Some Savings Accounts Pay Nothing These Days. This One Pays Way More Than Most

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You work hard for your money. That’s why every time you get your paycheck, you’re sure to stash it somewhere safe — like your savings account… where it may earn less than pennies on the dollar.

Doesn’t seem so fair, does it? But the truth is, savings accounts may pay you next to nothing these days. That’s why we like the savings account from a digital bank called Quontic, which offers 4.25% APY**. That’s almost 11 times* the national average — and some of the highest savings account interest rates around.

How to Earn 11x* More on Your Savings Account

Watching your savings grow can feel like watching water boil. But it doesn’t have to — Quontic turns up the heat on your savings.

Getting started is easy. You just need to open an account online and deposit at least $100** into it. You’ll start making money almost right away, as interest is compounded daily and deposited monthly.

There are no hidden fees to reduce your savings’ hard-earned interest. Transfers and withdrawals limited to six times per month**.

Even better? There are no monthly service fees. Quontic won’t even charge you overdraft fees. You can access your funds at more than 90,000 ATMs around the country — thousands of which are surcharge-free for their customers.

Quontic also is CDFI (Community Development Financial Institutions) certified, which means it’s invested in serving marginalized communities with loans and mortgages people might not qualify for elsewhere.

How to Get Started

Your money has so much more potential than just sitting in an average savings account.

Open a high yield savings** account with Quontic to find out just how much better your banking experience can be. Quontic is an FDIC member.  Monitoring is included and you can lock it down if you ever lose your card.

It takes just a few minutes to get started. Open an account to start earning 11 times the national average* interest on your money.

*National Average APY information as of 04/17/2023, according to the FDIC National Rates and Rate Caps.

**High Yield Savings (APY is Annual Percentage Yield). Ask for details. Additional terms, conditions, fees & exclusions may apply. Rates may change without notice. $100 required to open account. There is a $10.00 excess transaction fee for every transaction over six for preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephonic transfers, checks, drafts, and debit card or similar transactions from your account per account statement cycle. If the account is closed before interest and/or bonus is credited, accrued interest and/or bonus may be forfeited for that statement cycle. Fees could reduce earnings. Information is as of May 11, 2023.