This Program Could Help Raise Your Credit Score in Just Months

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Whoever said “words can never hurt you” must have never heard the term “denied” or “declined” when applying for credit. 

A new loan or credit card could help improve your credit score, but credit denials actually lower it. So what do you do?

We found a company called CreditStrong that wants to give you the chance to prove that a low credit score or a lack of credit doesn’t define you. They even have solutions to help you improve your credit score in just a matter of months.

You Have Options

CreditStrong has two main paths you can take to improve in all the factors that impact your credit: payment history, amount owed, length of credit history, credit mix and new credit. 

With CS Instal,” CreditStrong will open a loan account in your name — which can help positively impact all the factors involved in determining your credit score. All you have to do is agree to pay a certain amount into a savings account every month, which will count toward your payment history. With CS Instal, the three payment options are affordable at $28, $38 or $48 a month.

The money you save is yours. You can quit and pull your money out whenever you want. But the longer you stick with it, the more points you can score and the better your chances of getting unsecured credit (the kind that’s completely fronted to you).

Then there’s CS Revolv,” which is a revolving line of credit that works kind of like a credit card. What makes it better than a normal credit card is that it can’t get you into debt — you’re only using this line of credit to add money to the savings account linked to your Revolv account.

Like many credit cards, CS Revolv has an annual fee of $99. 

Ready to Score Some Points?

We like CreditStrong because they teach you how to win the credit game, and when used correctly, it doesn’t come with the risk of making costly mistakes. 

If you’re serious about raising your credit score, it’s easy to get started. Just provide some basic information. There’s no credit check, and your information is secure.

Click here to get started and see how much you could improve your score.