Got a Smartphone? Download this App & Get a $5 Amazon Gift Card


Available again for August! Mobile Xpressions has relaunched their incentive program and if you download their App, they will send you at LEAST a FREE $5 Amazon gift card. You could get more!

Note: This one can only be downloaded on Android 5.0 or below

Here’s how to do it…

1. Sign up at MobileXpressions here – You’ll need to share a little bit of information about your demographic, similarly to signing up as a Nielsen household. You’ll also need to tell them what kind of cell phone you have.

2. Download their software – It seems to be pretty easy and it runs in the background of your phone just like any other cell phone app. The site says it will have no affect on your mobile phone performance.

3. Send your data – This step doesn’t really require any work from you as the software automatically send the relevant data to MobileXpression. They don’t monitor your phone calls or personal information but they do check out the web pages you view, the links you access, and the usage times for certain device activities (e.g., text messaging, call lengths, and web browsing).

4. Collect your rewards – Once you’ve left the App on your phone for 2 weeks, MobileXpressions will send you at least a $5 virtual Amazon gift card just for signing up and downloading the software. They also reward members with weekly contests and will have a drawing for $100,000 jackpot at the end of the year.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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