This Site Finds You Secret Bank Accounts That Will Grow Your Money up to 19x Faster

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If you’re sticking with your same old bank for everything, you’re probably missing out on the best interest rates.

So many banks are relying on you being brand loyal and not shopping around. But a site called SaveBetter lets you deposit with different banks from a single account — you can pick the best savings accounts with the highest APY from various banks, a-la-carte style.

SaveBetter can find you accounts that can grow your money up to 19 times faster than the national average. All the products and rates are only offered through SaveBetter and aren’t available directly from the banks.

One Account to Rule Them All

Here’s how it works: SaveBetter works with federally insured banks and credit unions all around the country. A lot of their partners are regional financial institutions that want a bigger presence, or just more deposits in general. So they’re willing to offer even better, exclusive interest rates online.

Whether you’re saving for a home or you want to grow an emergency fund, SaveBetter’s marketplace includes a wide selection of savings products to help you grow your money faster while striking the balance between maximum yield and liquidity that’s right for you.

They offer high-yield savings accounts, money market accounts and two types of certificates of deposit: fixed-term and no-penalty. With a mix of call and term products, you can earn strong returns on the cash you may need access to, and even bigger yields on those nest-egg reserves that you don’t plan on tapping near-term. Plus, by spreading your cash across multiple institutions, you can take advantage of increased federal deposit insurance coverage.

The high-yield savings accounts you’ll find via SaveBetter come with better interest rates than the national average — up to 19 times higher. They also offer certificates of deposit and money market accounts that can pay out even better interest rates.

Get Started Today

Why spend your entire lunch break filling out forms to open one account, when you could open multiple savings accounts in less time — and get better interest rates?

It really only takes a few minutes to get started with SaveBetter. While SaveBetter isn’t a bank, the savings products you access through this platform offer the same benefits and protections that come with traditional bank and credit union accounts, like FDIC and NCUA insurance.

Plus, your data is encrypted and access to your account is protected by Cloudflare. All this to say: Your money’s safe.

Get started here to start earning up to 19 times the national average interest on your savings.