amount.

    • Deepti Reddy

      Hi Vishnu,

      I feel the same.

    • Kenny

      Sorry dude but I’m sure it’s only for American United States Citizens.

  • Kellie

    I guess I’m out lol. They don’t want us old fat folks LOLOL. Damn and I coulda used the money for a new car. Pfft!!

  • missannmcd

    I spent 26 weeks on complete bed rest while I was pregnant. This would be a piece of cake for me if I were able to pass the physical (not gonna happen). That’s too bad…

    • ? kristyn

      yes but u just dont sit there…theyre gonna test you in a shitload of different ways
      you will EARN every cent

  • http://pennyhoader albert

    thats crazy lay in bed all day all night i’d go nut’s maybe if i had a game counsel with all the new game maybe or even all the latest movies but still i would be so bored lol

  • Wushi

    $5,000/month to Stay in Bed? Great idea! Is there a young girl stay in my bed? I can distribute $2500/month to her.

  • Wushi

    I think this life style will change people from normal to mad and from mad to normal. So I must be sure I’m mad before going to the bed of NASA.

  • shannigans

    what is the weight/height requirement for this?

  • http://www.microsofttrainingcourses.org/ Paul

    This is exactly what my teenage son does. He might struggle with staying awake for 16 hours though.

  • james

    where do i go to sign up?

  • Rebecca Reinwalt

    I already spend so much time in bed due to health issues, 87 days with a computer and tv would be a breeze if I qualified. But the health issues and being a smoker (but hey, I would be a non-smoker after 87 days dontcha think ??), as well as “mature” disqualify me right off the bat. And the $15,000 would be a wonderful incentive since I live on less than $800 a month, but it would also disqualify me for the limited government assistance I get and knock me off of my SSDI as I would earn more than allowed per month. So I would be screwed without a kiss either way I went.

  • Nellie

    I think the major issue would be passing the test Air Force Medical Exam.

  • Kelly

    Your body would be an entirely different shape by the end
    que asco

  • Jason

    …as long as I can play World of Warcraft…I’d be happy to do it =)

  • Michelle

    What is the age limit?

    • dante

      age requirement is 24 – 55 years old

  • Jeffrey

    No thank you. 5000 is too little and I would probably go crazy laying in bed all day. I’m young so I need to move around. I’ll have plenty of time to do nothing when I am dead and in the ground.

  • Mick

    make sure you get all the facts directly from NASA – when i did the study in 2007 it was 90 days in bed not 60. maybe they changed.

  • tom

    stay awake for 16 hrs no thanks

  • Bill

    JSC just wastes money replicating studies done at KSC twenty years ago. Way to go, JSC.

  • jeff

    Most readers have missed the part informing them that the research would test their ability to fight infections… this is no “free ride,” and there might be serious consequences for health, besides diminished bone density. You may have to spend more money getting back your health than you may get from participating in such studies. Get a detailed info on the research and consult with YOUR physician before making such choices.

  • Loretta

    Yes I would….. I’m lying down right now for free…… Why not?????????

  • Amy N.

    WOW, where has this been all my life!! Too bad it can’t be at my own home ;)

  • Shaun

    Surely there is a reason that they don’t have their current astronauts doing this. The current ones are already being paid. NASA might have to handle a few workers comp claims if they treated an employee like that, and it didn’t go well…

  • http://bedbug911.ca/ Jim

    Please sign me up… I would love to be an astronaut! Plus get paid to chill is not that bad either.

  • Pam

    I am too active of a person to do this. I like to sleep – like 9 or 10 hours a night – but I would not feel right being in bed all day – it’s not for me. I would get too restless.

  • Franman

    There are plenty of people who already get paid to do nothing..what a ripoff.

  • Bobby Tarumi

    A 2011 posting? I just got an email about this today. Got my hopes up lols.

    • http://pillownaut.blogspot.com Heather A.

      This program is still accepting applications, and will be doing varied tests well through the year 2023. If you think you are qualified, you should apply here!


      Don’t read the nonsense on here by people who have no idea what they are talking about. This program is run by amazing and dedicated doctors and scientists who are working hard to keep our astronauts more healthy in space by studied massive amounts of data in these programs. You will not gain weight (food + water is carefully calculated to keep you within your entry range each day by professional nutritionists), you will not risk your health (they would not accept anyone into the program with any health risks to begin with) and it has nothing to do with repeating things “KSC did years ago”. All totally ridiculous accusations by people who aren’t part of the program. I did three, and now help market these programs for JSC. We have come a LONG way in terms of protocols, technology and medical knowledge since bedrest studies were developed as micro-gravity simulations in the Apollo era. :)

  • Diane Plunkett

    please subscribe me to the Penny Hoader Newsletter

    • Kyle Taylor

      Added. :) Thanks Diane.

  • jevon

    I do want to do this, anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that all i ever seem to do is lay in the bed all day and watch tv…however, I do have a heart condition, nothing major…the only time it DOES bother me is when im doing too much strenous work…in fact, Drs have made it clear that i am only to perform light work and not lift heavy objects or too much running. Other than that it is completely ok for me to lay in bed all day. I do it anyways. Why not get paid for it? Will this cause a problem with them or can i get a consent form from a dr? As with them being drs they should know that people with a heart problem requires rest more than anybody. My work is in real estate, so i am able to work online at home and in bed. The phone is not to far from me. So this should be a piece of cake. Besides, with the nutrition and exercise i should be more than ok to be a cooperative component in this study. I love laying in bed and watching tv all day. Just ask anyone. This will also give me a chance to see family and friends in tx. Let me know. Thanks.

  • Daniel Shire

    I will do it. I will absolutely do it. I am an author, and I can definitely spend the time productively. If you will hire me, I will sign the paperwork in an instant.



  • http://www.sciencecop.com/ salman

    Thanks a lot . Its really healpful :) .

  • alberta

    Sounds like another government program…do nothing and get $

    • http://pillownaut.com H.R.A

      This is not a “do nothing” program. Screening and training is intense. Thousands of people apply per year, and usually less than 20 get in — that’s how stringent it is. Still others wash out, because of the physical requirements, and also the necessary mental strength. Then there’s rehab afterward, where you start out in a wheelchair and have to learn to walk again. Not to mention time away from family or home. These incredible doctors and scientists are very dedicated. The people who make sacrifices away from their lives & jobs are also passionate and dedicated about space research.

      It’s not easy when you’re in the quarantine, medical and/or testing phases. When’s the last time you did multiple stress tests to the point of exhaustion? This physiological research is crucial to the space station, and future long-duration space missions. The space agency of America has handed you your way of life on a silver platter, from cell phones to TVs to GPS to agriculture to weather warning systems to water filtration to smoke detectors to satellite communications.

      Your comment is misplaced, misleading, and based on no experience whatsoever. You shouldn’t make judgments when you haven’t done the program, and thus have no idea what you are talking about. You would definitely work hard, and you would EARN that money.

      • ? kristyn

        do you have experience with these tests? i wrote a comment after yours i apologize i was skimming through and saw how many people would actually consider being in a single room for almost 3 months…i personally would get cabin fever after 14hrs (give or take)have you taken one of these tests before?

        • http://pillownaut.blogspot.com Pillownaut~

          Yes, I did three programs total. They are awesome, and we even had astronauts visit us sometimes. I really learned a lot about space science, and space missions. Also, dou definitely aren’t in a single room — the ward is huge; you have the run of the place, and you can also go outdoors. Here’s the layout:


          I had a blast. After the first program, I went back for two more. I still keep in touch with some of the folks there. :)

  • Dave Y.

    Jeez, I would LOVE to do that for 87 days. Heck, why not an even 90? I’d enjoy some time away. But, I kinda talk to myself sometimes. I would probably forget if someone were watching me. They would seriously trip out. I guess I’m in so-so shape. I’ve been working out lately. (check YOU out! ) I would probably pass the time watching Youtube videos I need to catch up on. Uploading hourly & daily pics of me on Instagram or Pinterest. Or lifting weights & running in place. (check YOU out! ) Or, the first day I get there, I’ll try to boggle the scientists’ minds by laying still for as long as I can for hours on end, and then get up all of a sudden and trash the room like a rockstar and go all insane! All the while exclaiming “I didn’t do it, I swear! You can’t prove I hurt them! The statute of limitations are up! They’re up, I tells ya”. (Lol. Oh NASA, you’re in for a reeeeeal treat.) Oh, and I’m an insomniac. Padded walls, here I come!

    • ? kristyn

      lol u wouldnt be able to handle what they would do to you while you all sit in insecurity, insomnia and sarcasm…good luck!!!

  • Diana

    I would definitely do it. 87 days is a long time, and I know it would be though, but it is more than enough time to think about what to do with life. Some people might think staying in bed is easy, but I have been forced to do nothing for 30 days and it had been pretty damn difficult.

  • Carol Boyd

    Well, I’m too “mature” 62, but in relatively good health. I do suffer from depression, so stay in bed quite a bit anyway. I need the money, so think I’d be a perfect candidate. I’d actually get fed better than I can afford now, so that would be a plus. Nasa should want to know what issues would arise if a person had undiagnosed depression. (jmo) Not sure “mental illness” should disqualify anyone..everyone has some mental issue LOL

  • Abhishek

    N i’m an Indian…WTF..

  • kim fearon

    notice they conveniently left out things like showering and going to the bathroom? if they are testing the effects of space, I bet you can’t get out of bed to shower or potty for 60 days! That means sponge baths and bedpan. not sure I could do that for 60 days.

    and btw, you go literally stir crazy and get depressed staying in bed. I was in bed for 9 weeks while pregnant with my twins…no getting up at all…for showers or potty and I tell you, I just about wanted to kill myself.

    • http://pillownaut.blogspot.com Pillownaut~

      Well, had NASA written the article, nothing would be “conveniently” left out, so please don’t jump to conclusions. Plenty of information is available about this by people who have done the program, and nothing about it is secretive. If you do pass the rigorous screening process, all procedures and protocols are openly disclosed. The Penny Hoarder authors wrote a short article, only noting some things — please don’t take that and project secrecy or villainy on the part of the very dedicated and amazing scientists who run these programs to keep astronauts on long-term missions more healthy.

      You can use bedpans or urinals. There are no sponge baths, you get a shower every other day in a private, tiled room where you can be under streams of water very easily! Washing your hair at that angle takes a little getting used to, but it’s very warm and comfy, like any other bathing you do at home.

      Pregnancy bedrest is EXTREMELY different. You are charged with staying still for the sake of healthy babies. I’m sorry you had to endure that, because it definitely would be worrisome and boring. However, the space simulations are entirely different. You undergo medical tests, centrifuges, tilt tables, bicycling and treadmill runs on special “weightless” equipment just like those used on the International Space Station. You get massages every other day, too. We used to do art projects, regular computer work, watch movies together, play music, surf the internet, read books, and they would wheel us outside for walks & fresh air. Plus, someone else does your laundry and brings all your food — while you’re getting paid to be there. :)

  • Stephanie granados

    I would so do this

  • Aparna

    I wish to enroll this program but i think i am too young for this…..as my age is 17years….
    But still want to be a part of this study…..can i??

  • Zaw Myo Aung

    I am not American citizen.. can I apply for it? I do like creation! But I can’t do by myself.. so I wanna help NASA for what they do!

  • Adam

    accepting foreigners?

  • Ryoichi

    What if girls applied and passed the application and then their period comes…..

    • Arch

      Well, periods are just part of life for every woman. Just like at home, you can use pads or tampons. All of the women in the study do so, and it’s not a problem. If you have cramps, you can take Tylenol. If you leak on the bed, the nurses will change the sheets.

  • Ron Ablang

    I would love to do this, but my wife would be stuck at home w/ the 3 & 1 year old girls so she’d kill me even before I got there. ;)

  • Betty Sue

    This is October 2013. Don’t you think it’s time to put something on your website that isn’t from February 2011!!!! Give us something useful please. Thanks.

  • VON

    ****** IF I COULD FIND A WAY WITH BEING AWAY FROM WORK – FOR AT LEAST A MONTH – DAMMIT I CERTAINLY WOULD!! Just think – for those unemployed and maybe without the responsibility of kids, spouse, etc WHY NOT!? PLUS– I live in the Midwest and we are embarking upon snowy cold ass weather!! PERFECT FREE PAID GETAWAY!!!

  • Lindsay

    I will

  • Sadashiv C Sunke

    Hi this is Sadashiv from India i am not an American citizen, but still i want to apply for this test. Is there any possibility to do so. If yes, please let me know. Thanks.

  • http://briannesloan.com Brianne Sloan

    Yessssss! I am doing it! These are my thoughts on the matter, if anyone is interested!




  • phil james

    Its probably harder than it sounds but I would like to try it.

  • Test Subject

    I did this and it wasn’t easy. It’s also dangerous to your body as it will most likely give you vertigo like it did to me. The human body needs gravity so long term space flight without it will not be good at all. Why else do you think that they are funding so much money into this testing for so long? They must be having a problem finding a solution to this problem. It’s ridiculous though because we have had access to anti-gravity technology since at least the 1940s from back engineered UFOs that crashed due to our radar invention was tested in New Mexico back then. Of course after that, aliens have adapted their technology to our radar. But my point is that we should not go into space without a gravity source to our bodies. Anti-gravity is a form of gravity source. It shouldn’t be kept a secret by the powers that be so much that the public space program can’t even use it. I’m sure there’s a secret space program but the population should know and be involved with any such accomplishments that we the human race will make. The population is the economy and the economy is the funding source. Any funding source should have access to its product. In this case, it’s anti-gravity technology and space exploration.

  • BigDaisy

    Wow! That’s sounds pretty good. But not for me tho. I don’t watch TV that much and I really couldn’t deal with staying in bed all day. I tried reading the Air Force Medical Exam and I’m pretty sure that, I don’t qualify for that either.

  • MsTransformer

    Heck yeah i can stay in bed for 60 days. I want to be part of that research.

  • D. Reese

    This sounds so interesting. I think that the experience would be very unique. From reading Pillownaut’s comments, there is plenty to do. Not sure if they would want someone my age and one who is a diabetic. I think this would be an educational experience.

  • Stevo

    I have a housing project down the street that is doing the same program. They get 40k+ per year and don’t do shit!

  • manjeet

    I am an indian. I am eligible or not

  • stephen

    where will this take place and what will be the effects after the research. I’m in without money to travel how can i be there?

  • sondra

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