This App Will Hold You Over with Up to $250 Until Your Next Deposit Hits

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The first of the month is about to rear its ugly head again. You know your landlord is going to come knocking, and you’re a little short. What can you do? Hide in your bedroom until they go away? Skip the electric bill this month?

Neither are great options.

But there’s an app called Brigit that will advance you up to $250 to hold you over until you get paid. And no — it’s not a payday loan with 7,000% interest.

In fact, there are no interest charges or late fees at all. You just need to have at least $1,500 a month in direct deposits. 

To avoid charging you insane interest rates, Brigit costs $9.99 a month. In addition to advances, you also get access to balance alerts, overdraft prediction and due-date extensions for when the unexpected happens. When you consider the average American spends over $250 in overdraft fees per year, this can save you a ton of money. More than 1 million people have already used the app to save hundreds in fees.

Just download Brigit, and sign up to get up to $250. You could get the money in just 20 minutes. Hey, your landlord might still be at the door in that time.