Here’s How to Get up to $250 in Cash When You Need it — at 0% APR

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When you need cash — and you need it fast — there are only so many legal ways to get it. While waiting for payday, you could sell your stuff or ask a friend or family member for help.

But you don’t want to part with your TV; you don’t need the guilt from your loved ones — and you definitely don’t need to pay up to 400% APR1 (no, we didn’t make up that number) on a payday loan.

But with the mobile banking app MoneyLion, you could get that cash in minutes — at 0% APR. Yep, interest-free. It’s called Instacash, and it could get you up to $250 any time you need it. No interest. No monthly fees. No credit check.

Here’s How to Get Cash Without Jumping Through Hoops

With Instacash, you could already have cash in hand by the time you finish reading this. The Instacash feature really does live up to its name.

Whether you need to pay a bill or you just find yourself a bit short on money, Instacash can help you in a pinch. Once you set up your account and link it with a qualifying bank account, you’ll have access to receive up to $250 in Instacash advances in just minutes. Even better, there’s zero interest.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the MoneyLion app and tap “Instacash.”
  2. Link a primary checking account.
  3. Request an Instacash amount up to $250.

There won’t be a credit check or any required fees charged to your account; you’ll just get the cash — no strings attached.

Then, with your authorization, when your next direct deposit comes in, MoneyLion will automatically process your repayment. You don’t even have to stress about it.

Signing up for Instacash is easy. Get started here to get access to cash with 0% APR.

Kari Faber is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.

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1 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 2017.