Here’s a Totally Free Way to Check Your Credit Score From All 3 Bureaus

Check your credit score
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***Editor’s Note: This Credit Sesame promotion has ended. However, you can still get your free credit score from Credit Sesame.

Your credit score affects more aspects of life than you might imagine.

You probably know credit card companies and lenders look at your credit report when deciding whether to give you money.

But you might not know your cell phone provider, apartment management companies, car rental agencies and even prospective employers are peeking at your credit history, too.

Do you know what they’re seeing when they do?

They’re likely tapping into your credit history from the three major credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. You can see this information, too… but it will probably cost you.

Yes, you can request a free annual credit report from each of these bureaus. But it won’t necessarily contain your credit score — and how does a typical consumer interpret their own creditworthiness without this all-powerful number?

To get that number from all three bureaus, you usually have to pay. But we’ve got a special deal that will let you get it for free this month.

How to Check Your Credit Score for Free

Right now, Credit Sesame has an exclusive offer for Penny Hoarders to get a free credit report from all three bureaus.

Here’s how you can get it:

1. Sign up for Credit Sesame for free here.

2. Find “My Credit Report” under the “My Finances” tab.

3. Click “Purchase Now” for a one-time bureau report.

4. Select “3 Bureau Report,” and enter the promo code pennysesame to bring the price to $0.

That’s it. You’ll save $24.95 and get your credit score free from all three major bureaus!

If you want to learn more about Credit Sesame, read about how the app helped me finally stop freaking out about my terrible credit score.

Your Turn: Do you know your credit score?

Disclosure: Offer is limited to the first 6,000 new customers who create an account with Credit Sesame and become an authenticated Credit Sesame member by 11/30/2016. Limit one promo code per person.

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