Money in My Mailbox – Look What I Got!

Money in Mailbox

Last week I received three little presents in my mailbox and they were my favorite type of present – free cash.

On Monday I got $1 from

I found this one by just surfing the internet a few weeks ago. is one of those sites that pays you to complete offers and surveys. I know there are a million of these sites, but the cool part is that this compnay will send you a free dollar just for signing up.

Most sites like this have a minimum cash-out amount, but Points 2 Shop will let you cashout your free dollar right away as way of proving to their members that they are legitimate.

I know it’s only a dollar, but it was free and seeing it in my mailbox made me smile. 🙂

The next day I got $5 from Consumer Opinion Institute

I’ve been a member of this survey panel for a while and it’s one of the only survey companies that I’m a member of. Generally, I find that taking surveys is a waste of time, but Consumer Opinion Institute just sends me cash in the mail with a survey they want me to complete.

I always thought it was so trusting of them to send me cash before I even completed the survey, but I’m not going to complain.

On Friday I got a $100 check from

This one was definitely the most exciting of the three and the one I had been waiting on the longest. About two months ago I referred a family member to Prosper, which is one of my favorite ways to invest, and Prosper sent me a $100 thank you. Yea!! 🙂

Getting money in the mail sure is a nice departure from the normal barrage of bills and junk mail….

Good Luck Penny Hoarders!

Please note: Both Prosper and Points2Shop help to sponsor The Penny Hoarder. Consumer Opinion Institute has no relationship with TPH, however we genuinely recommend all three.

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