How to Get the iPhone 7 — Without Breaking Your Bank Account

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Heather Comparetto / The Penny Hoarder
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Hard as it is to admit, my iPhone is on its last legs.

Every time I try to take a photo, it tells me I’m out of storage space. I’m constantly deleting apps just to make room for the bare necessities.

The battery life is also pathetic. I don’t know how many times it’s powered off right as I’m about to take a (really awesome) Snapchat.

So, it’s probably not surprising I’ve been eyeing the new iPhone 7. But, as a good Penny Hoarder, I don’t want to buy a new phone before selling my old one.

If you’re nodding your head in empathy, listen up: I just discovered an absurdly easy way to sell your old phone (along with the rest of the stuff hiding on your shelf or in your junk drawer).

Is This the Easiest Way to Sell Your Old Phone?

Want to sell your phone — and clean out your junk drawer — in one quick swoop?

Then you might be interested in a website called Decluttr.

It used to only buy CDs, DVDs, video games and books, but it’s moved into the tech space and now buys used smartphones.

A lot of phones: It pays out an average of $145,000 per day on tech products in the U.K. and U.S.

The company has a 5-star customer rating on TrustPilot and offers some pretty stellar prices for used smartphones.

For example, in “Good” condition, Decluttr pays $134 for the 64GB iPhone 5s, $225 for the 128GB iPhone 6 and a whopping $325 for the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus.

Have an Android phone in “Good” condition? Decluttr pays $85 for the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S5, $145 for the 32GB HTC One (M9), $196 for the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and $250 for the 128GB Samsung Note 5.

It also makes the selling process a breeze. You don’t need to take photos or create a listing — Decluttr gives you an instant online quote.

Then, just throw all your unwanted stuff into a single box and slap one of Decluttr’s provided (and free) shipping labels on it. You’ll get paid the day after your items are received and accepted.

The company also has a price guarantee for tech items: If it can’t give you the price it initially quoted for some reason, and you no longer want to sell your item, it’ll mail it back free of charge.

Ready to get rid of clutter — and get paid? Here’s what to do.

How to Sell Your Old Phones (and Everything Else)

  1. Surf over to Decluttr and type in an item you want to sell. I’d recommend giving the Decluttr app a try, too, so you can scan barcodes with your phone’s camera — which is much quicker.
  1. After you select your phone’s condition, Decluttr’s price automatically pops up. If you’re satisfied with the offer, click “Add to Basket.” (As a point of reference: For my good, unlocked 16GB iPhone 5S, it offered me $107.)
  1. Keep adding products until your junk drawer and shelves are empty! Then click “Complete Order.”  
  1. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you’ll be prompted to create an account with your name and basic information.
  1. Select your method of payment: bank transfer or check, or charitable donation.  
  1. Print a prepaid shipping label (if you don’t have a printer, Decluttr can mail it to you).
  1. Pack all of your items into a single box, slap your prepaid label on it and drop it off at your nearest UPS box.

That’s it.

Within a day of receiving your package, Decluttr will pay you, so you can buy that new iPhone 7 — guilt free!

Your Turn: Are you eyeing the new iPhone 7?

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