Author: John Preston

7 Places Where You Can Still Pan for Gold

Define the perfect family vacation. Could it be soaking in scenic landscapes from America’s streams and rivers? Maybe it’s learning about an historic piece of the American experience? Certainly, striking it rich and pulling out a 17 pound chunk of gold worth millions would be an enticing bonus! For centuries Americans have taken to rivers […]

How to Make Money Buying Virtual Real Estate

For Sale: Luxurious, seaside bungalow. We guarantee that the structure will never need re-shingling, re-siding, a new furnace, a new water heater or foundation repair. Appliances will never break; you’ll die before they do. Property’s unique arrangement makes it so that you will never need homeowner’s insurance, gas and electric, garbage pickup, property taxes or […]

How to Make Money Sharing Your Christmas List

Modern technology has made our time the age of the Penny Hoarder. Only ten years ago, companies paid large chunks of change to one massive advertising agency to get the word out on products and build a brand. Today, companies pay masses of individuals to do the marketer’s job and my how the pennies are […]

How to Make Money as a Part-Time Baseball Umpire

Batter up! Most baseball enthusiasts are armchair umpires. If you love the sport of baseball and have some free time, there’s no reason you can’t be an umpire for real. There are many little league, high school and college leagues that hire umpires part-time and with a little training, hard work and the right availability, […]

The 7 Highest Paid Political Mistresses (+ Should You Become One?)

The John Edwards trial is wrapping up this week, so we thought we'd take a look at one of the more salacious part of being a mistress - the payout.Legal Disclaimer: Everything in this article is alleged (Should be read as: please don't sue us).And since we here at The Penny Hoarder don't pass judgement on how people make extra money (that's also alleged), I thought'd we share some tips on how to become a political mistress should you decide to throw your caution and morality to the wind.Without further ado, the 7 highest paid political mistresses...

How to Make $24/Hour Teaching English Classes Online

Good Idea: use your talents to sell a product and earn a little extra money. Big Problem: you don’t think you have any marketable talents. Didn’t you know that everyone has a talent? It’s true and I can prove it. Do you know how to speak your native language? You do? Great! You can earn […]

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