Don’t Waste Money on Credit-Repair Companies — This Site Lets You Do it Yourself

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Building good credit can take years of hard work.

You’ve opened new credit cards, applied for loans and paid off your debt the best you could. But the reality is, most of us still have some sort of negative account that just won’t seem to go away.

And here’s the thing: The credit agencies don’t really care. They make disputing any single thing on your credit report quite a chore.

Traditional credit-repair companies depend on it being difficult for the Average Joe, so they can charge top-dollar for their services. Consumers end up paying for their services for monthseven years — sometimes spending more than $1,000 to see a change in their credit score.

But we found a company called Credit Versio that makes it easy for you to do it yourself — costing you way less money and time to improve your own credit score. All you have to do is pay for access to your own credit reports and put a few letters in the mail.

This Company is Changing The Way You Fix Your Credit

Gone are the days of having to track down info, write letters and deal with the three bureaus on your own. Credit Versio manages the process for you — and helps you keep track of it in one convenient place.

Here’s how it works:

When you create an account and link your credit reports, Credit Versio gets to work analyzing them. It looks for things like late payments, charge-offs, collections, repossessions and even inquiries.

Then it creates a customized dispute strategy and guides you through removing them from your credit report.

At this point in the process, traditional credit-repair companies would send out some generic letters on your behalf. And they might only do a few disputes at a time, dragging out the process and charging your more money each month until your score is (eventually) raised.

But Credit Versio is different. Its letter generator helps you fill in your own effective, professional dispute letters to the bureaus, based on consumer protection laws. It only takes a few seconds.

Credit Versio gives you the power to tackle all your disputes at once (if you want to), as opposed to traditional credit-repair companies, which only dispute a few accounts per month.

You can track all of your disputes through your Credit Versio account — no need to create a separate account for each of the three bureaus — and you’ll receive a monthly progress report showing any successful disputes and your current credit scores.

Ready to (finally!) start bringing up your credit score — without all the frustration, or having to hire a pricy credit-repair company? See how easy it is to fix your own credit using Credit Versio.