Using This Credit Card Could Get You a Free Month of Groceries

A couple grocery shop at a supermarket. The girl puts two grape tomatoes in front of her eyes.
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Grocery bills are eye-popping these days, and there’s no way around it. You have to buy food, right? And every time you go to the supermarket, you pay dearly when you swipe your card at checkout.

What if you could get a month’s worth of groceries — for free?

If you use the Discover it® Cash Back card for your purchases, throughout the year, you’ll earn 5% cash back on your purchases from different places each quarter (up to $1,500 per quarter) when you sign up. All other purchases earn 1% cash back. Plus, at the end of your first 12 months as a new cardholder, the Discover it® Cash Back card will match your cash back. That means you’ve just doubled your money.

Plus, there’s no annual fee.

If you earned $150 cash back in a year — after your match, you’d have $300. That could buy one person’s groceries for a month!

Earn 5% Cash Back, Then Double Your Money

After you sign up, each quarter, the Discover it® Cash Back card will reward you with 5% cash back on your purchases from various retailers. Here’s the quarter-by-quarter category breakdown for 2021:

  • January to March: Grocery stores, Walgreens and CVS (excludes Target and Walmart)
  • April to June: Gas stations, wholesale clubs and select streaming services
  • July to September: Restaurants and PayPal
  • October to December: Amazon, Walmart (online) and Target (online)

Anything you charge to your card during those months that doesn’t fall into those categories will still get you unlimited 1% cash back. Note: In the 5% cash-back categories, you’ll get 5% cash-back on up to $1,500 in purchases each quarter. In-category purchases over $1,500 will earn 1% cash-back.

And here’s the best part: At the end of your first 12 billing cycles, the Discover it® Cash Back card will double your cash back. So say you earned $150 in cash back. That means you just automatically got $300. That’s some solid passive income.

Plus, the Discover it® Cash Back card is nice because it doesn’t have an annual fee. That means all these rewards are legitimately free.

Curious to see how much cash back you can earn (and get matched) with the Discover it® Cash Back card? It takes minutes to apply online.